BIO:   Social Philosopher, Writer, Journalist, Agape Master,* Social Studies Educator, Health Educator, Longterm Parental Caregiver.

PRO: 1.)  Love, Properly Understood (i.e. "Connection,"; 2.) Human mind, brain, and intelligence (i.e. "Actualization,". Combine them and we have what we're going to build, together:  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VERSION 2.0. And it won't increase the budget one dime.

CON:  Drugs; A.I.; Americans causing pain to other Americans (including, for example, food companies using garbage ingredients and then touting their products as "of the highest quality."


IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE AMERICANS WREST OURSELVES FROM WHAT I CONCEIVE, AND TERM, THE "PHENOMENON OF STUPIDITY" (COPYRIGHT © 2023 VFD). THE SEMINAL CHARACTER OF THIS IDEA IS THAT IT DETACHES THE NOTION OF "STUPIDITY" FROM INDIVIDUAL PERSONS (e.g. "Susan is stupid"; "Bob is stupid") IN FAVOR OF SEEING STUPIDITY AS A SOCIAL PHENOMENON, AND, AS SUCH, AFFECTING EACH OF US AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER, TO ONE DEGREE OR ANOTHER THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES. Calling someone "stupid" 1.) is insulting and often has no practical positive effect, and, 2.) even the brightest person will usually concede that through their life they've made what should have been obvious mistakes, that is, they acted "stupidly," illustrating that high intellect, alone, is no guarantor of protection from obvious error (i.e. "stupidity").

Attaching the attribute stupidity, then, to particular individuals, seems unduly insulting at the cost of continuing division and alienation among and between Americans, while accomplishing little of practical value. The last time your boss called you "stupid," for example, did it enhance and increase your confidence, leading to a better outcome--or the reverse?


NOTE: I have discontinued my 2024 Presidential campaign as of September 23, 2023, and the process of removing related content, language, and links at this site is underway. Before reading this site, in fact, I recommend first reading the free online draft of my Magnum Opus LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD.

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This assistance is an organic subset of my larger mission, one that I hope we would all undertake, together:  to assist every human being on this planet, while encouraging them, insofar as they can, to assist us.

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Persons of Conscience & Love:  read my novel solution to the problem of Haiti, a poor and desperate nation now overrun by criminal gangs.

* * *

*Agape Master:  individual thoroughly versed in, and committed to, the principal and practice of Brotherly Love, Agape (uh gop' ay) in the language of Greek philosophy, advanced Masters, such as myself, likely engaged in even deeper or further extracurricular work, such as formulation of new Agape theory.

Have you started your own personal practice of Agape, yet?

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Through a series of steps, delineated (i.e. presented or listed) below, I intend to effect a key transition for this country desperately required, without which continuing political and cultural antagonism and conflict will operate both to define us, and in a vicious cycle, shape both our behavior and behavioral expectation.

I intend, however, with your help, to completely, resolutely, and effectively reverse this devolutionary downward spiral, by taking us from self-identification as a self-identification as a COMMUNITY.

My other notion concerns and advocates the absolute necessity of ACTUALIZATION, a term from the field of psychology that means becoming the very best that each of us is capable of becoming, according to our natural gifts and talents. Happily, this principle can, and must, also be applied to the nation. As a country, the United States, we must Actualize:  America must become the very best of which she is capable. In what areas? Every area:  military, morality, products & services, economy, health, jobs, and everything else.

Keep reading, and indeed, studying, this website. It's dense and it's complicated--but it must be, because this specific time in American and world history is thick with complication and significant events and challenges that must be identified, understood, and redressed.

Any Presidential candidate, or anyone else in or out of media, asserting otherwise is either 1.) working with a paucity (i.e. shortage) of gray matter (i.e. neurons, i.e. brain cells), 2.) lacking a comprehensive awareness, or 3.) deliberately dissembling (i.e. concealing something) and thus insulting your intelligence.



  1. Human brain. Lack of emphasis on development and maintenance. Harm to brain because of interminable (i.e. never-ending) exposure to potent brain stressors such as emotional stress; sleep deprivation; unhealthy food including sugar, carbs, and various chemicals; polluted, particulate-laden air.

    Misguided emphasis now on development of fake brain, A.I.

    Without an optimized human brain we won't solve the other two problems, following, and with an optimized brain they wouldn't have occurred in the first place.

  2. Climate change. The entire planet is being heated and boiled to obliteration--and the human race with it.

  3. Relations between people and nations. Horrid. Insufficient love and connection.


Are you someone else's black cloud?

What is the commonality between the following three people, things, or circumstances?

  1. The Coca-Cola corporation.

  2. The Amy's food company.

  3. A homeless man who throws you onto the subway tracks.

ANSWER. Whether they, or you, realize it, or not, they're all taking actions that can kill you:

  1. The Coca-Cola corporation:  it's products are packed with sugar--the #1 toxin for human beings, destroying the entire body from head to toe. And GMOs, a new and untested technical modification to the ingredients used in a particular food or beverage (like Coca-Cola).

  2. The Amy's food company:  injury and eventually death comes from the widespread presence in Amy's products of what are called "vegetable seed oils," such as sunflower oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, palm kernel oil (palm oil is o.k.) and canola oil. These industrially-produced seed oils destroy the cardiovascular system, eventually resulting in strokes and heart attacks.

  3. These seed oils are in most products, in fact, regardless of manufacturer. Why do you think cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of Americans, and stroke #5?

  4. A homeless man who throws you onto the subway tracks:  such an act could obviously kill you if the train strikes you.

Don't walk through life, therefore, thinking that death can come only from interactions or experiences with the poor, or persons of lesser education and resources. Death comes most often, in fact, from the hidden actions of what we might call the "ruling class," that is, owners of capital, especially big capital, whose actions and decisions intimately affect our lives, but which we average citizens can do little about.

Go check your cupboard, food closet, refrigerator, and freezer for items containing these seed oils, as well as such poisons as Mono-and-Diglycerides (see my Health section, below).


And so it goes. Human beings hurting and indeed killing each other 24/7, deliberately or not. It seems that we human beings, little more than smart monkeys, just cannot figure out how not to kill each other.

Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters, I want you to notice that regardless of the form, class, kind, or specific maltreatment cited or under discussion, from a car "cutting off" another car on the highway, to a dictator cutting off the head of a rival or perceived inferior, there is actually a single underlying phenomenon or force at work; regardless of the kind of crime or dysfunction or violation we're talking about, it all has single root:  THE WAY WE TREAT EACH OTHER.

99% of the problems of the world have to do explicitly with HOW PEOPLE TREAT EACH OTHER, at all levels of society. This is not, in the main, my original thought; indeed did Existentialist philosopher Jon Paul Sartre write, "Hell is other people."

The leaders of the world might not know it, you might not know it, your brother-in-law Harold might not know it, but I'm telling you that this world, our one human family, is essentially going nowhere until we learn that we, indeed, are one human family, everyone explicitly connected to everyone else, and the governing ethic, therefore, between and amongst all of us must not, and cannot, be narcissism*, no matter how "right" (i.e. correct) you think you are, but indeed LOVE (properly understood).

Our global objective and prevailing behavioral ethic must be "Everybody Loving Everybody." Then, we have a chance.

*Examples of narcissism are:  bullying, intimidation, and "pulling-rank." Even exercise of legitimate power is immoral if it causes unredressed pain to another person. If you are a powerholder and your decision is likely to cause pain to even one individual, reach out to them, personally, and discuss it. Or maybe because you're the president of a company, or the head of an agency, you think that you're too good for that kind of thing? Or simply above it?

Trust me--you're not. None of us are--if we want a world of Love, that is. No matter who you are or what your position in this world--don't be someone else's black cloud. The higher your position and more power you hold, the more essential it is to reach out personally to those affected by your decisions. Are you, in fact, their black cloud? How can you know? Assume? Obviously not.

You have a telephone? Use it. Then you'll know.

If you're afraid to reach out personally because you know that you're causing pain, and you don't want to confront it--then maybe you shouldn't be doing it. Find another way. Or if the decision that you must make that will cause pain is genuinely unavoidable--which most are not--then you must still reach out personally, to effect, through colloquy (i.e. back-and-forth conversation) with the object of your decision the least painful way to execute your decision.

A DeBENEDETTO Presidency will get us about as close as we can get, in the short term, to redress of our unnecessary, confounding, and counterproductive present pattern of inhumanity toward each other.


I'm a 63 year old American and I've simply had it with a world gone so obviously and flagrantly wrong in so very many ways, all rooted in:

  1. Our poor treatment of each other on and across this planet, and certainly in this country.

  2. Failure to optimize and actualize the human brain, individually, and in terms of what I refer to as the GLOBAL BRAIN, which is neither the Internet nor A.I., but in fact all human brains working in concert. In fact, unfortunately, the new commercial focus in America is not a wholesale effort to fully develop the human brain, each in accord with the natural gifts and talents of its owner, a process called Actualization, and my second key notion, but, instead, the development of fake or artificial "brains," called Artificial Intelligence. For shame.

  3. Though Thomas Jefferson said that a nation should change its economic system every 20 years, my campaign is not addressing itself to any wholesale shift in our economic paradigm. We're a capitalist or free-enterprise-based nation and for the foreseeable future, that will likely be it, and it is modern American capitalism that we'll be seeking to optimize--not eliminate.

    Informationally, however, in terms of a competent analysis of our problems, the standard way that capitalism works is causative and should not be ignored. In the briefest of terms, under capitalism new products and services must continually be created and sold, lest the individual firm eventually lose market share to competitors, moving closer to defunct status. This economic imperative means many things, starting with innumerable products and services being created and introduced into the national and often global marketplace that are simply superfluous, that is, really not needed, and yet resources are exploited to design, develop, manufacture, package, advertise, transport, and then attempt to sell them. Moreover, not only are most of these products and services not needed, many are harmful, such as cigarettes and many pharmaceutical drugs. The behavior of the capitalist system in its incessant (i.e. never-ending) production and distribution of products and services is disturbingly similar to the way that cancer behaves, generating masses of cancer cells that proliferate uncontrollably.

    Moreover, because it is so imperative that the individual firm sell and earn a profit from this or that product or service it has introduced into the marketplace, duplicity (i.e. dishonesty) creeps in, as manufacturers are so desperate to sell their products and services that they'll say just about anything to consumers, so they make the purchase, and to government regulators, so they don't shut down that company or impose restriction or regulation, which often costs the company money. Another grievous problem with capitalism concerns one of its key characteristics, the business cycle, where periods of growth are almost always interrupted by periods of decline, sometimes extremely severe known as depressions. You've heard this word.

    Capitalism is generally a problematic economic or socio-economic system and argumentation to this effect, much of it credible, has been proffered for just about as long as this system has existed.

    Note: again, I include #3 above for the sake of completeness. My writing does not intend to try to redress this particular problem at the present time. I assume the happy continuation of capitalism, or free-enterprise.











The world is easily characterized by the descriptive phrase GROSS DYSFUNCTION (can you say Ukraine?). I'll apply an attenuated (i.e. reduced) description to America, as simply plain ol' garden-variety DYSFUNCTION. In the New York Area, tune your radio to 1010 AM, to WINS NEWS, a well-known station that covers international, national, and much local news. You'll be struck because every other minute, it seems, crimes are being committed and reported, many, many crimes, most of them violent, involving guns, and resulting in injury and often death, with persons of every age the victims. Tune in and listen for a few hours or days for an instant lesson in the folly of Man, as manifest in, and expressed through, our unique American culture.

Please see my extensive DYSFUNCTION BLOG for detail on my own experiences with the dysfunction of this world (as well as, possibly, a bit of my own).

Every country, in fact, shows record numbers of humans injuring other humans, in many and varied ways. And now the chaos, violence, and flat-out incoherence of the world is about to jump one or more orders of magnitude, with 1.) the legalization of dope in both the United States and Mexico, one of the most glaring, colossal, catastrophic, and imbecilic decisions ever committed by a purportedly intelligent and educated group of people, and 2.) the concomitant rise of A.I., a phenomenon that will consist in companies and likely eventually governments implanting tiny "brains" all over the place, all around us, most or many of which will be talking to us, yet none of these "intelligent" circuits really are a brain, nor are they actually "thinking" in any manner that we human beings would be comfortable with. And it gets worse--a lot worse. The very top experts tell us that A.I. is slated to become billions of times smarter than we are--so you'd better hope that it doesn't begin to consider us superfluous, or an enemy, or consider some of us superfluous, because that's when A.I. is going to switch allegiances, from the United States to, say, Iran. Or China. Or Russia. Or North Korea. And by time we realize it, if we ever do and aren't simply militarily destroyed the second the transfer takes place, by time we realize it, it will be too late. The time to address this impending catastrophe is NOW, by making all or most A.I. ILLEGAL.

Oh, and by the way, A.I. is also slated to eliminate many hundreds of thousands of jobs, even jobs heretofore protected from the advance of technology because such jobs require intellect and human expression. Well, forget that, now. BUT, IF WE STUPIDLY PERMIT THE ONWARD MARCH OF A.I., THIS JOB LOSS WON'T EVEN BE OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM.

I'd have to be an utter imbecile as an American citizen to condone any technology involving a realistic chance that it could destroy, or even simply enslave, humankind, or, switch allegiances such that the United States is placed in an inferior or even prostrate position relative to the rest of the world, and especially relative to our enemies.

This is what we human beings have done, so far, with the world that we've been accorded. Plainly, if colloqually, put, we human beings, generally little more than smart monkeys, are simply a bunch of screwups:  we fail at the art of the animate, such as intercourse with other human beings, and we fail at the art of the inanimate, such as development of genuinely useful technology or invention, and general commercial pursuit, which is why you see the supermarket cart boy with his nose in his smartphone, instead of doing his job.

In our mutual intercourse, we wouldn't know genuine affection, devotion, commitment, sacrifice, concern, patience, tolerance, understanding, respect, compassion, empathy, sharing, giving, or any of the other behaviors that actually comprise the word love, if they bit us in the...arm. And yet, we simply must have love if we're to survive, at least, and have a coherent society, at best. Nor do we seem to have much of a clue regarding the creation of a global, or even national, culture, society, and economic system that touches Wisdom.

The present perilous state of the world requires the most informed, aware, prepared, resolute, competent, creative, wise, & agile America, possible.

In large, though not exclusive, part because:  as of November 30, 2022, the date of the introduction of "ChatGPT," a seminal (i.e. revolutionary and influential) new artificial intelligence program, humanity has likely assured its own destruction.

If you remain unacquainted with the uniquely dangerous set of perils (i.e. dangers) characteristic of the world, and the nation, today, especially the nascent (i.e. emerging) rise of "artificial intelligence" or "A.I.," you'd better bring yourself up to speed and inform yourself immediately. Start by studying this internet resource (i.e. Web site), which is the online draft of my book ADULT IN THE ROOM:  Our Desperate Need for Wisdom & Common Sense in 21st-Century America.

The only A.I. that I will ever advocate is Actual Intelligence, not Artificial Intelligence. Study this website and learn why.






"Life expectancy at birth in the United States declined (emphasis mine) nearly a year from 2020 to 2021, according to new provisional data from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). That decline – 77.0 to 76.1 years – took U.S. life expectancy at birth to its lowest level since 1996. The 0.9 year drop in life expectancy in 2021, along with a 1.8 year drop in 2020, was the biggest two-year decline in life expectancy since 1921-1923."


The FDA admits this on its website.



Estimated number of people aged 65 years or older in the United States with dementia:  5.8 million.

Estimated number of people aged 65 years or older in the United States who will have dementia by 2050:  13.8 million.


Suicide rates increased (emphasis mine) approximately 36% between 2000–2021. Suicide was responsible for 48,183 deaths in 2021, which is about one death every 11 minutes.3 The number of people who think about or attempt suicide is even higher. In 2021, an estimated 12.3 million American adults seriously thought about suicide, 3.5 million planned a suicide attempt, and 1.7 million attempted suicide.4

Suicide affects people of all ages. In 2021, suicide was among the top 9 leading causes of death for people ages 10-64. Suicide was the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-14 and 20-34.3


August 10, 2023

The provisional estimates released today indicate that suicide deaths further increased in 2022, rising from 48,183 deaths in 2021 to an estimated 49,449 deaths in 2022.


August 23, 2023

Substance abuse is rising among older persons, and others.


Maternal mortality statistics have been rising for the last twenty years.



Congress 18%

Country 16%



















See My 15 or So Global Holoci (i.e. holocausts), below, Representing the Totality of the Difficulties that We Face.


Our critical mandate then, is to move away from what is false, fake, and artificial, toward that which is genuine, real, and rooted firmly in nature, above all:  Love, Properly Understood, to care for each other in this country, and across this planet, a linchpin strength to inform, cohere, strengthen, & focus our full set of powerful American strengths. And, crucially, events such as the January 2021 Capital insurrection make it clear that Democracy, itself, fails or falters when its ostensible practitioner population eschews Love, that is, when its citizens fail to recognize and maintain Love and Connection between each other.


This insight and assertion comprises one of my original contributions:  Democracy requires Love, Properly Understood:  robust democracy requires an equally vital commitment to the behavioral values that comprise Love, including cooperation, empathy, respect, and tolerance, without which Love remains just a concept, a notion, an empty rubric or category, and Democracy, hence, merely an artifact. Which comprises a second unique contribution of mine to political philosophy:  there are behavioral values, Factors of Love, that comprise Love.

America has always been her strongest and most respected and admired in the World, and at home, when acting in accord with the potent combination of our three M's: MILITARY, MORALITY, & MIND. You will see all three themes recur, and all principals and arguments proferred in this document and throughout my campaign falling under the heading of, or otherwise acting as expressions or examples of, these three principals or elements.

Democratic and Republican Administrations, both, have partially manifested this moral element in the foreign policy of "Linkage."




Every election cycle hears the cry, "this is an especially important election." i'm thusly crying-out, as well--except in this case it's true. Witness each of my 15 global holoci, below, and especially their confluence, with special emphasis on the narrower confluence of a.) climate change (flooding the planet, burning the planet, causing water shortages, destabilizing the weather), b.) the legalization of drugs (emasculates the human mind, impairs perception of reality on the part of the user and the ordinary person who will never know if the other person they are interacting with and in some cases depending on for critical action is high, and destroys motivation and quest for excellence), and c.) the rise and eventual ubiquity of artificial intelligence, a technology that can, at once, 1.) put us all out work, 2.) impair our perception of reality as we won't know if we're interacting with a human or product of a human such as a news article, or an a.I., and 3.) actually obliterate the human race, as this intelligence is projected to become billions of times smarter than us. What if it decides it likes the russians, chinese, iranians, north koreans, isis, or taliban better, and silently switches sides?

I'm not kidding, and neither are the experts who assert just how smart this technology will become. As far as i'm concerned, it's simply got to be terminated immediately, and i'm going to do it. Keep reading this draft of my book, adult in the room:  our desperate need for wisdom & common sense in 21st-century america for further information.

The old touchstones political parties have fought over such as wages, medical care, unions, abortion, immigration, bigotry (i.E. "Racism"), military spending, and homosexual rights no longer principally apply, because the issues that are now before us, introduced above, are existential, that is, they can destroy us, or transform and indeed compromise life so alarmingly that day-to-day life will actually become painful, extremely confusing, and literally unbearable.

A huge part of the problem will be that 1.) the uncertainties about reality, itself, introduced into our day-to-day lives because of the ubiquitous (i.E. All over the place) presence of a.I., and 2.) the fact that many people will be stoned, but you won't know who, and they won't tell you, so you'll simply never know if the individual whom you're talking to or interacting with, in-person, on the telephone, or online, is actually a clear-thinking person who is actually and properly listening to what you say, and doing what you want or need done, or not. But it gets worse: because of a.I, you won't even know, in fact, if it's a *person,* at all.

Therefore, what is just now starting, what we are just starting to witness before our very eyes, when you put it all together--is the end of trust as we know it. And how does a society survive when there is zero or near-zero trust in anyone or anything? Answer:  it doesn't.

Accordingly, fellow americans, we are at a crossroads that will determine whether our species survives or not, and if we do, what the quality, especially the coherence of our existence will be. Even if I get elected you'd still better keep your fingers and toes crossed, but at least with me as president my administration is going to do everything in our power to reverse these trends. I'm already fully committed to it, as you can see.

Coherence refers to something fitting together in a logical, beautiful, or otherwise proper or pleasing way, the way the pieces of a puzzle all fit properly together to form the whole puzzle. Imagine if you tried to assemble a puzzle by cramming together pieces from a different puzzle. This attempt would produce a result with no coherence:  nothing would fit together and you'd have a jagged and broken mess. We say it would be incoherent.

Well, this is what our lives are increasingly and painfully like, painful and incoherent, given:  the exacerbation (i.e. worsening) of climate change; legalization of drugs, making every interaction with what you think is a clear-thinking, competent person actually one big guessing game; start of the intrusion of "Artificial Intelligence" into almost every aspect of our lives, making every interaction with what you think is an actual human being one big guessing game (again, as with the consequences of legalized drugs); the complete and total breakdown of any remaining semblance of TRUST between Americans, given the uncertainties interjected into every interaction with a person because that person might be high on marijuana (or other drugs) or even experiencing a residual high from the marijuana that they consumed yesterday--or even last week, AND because the "person" that you think you're interacting with, or whose writing you are reading, ISN'T EVEN A PERSON AT ALL--it's an A.I., which is to say, just a bunch of highly-complicated computer code engineered to emulate (i.e. model or imitate) a human being; the existing functional, political, and emotional disconnect and separation of American from American, and simply person from person that existed and had grown worse even before legalized drugs and the rise of A.I. (witness, for example, the insurrection of January 06, 2021); existing difficulties and the painful grind in making a living and surviving economically for most of us, difficulty in affording or even accessing healthcare, and in keeping ourselves and our families healthy in the first place, given the barrage of garbage food and drinks that we're inundated with all around us, from the local fast-food joint to the supermarket shelves, themselves, most of the health harms, therefrom, most of us are not even aware of (do NOT miss my HEALTH section, below); pointless and unnecessary wars continually raging around the world, including the savage daily attacks on Ukraine, and now the fact that Vladimir Putin wants to move NUCLEAR WEAPONS right into our own Western Hemisphere. And a lot more.

Where is the American leader, or person with exceptional intellect, creativity, courage and leadership skills who has the ability intellectually and through force of will and personality, to actually recognize this myriad group of problems in the first place, as I have, and formulate meaningful steps for their redress, AS I HAVE?

In other words, Fellow Americans:  WHERE IS THE ADULT IN THE ROOM?











  • *KEY PLATFORM CONCEPT:  ACTUALIZATION, to be and do the very best of which you are capable. Apply this principle consistently to yourself, and the entire nation, every sector including the economy, and begin to realize the dizzying heights America could attain!

  • PLATFORM SUMMARY:  1.) Without Actualization--No Genuine Exceptionalism. 2.) Without Love & Connection between Americans--No America, at all, as captured by Abraham Lincoln, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."







CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT - but don't worry about political classification. Worry about intellect, ideas, and morality.

Phone Upon Request*


HOLOCI, noun, pron. ho' luk eye, synonym for holocausts.


Every holocaust is relevant to America, as well as the larger world. The first eight or nine of these holocausts, depending on your age, will likely kill or injure you and/or your loved ones, and in some cases already is, whether I'm elected or not. If I'm elected, however, our chances of escaping or avoiding them, and minimizing death and injury, greatly increases.

Here is Part I of my working list of the Holoci:

  1. DISCONNECTION BETWEEN AMERICANS. Lack of Love and connection between Americans, and more broadly, between all members of our human family, destroying relationships of every kind, including national, global, regional, community, family, and of course, political. Can you say January 06, 2021?

  2. COMPROMISE OF THE HUMAN BRAIN, and a principal consequence of said compromise, THE END OF TRUST. Now steadily excacerbated by 1.) the legalization of drugs in America and elsewhere, 2.) nutritional factors such as the ubiquitious presence of sugar, a poison, in almost all foods (modern supermarkets should rightly be known as "sugar salons"), and 3.) the rise of so-called Artificial Intelligence.

  3. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (extended entry). The DeBenedetto Administration will not support any technology whose 1.) practical effect will be to erode what would or could comprise future upward actualizing trajectories for the human mind, especially with such erosion working in concert with explicitly actualization-compromising social trends such as the legalization of drugs, and 2.) has sufficient powers of self-enhancement, such as A.I., to actually wrest control of itself from humanity to itself, such that it now controls itself, or even elects to transfer that control from one group of human beings, such as Americans, to another group of human beings, such as Russians, North Koreans, or ISIS.

    With the rise of ChatGPT and related technologies, the human race is now taking its first steps toward abdication of the operation of human society to A.I. Even computers without A.I. are unreliable and hazardous, whether because of their blue light emissions from their screens, kinetic WI-FI signals penetrating your flesh, or the little-known phenomenon of bitflips, making computing that much less reliable.

    Specifically, we're abdicating the human mind, still grossly under-developed, anyway, to drugs, and now A.I., as well. We already have a significant trust problem in this country, and this world. Legal dope and ubiquitous AI systems are the final two nails in the coffin of TRUST, whether individuals trusting other individuals, individuals trusting groups of individuals including governments and corporations, groups of individuals trusting individuals, and everyone trusting computers and other machines, right down to your washing machine and dishwasher, presuming their likely A.I. circuitry.

    In essence, we're softening our capacities as Americans, making us more susceptible to domination by foreign forces, and globally, softening our capacities as humans, making us more susceptible to domination by galactic forces, either by living beings, or in the form of hazardous natural environmental space phenomena.


    To better understand what the human race probably has in store for it if A.I. development continues, simply watch some or all of the Terminator film and television franchise. The A.I. known as Cameron, for example, expertly acted by Summer Glau in the television series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is a chilling representation of what these AI beings will be capable of. Do I honestly think that continued AI development will actually result in humanoid AI beings that can prevail over humankind?

    Of course I do--because we humans are simply too stupid to prevent it. As I assert in my Magnum Opus, we human beings, with few exceptions, are little more than smart monkeys.

    Barring my election--we're doomed, now walking a dark road that we must immediately exit.

    And even if you elect me--cross your fingers. Read this site of mine for further fact and perspective on the foundational problems with Artificial Intelligence.

    Accordingly, in sum, and obviously, all or most A.I.-related technologies, industries, and endeavors will not find support under my Administration.

    Listen to this critical interview, entitled "EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat | E252," aired on June 01, 2023 with Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer with Google X, where he lays out exactly what A.I. is, what it does, what it could do, how this could literally spell the end of humanity, and how we may have very little time in which to stop it all--perhaps just months.

    Then, for further perspectives listen to this discussion, aired on National Public Radio on Sunday, June 04, 2023, featuring two A.I. experts, and how even they, echoing the reservations of many AI-knowledgable persons, are extremely concerned, especially the second guest.

    And be prepared for what will likely happen to humankind after the Artificial Intelligence Singularity.


    Why even watch any of the films or television products in the Terminator series anymore? This franchise is no longer science-fiction entertainment on the Hollywood screen--we're presently doing it and it is now real. What we're now doing, in the aggregate, in other words by all the A.I. research and development being done by all the companies and other entities doing it, specifically, is designing the mind of the Terminator. Designing the body is simple now and many companies had it down years ago. Visit YouTube and watch NEO, asserted to be the most advanced integrated robot, meaning that it contains in one physical humanoid body 1.) information processing and 2.) physical capability such as walking. Also see the robot Ameca, and the most advanced Honda walking robot Asimo, and Boston Dynamic's robots Atlas and Handle.

    Moreover, one of the most pointed fears about A.I. concerns its possible marriage with Quantum computing, a developing new computing paradigm completely unlike, and orders of magnitude more powerful than, traditional bits-and-bytes computing. A.I. based on this new computing model and platform can create a veritable new species of super-being that will make short work of humankind, effortlessly finishing the job on us that previous iterations of artificial intelligence began.

    The entire planet is playing a colossal game of Russian Roulette with this technology in its largely uncritical acceptance. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time," goes the old adage. Likewise, Humanity should not be fooling around with this technology if it's not prepared for the very worst that this tech can and very well may deliver, according to every expert, including the enslavement or outright elimination of humankind. Are you prepared for that? Then you'd better join my campaign so we can stop it. I assure you, no other candidate will. They're all, more-or-less, mostly more, on the A.I. bandwagon.

    Fellow Americans:  BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID. UNLESS you have someone like me as President who is categorically opposed to A.I. as it's presently being developed, and will fight it tooth-and-nail, in America and around the world.



    Moreover, persons advocating A.I. possess a fundamental misunderstanding of the real nature of computing.

    Talk of modern computing, focusing, for example, on parameters of computing power like Moore's Law, obscure the reality that the most powerful and valuable computer possessed by Humankind is, without question, the three-pound biological computer resident between the ears of every human.

    In other words: the human brain.

    This is the computer that has thus far shepherded Man to what he is today, and could be tomorrow, and is ergo the computer that we ultimately should concern ourselves with, allocating the lion's share of our resources such as time, money, and attention. The human brain is irrefutably the master computer from which, in fact, all other computers have sprung.


    As modern medicine actually represents the avoidance of health, Artificial Intelligence actually represents Intelligence Avoidance, or I.A., not the advance of intelligence (COPYRIGHT © 2023 VFD), artificial or otherwise.

    Modern medicine exists because everything in our culture causes us injury and ultimately makes us sick. But we dont really address that, so we need modern allopathic medicine to patch us up and send us back home, and back to work.

    "Stage 6 – Artificial SuperIntelligence (ASI) – This is the notion of developing A.I. algorithms that are capable of outperforming the smartest of humans in every domain. Clearly, it is hard to articulate what the capabilities might be of something that exceeds human intelligence, but we could imagine ASI solving current world problems such as hunger and dangerous climate change. Such systems might also invent new fields of science, redesign economic systems, and evolve wholly new models of governance."

    Instead of getting to the actual root of the problem, failure to fully, or more fully, develop our own human minds, individually, and the collective human mind, as a species, increasing their power and refining our capabilities all the time to solve the above problems and challenges, ourselves, we practice our own expert homegrown American brand of avoidance, and begin designing a new (artificial) mind, imagining or speculating that it's our salvation. It's ridiculous. Human problems are best solved by humans. This is how artificial intelligence actually avoids intelligence--real intelligence, Actual Intelligence, THE REAL A.I., and the only one worth talking about.

    In fact, the third Terminator film is called Terminator: Salvation. Watch it--start immersing yourself in the likely reality of where we're headed (barring my election--which might stop it).


    The entire A.I. endeavor is chaotic, nonsensical, extremely dangerous, and categorically superfluous, and the fact is that Artificial Intelligence, like modern medicine, represents Intelligence Avoidance, or I.A., not the advance of intelligence.

    In explaining stage three of the general course of development of A.I., Domain Specific Expertise, Technology magazine writes:

    "Perhaps the most commonly sighted example is Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo. The system was given a set of learning rules and objective of winning and then it taught itself how to play Go with human support to nudge it back on course when it made poor decisions. Go reportedly has more moves than there are atoms in the universe – so you cannot teach it in the same way as you might with a chess playing program. In March 2016, AlphaGo defeated the 18-time world Go champion Lee Sedol by four games to one."

    Oh, this is too delicious. The writer, or person, who penned the above, on the superiority of machines, written in the context of the current ocean of interest in this technology, misspelled a common word in the English language! They wrote "sighted," as pertaining to vision, when what they obviously meant was "cited," as in pointed out or directed toward. And this is precisely the problem with an emphasis on A.I.:  we humans are already too stupid. We should be building up our own cognition--not giving away the store to a fake one. Much less a fake one that is slated to become billions of times smarter than us, and could easily destroy or enslave us, the top experts like Mo Gawdat tell us.



    The DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will never support this. We'd have to be crazy, and, I wouldn't be meeting my Presidential constitutional mandate to safeguard the American people.

    Do you know that Google is now developing A.I. to write news articles?

    So what happens to all the writers, journalists, and news men and women in America and the world over, as well as Americans and others in fields and disciplines roughly analogous to writers and journalists such as paralegals and marketing specialists?

    Answer this obvious question and you'll know who to vote for as President. All the other candidates from every point on the political spectrum will be onboard the A.I. bandwagon, most of them likely strongly onboard--whereas I am all about SHOOTING OUT THE TIRES FROM UNDER THAT WAGON. I'm hoping that my good friends in the N.R.A. and related organizations will help me. I almost couldn't think of a better reason to grab something tasty out of your gun rack, lock, load, and fire.

    Always Deconstruct the Language First

    Now, on to the content, itself, of the above quotation from Technology magazine. The points attempted by the writer fail, because the terminology makes no sense:

    "In March 2016, AlphaGo defeated the 18-time world Go champion Lee Sedol by four games to one."

    AlphaGo didn't defeat anyone:

    To defeat someone or something, their must be a living organismic entity doing the defeating:  A.I. is not this. A.I. is a bunch of chips, circuitry, and wires, nothing more.

    Their argument also runs into trouble even if one wishes to understand or conceptualize A.I. as an organism or other kind of alive or quasi-alive entity possessing agency:  it's the apples and oranges problem. The processing ability--I won't use the word thinking; that's something biological entities do--of an A.I. is so far removed, considered above, that is, greater and stronger, than a human being means that any contest between them is meaningless. If an infant (the human chess-player) were put in a boxing ring with a seasoned adult boxer (the A.I. playing chess), who do you suppose would win, with the greatest of bloody ease?

    Correct, the adult boxer. Now--would you, or anyone else, consider this a legitimate contest? Would you view the adult boxer as having "defeated" the infant?

    You would not. You would dismiss the entire question out of hand as nonsensical, as there was no chance in the first place, never any chance that the infant could beat the adult boxer--the mismatch was simply too overwhelming, because we're talking about two completely different classes of entity: 1.) an infant, and 2.) an adult (who also happens to be a pro boxer). Both the language and the ideas it attempts to convey are rejected because they are nonsensical. Same holds true for any claims, ever, made by anyone, of any A.I. beating or besting a player in any game.


    A.I. constitutes a black-box system, meaning that we don't really know how it works. As discussed at another of my Internet resources:  even when A.I. is producing output that we think constitutes success--we simply don't know why. It's processes are hidden.

    Which means that A.I. development, growth, and behavior could be...anything. Which is the problem. The problem with A.I. is that we don't know the problem with A.I.

    AIs are soulless pieces of highly complex code intrinsically devoid of ethics and morality. Yet we're already a world populated with beings of this kind--we, ourselves, humans--a deficiency emerging as the premier and controlling imbroglio of the 21st century and beyond for Humankind. In other words, our present human world of complete, near-complete, or certainly inconsistent, erratic, capricious, and fundamentally devalued morality has produced the world of pain of every kind that defines the modern world.

    What, I ask, will, or can, AI do about that?

    Answer:   nothing.

    In fact, AI will constitute an entirely new class of the precise kind of being that the human world already generates ad infinitum and suffers greatly because of:  soulless human beings. Of this class of being, we have enough. We don't need more.

    Nor is it likely that we need improvement upon the human mind and its physical repository the human brain--provided we're actualizing these two foundational human physiological elements. In fact we are not--which is why we, and our very limited human resources and capital, suffer under the weight of the fallacious and specious notion that humanity needs, or would otherwise benefit from, a more potent mind, ie, "AI."

    We certainly don't, and, ironically, the effort to attain one anyway is going to destroy the human race.

    As asserted throughout my work, the overwhelming bulk of humanity is nothing more than smart monkeys. But at least we're monkeys, that is, organic beings of a species. An A.I. isn't even that. It's just a bunch of highly-specialized circuitry that we as humans have been, thus far, sufficiently stupid to grant a de facto autonomy. A decision and consequent autonomy that may just come back to haunt, plague, and then destroy us.


    I'm not stupid enough to permit any technology containing or representing even the remote chance that it could LITERALLY DESTROY HUMANITY.

  4. "The problem with A.I. is that we don't know the problem with A.I."

    . . . . .




    Here are excerpts from a critical YouTube interview on Artificial Intelligence with Mo Gawdat, Former Chief Business Officer, Google X, Google's 'moonshot factory' of innovation. The interview section presenting Mo's remarks is around the 40:00 time point. Mr. Gawdat states:

    "This is the moment. We've placed [the?] wrong. And I really don't know how to say this any other way...we f*cked up. We always said, don't place them on the Internet, don't teach them to code. ... until we make certain that they have our best interests at heart.

    Why does it make you emotional? Because of humanity's stupidity is affecting people who haven't done anything wrong.

    our stupidity greed, this is an arms race. no interest in what the average human gets out of it. every line of code being written in AI today is to beat the other guy. not to improve the life of the third party.

    What went wrong in the 20th Century interestingly is that we have given too much power to people that didn't assume the responsibility. With great power comes great responsibility. We have disconnected power and responsibility... those who are writing the code of AI, and what's about to happen because of that code. for someone's life to be affected by the actions of others without having a say level of stupidity"

    As I asserted, above, and assert throughout my Presidential platform, the critical element, the most important puzzle piece that America is missing, that is and will continue to undercut everything good that we try to do, is morality, specifically, that connection between us, known, in largest terms in my work as LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD.

    Mr. Gawdat is asserting precisely this as regards the reasons for the premature ascendence of A.I.

    The person and role obviously missing from the equation is the philosopher, indeed, the moral philosopher:  even more specifically the Philosopher of Agape, which is Brotherly Love in the language of Greek philosophy.

    As also argued throughout this document, my book-length platform, humanity has reached a point where it must begin to be informed by Brotherly Love, and the continuing omission and absence of this principle, this parameter, is dysfunction, eventually gross dysfunction, in every human sphere and milieu, technological, political, and social. In the political sphere, for example, as asserted above: American democracy is failing because American morality is failing. For this reason, alone, by the way, Donald Trump, a known antagonist and purveyor of conflict, must be categorically rejected at the American ballot box.

    EXCERPT FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES "A.I. Poses 'Risk of Extinction,' Industry Leaders Warn"

    A group of industry leaders warned on Tuesday that the artificial intelligence technology they were building might one day pose an existential threat to humanity and should be considered a societal risk on a par with pandemics and nuclear wars.

    “Mitigating the risk of extinction from A.I. should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks, such as pandemics and nuclear war,” reads a one-sentence statement released by the Center for AI Safety, a nonprofit organization. The open letter was signed by more than 350 executives, researchers and engineers working in A.I.

    The signatories included top executives from three of the leading A.I. companies: Sam Altman, chief executive of OpenAI; Demis Hassabis, chief executive of Google DeepMind; and Dario Amodei, chief executive of Anthropic.

    Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, two of the three researchers who won a Turing Award for their pioneering work on neural networks and are often considered “godfathers” of the modern A.I. movement, signed the statement, as did other prominent researchers in the field.


    Eventually, some believe, A.I. could become powerful enough that it could create societal-scale disruptions within a few years if nothing is done to slow it down, though researchers sometimes stop short of explaining how that would happen.

    These fears are shared by numerous industry leaders, putting them in the unusual position of arguing that a technology they are building — and, in many cases, are furiously racing to build faster than their competitors — poses grave risks and should be regulated more tightly.

    This month, Mr. Altman, Mr. Hassabis and Mr. Amodei met with President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to talk about A.I. regulation. In a Senate testimony after the meeting, Mr. Altman warned that the risks of advanced A.I. systems were serious enough to warrant government intervention and called for regulation of A.I. for its potential harms.

    Dan Hendrycks, the executive director of the Center for AI Safety, said in an interview that the open letter represented a “coming-out” for some industry leaders who had expressed concerns — but only in private — about the risks of the technology they were developing.


    “There’s a very common misconception, even in the A.I. community, that there only are a handful of doomers,” Mr. Hendrycks said. “But, in fact, many people privately would express concerns about these things.”

    Some skeptics argue that A.I. technology is still too immature to pose an existential threat. When it comes to today’s A.I. systems, they worry more about short-term problems, such as biased and incorrect responses, than longer-term dangers.

    But others have argued that A.I. is improving so rapidly that it has already surpassed human-level performance in some areas, and that it will soon surpass it in others. They say the technology has shown signs of advanced abilities and understanding, giving rise to fears that “artificial general intelligence,” or A.G.I., a type of artificial intelligence that can match or exceed human-level performance at a wide variety of tasks, may not be far off.


    "...if this technology goes wrong, it can go quite wrong,” Mr. Altman told the Senate subcommittee.


    In a separate article The New York Times asserts, of the new technology:

    "Social media platforms are being flooded with posts written by bots."

    What this means, as a practical matter, is that from now on in America (and elsewhere, increasingly) not just in the realm of social media but every realm, if one wishes accurate information, on literally anything, at any time, or, in the commercial sphere, wants competent provision of products and services, every single interaction with a person, or what appears to be a person, must be preceded by some version of this 2-tier query:

    May I ask:  am I speaking to a human being?

    Yes? Thank you. Now one other question: are you high on marijuana right now?

    No? Thank you. But how about recently?

    Thus, in the Brave New World of large market, academic, and governmental forces quickly and zealously gathering in both explicit and implicit support of Artificial Intelligence, that is, de facto support of the relegation of the human brain, do we need a new version of our American Miranda Rights, reading something like:

    "You have the right to not have your society distort its operation so egregiously that citizens can literally no longer discern reality, itself. Who and what is real, and who and what is not. Can literally no longer discern what is literal. Can no longer perceive 1.) that who or what appears human, or the direct product of a human, such as a piece of writing, is actually so, and 2.) of those concluded to be human, whose mind and behavior are clouded and compromised by drug use, and whose are not."

    And indeed is a device-based expression of this new truth-seeking Miranda query already under development: a wearable device that alerts the wearer that the entity they are interacting with is synthetic, not human, no matter how much it resembles or sounds like a human. The Australian design team responsible for this technology "get it."

    Importantly, and ultimately, any society in which human beings no longer know who else is a human being, but must conclude which other actors* are human, is a society that has grievously lost its way.

    (Pending quote here by British Historian: "Societies don't end by murder--but by suicide.")

    *I write actors, not beings, as A.I. is not a "being."


    And your DVD player is inquiring as to whether you remembered to submit your income tax form.

    Of course, the ruling elite will place artificial intelligence technology absolutely everywhere. But do you really need your washing machine, blender, motorcycle, or furnace, to be alive? Because with each manufacturer installing artificial intelligence technology into their own products, the net result for each of us is that it's going to appear that everything around us is alive. Speaking, thinking, rationalizing, encouraging, we really need every object around us to be alive? ...sentience from non-sentient objects? Isn't intercourse with organisms that actually are alive, both human and even non-human animals, enough resource-intensive work for us, already? Aren't we exhausted enough, now?

    As stated above, fellow Americans, by me:  WE ARE WITNESSING THE LITERAL END OF TRUST. IN ANYONE OR ANYTHING.


    "We are witnessing the literal end of trust. In anyone or anything"

    . . . . .



    HERE IS MOST OF THE BALANCE OF WHAT I IDENTIFY AND CONSIDER THE GLOBAL HOLOCI (numbering requires correction:  Climate Change, below, is actually Holoci #4).

    1. Climate Change. This phenomenon is what will get us, if nothing else does.

    2. Relatedly: Biodiversity collapse.

    3. Destruction of just about the entire planet through livestock production. See critical documentary EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION.

    4. Increasing scarcity of that foundational staff of all life, water, because of A.) climate change, and B.) livestock production.

    5. Nuclear weapons--that Vladimir Putin now actively seeks to emplace in the Western hemisphere. In other words, our neighborhood. Cuban Missile Crisis v2.0.

    6. Pandemic. We failed the first, why wouldn't we fail the next-time around?

    7. Lack of basic survival resources for every person on Earth:  food, clothing, shelter, medical care.

    8. Ignorance, especially populations deliberately kept in ignorance.

    9. Abortion, easily supplanted by adoption (the other "A" word). A no-brainer.

    10. Unsustainable population explosion.

    11. The phenomenon of, and unfortunate human tendency toward, deceit, misinformation, and inaccuracy, most perniciously and sometimes insidiously played out or in the form of, on the political or larger social stage as, actual disinformation.

      Like this.

    12. The assorted cataclysms and catastrophes endemic to a species held almost immovably in the grip of the Phenomenon of Stupidity (© COPYRIGHT 2021 VFD). Like the smoky haze blanketing the Northeastern United States starting on Wednesday, June 07, 2023.

    13. The known medical phenomenon whereby a patient suffers an apparent coma, but is actually fully conscious yet unable to effect any movement, and thus cannot communicate their actual medical status to the outside world. For the individual suffering this state or condition, I'd say its level of psychological pain likely constitutes a personal Holocaust.

    papa john bad pizza incompetent incompetence

    Human brain neurons firing--properly.

    Not for long, however, in a world of legalized drug use, on the one hand, and an increasingly dominant "A.I.," on the other, the former deprecating (i.e. de-emphasizing) our ability to think, the former and latter our very interest in thinking, and of producing--from human beings--products of thought of the highest order.

    . . . . . . . . .

    "There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking."

    -- Sir Joshua Reynolds


    papa john bad pizza incompetent incompetence

    Above is the label from the Papa John's pizza that I ordered for delivery on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, with extra sauce on the entire pie, and pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom on half the pie. A baffling food product is what was delivered to me:  almost no toppings, whatsoever, and the miniscule quantity of toppings present were placed or dropped in two separate areas on top of the pie.

    (I probably didn't photograph the pizza, itself, because of equipment failure, my Sony camera doesn't hold a charge for very long, a problem known to journalists everywhere that has plagued the creation of all of, or at least much of, my entire corpus.)

    Continuing:  was, or had, the pizza maker been smoking or otherwise consuming "cannabis," now stupidly legal in New Jersey,* or related drugs? Were they distracted? Rushed? A flustered trainee? Inability to read English? Some combination? We'll never know.

    An occasional bad pizza might be forgivable. But if a pattern, the ethic of incompetence, of poor work quality and performance, is permitted to flourish, applied across all product and service sectors, including those mission-critical such as military, medical, space, computing, electoral, and now AI--it will spell absolute disaster for any country stupid enough to keep its blinders on.

    We'll likely never know for sure the etiology (i.e. cause) of the lacking pizza described, above. What we do know, however, is that such incompetence and poor performance is endemic in America, now. American products and services are no longer considered premier and of the very highest quality. Even Americans don't trust them, or each other, anymore. In fact, the lustre left America long ago, only to perhaps return under my program of Actualization, that is, the deliberate, intensive, and permanent effort for individuals, and every sector of the entire nation, itself, to be the very best that they, and it, can be.

    If this radical improvement is what you wish for America, as I do, then vote for me. And even then--keep your fingers crossed.


    July 25, 2022

    Manager provided me a make-up pie. Unfortunately, believe it or not, this pie was almost as bad as the first. Toppings on half-pie very skimpy, with at least one slice topped by nothing at all.

    *Thanks largely to Governor Phil Murphy.

    Hate to Say I Told You So

    To wit, as asserted and projected above, here is a real-world example of precisely the kind of pernicious consequences that occur when an ethic of incompetence is permitted to exist in a system, or individual institution, agency, or other social body within a larger system. Just below is a full recent review of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, written by, and posted to consumer review site, by a registered nurse of 11 years.

    Take the phenomenon implicit in the following account, and expand and multiply it through and across every sector of America (or any nation), and the colossal and utterly devastating and catastrophic nature of the problem should become unmistakably clear and categorical.

    And again, I must and will point out at every opportunity that, believe it or not, the problem is now becoming far worse as nations across the globe, notably and tragically including America, legalize the "recreational" use of drugs such as marijuana.

    Here, then, Fellow Americans, is the medical account mentioned, above, experienced and written by a Registered Nurse:

    I would give this hospital zero stars if I could. This review is for the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. Within the past five years, our family has three horrible experiences with this including a missed diagnosis of hip fracture on my elderly grandmother...despite her inability to walk and yelping in pain.

    Every single encounter has been met with unprofessional staff with poor communication skills. As an RN myself for eleven years, I always try to care for my patients the way I would want a loved one cared for...this is not something that happens at RWJ.

    Today, my elderly grandmother experienced a fall and a head injury that required transport by ambulance. Per COVID regulations, no visitors are allowed. While I do understand this, my grandmother is a woman in her late eighties with possible dementia and a head injury. I tried to explain it would be a liability to not allow someone in, as all of her information could be inaccurate- thus possibly resulting in a misdiagnosis. After four hours, they tell my father my grandmother appears confused and could he assist with information....oh it got better. The RN called and said my grandmother was fine and would be discharged in fifteen minutes. My father received a call in 15 minutes from the MD...she got seven stitches, her nose is broke in two places, and she has a nodule on her lung. At a better hospital, I would have insisted she stay for observation. However, based on their repeated incompetence it would probably be more dangerous to stay. The cherry on father got a call from the RN after my grandmother was home asking to bring her back to remove the IV. No, thanks. I'll have them do it at home.

    The ER is filled with new, young, and probably overworked staffed. This hospital is also a university hospital, meaning they have residents. The ER is filled with inexperienced staff from nursing to medicine, with little empathy and poor communication.

    Lesson learned and a beware to others- if possible, direct your loved one to a safer emergency room.

    I note that, of a possible 5-stars, the cumulative rating for this medical institution, ostensibly a premier facility, is TWO STARS, from a base of 131 reviews. In researching hospitals in New Jersey one finds, to a one, facilities with universally poor ratings by patients and their loved ones, for hospitals that all claim to be premier medical institutions, some going so far as to assert their status as "the best hospital in New Jersey."

    This is why an elderly patient of whom I am aware, who should have already been hospitalized, or at least received medical attention, remains at home, in general safety, while further research is attempted to muddle through this morass.

    The issue, as is the root of so much of what America must improve upon, is TRUST. It is waning in America, and comprehensibly so. Trust must be earned, yet so few persons or institutions, medical, political, commercial, judicial, military, educational, religious, or otherwise, appear able to intelligently, justifiably, and consistently do that.

    The obvious answer? A national acquaintance with, and dedication to, the principal of ACTUALIZATION. And to that without which Actualization cannot occur--an active feeling of Love and Connection between Americans. These just happen to be the two principal planks in my Presidential platform.


    You read it first, here, folks.









    I am a family caregiver of 23 years, so far. When I lost my Father, my caregiving shifted full-time to my Mother. As you might imagine, during this period, continuing now, I learned much, forced to plumb what is interpretable as good about the American health-care system, and what is most definitely bad.

    As our American geriatric population continues to grow, I intend, through THE PARENT PROJECT, to benefit you and your loved one being caregiven, by presenting everything that I've learned--and it's a lot.

    For example, at the Burger-King drive through window, do you perform a quick check of your food before pulling away, to confirm that it's correct? I've learned, the hard way, that the same kind of check is required, unfortunately and pathetically, before bringing your loved one home from the doctor's office, hospital, or other medical facility lest an obvious medical omission threaten their very life--which is precisely what happened to us.

    A local hospital, we'll call it The Vallery Hospital for now, performed a fairly common procedure on my Father's genitalia--but they forgot to perform the very last step of the procedure. I learned that the organ in question, failing completion of this last step, can develop a FATAL infection. So this was obviously very serious, and there should have been at least one, if not two, quality-checks before the patient, in this case my Father, was discharged from the hospital. I called the facility and told them the situation, and requested that they send a doctor here right away to correct the problem--which they would not do. They wanted me to pack him up and transport him back there:  put an 80-something-year-old man through another ambulance trip back-and-forth? No way.

    This last medical step, though critical, was actually fairly straightforward to perform, I learned--so I simply did it, myself, successfully. Had I viewed my Fathers body prior to leaving the hospital, as one must view their food order before pulling away from the fast-food restaurant, I would have immediately noticed, and pointed out, the treatment error. This is a true and accurate account.

    As President I take it as my responsibility to concern myself with the health, safety, and welfare of every single American. So you have just learned something that, if consistently applied, could save the life of yourself or a loved one. When all is said and done, Fellow Americans, I'm going to save your and their lives multiple times by conveying the valuable information and perspectives gleaned from 23 years of hard-core caregiving, as well as 62 years of life experience as a native-born American citizen--whether you vote for me, or not. If you vote for me and I'm elected, my care for you, your family, this nation, itself, and by extrapolation and resonance of positive effect, especially given the influence that the United States still does yield in the world, will be amplified and magnified exponentially, as the U.S. Presidency is perhaps our most potent force-multiplier.

    In other words, if you elect me, I can and will do far more good for you, our nation, and the world than I even do now--and I can, and every day try to, do much now.

    Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters, here is the full THE PARENT PROJECT (content pending).



    The mutual search for Truth--how noble. But as opposed to what?

    As opposed to our adversarial systems of law, government, and society, where neither the adjective, "mutual," nor the noun, "Truth," apply. Where everyone is a self-contained atom bouncing around Democritus' atomized universe, diminishing others to enrich ourselves by accident or design. Have you ever listened carefully to the interminable stream of television and radio commercials for Personal Injury attorneys? Every one promises that they'll get you "what you deserve," or similar divisive language.

    What we deserve, in fact, at all times, automobile or other accident, or not, is that which only cooperation and love yield:  the Brotherhood of Man, a society, nay, community, human family, even, of truth, trust, sharing, and depth of care of all, for all. Everybody loving everybody.

    This is simply what our national, and global, human family should and indeed must be, for no technology, political system, or other arrangement, system, or subsystem conceived, formulated, and created by humans can succeed, or necessarily even sustain itself, otherwise. Humans are meant to cooperate--the more the better.

    "May the time be close at hand

    When all may live in harmony,

    A peaceful world of kindred hearts

    United as a family."

    It's no accident that Plank #1 in my Presidential platform is CONNECTION:  the re-establishment or first-time establishing of real connection between Americans.

    My Brothers and Sisters, Fellow Americans:  if you seek a Presidential candidate, be apprised that I am unlike any other candidate for President. I am:

    1. Extremely cerebral. Meaning, my brain is firing on all cylinders all or most of the time, at least in matters of import for America and the world.

    2. Strong intellect. An "idea man," without question. You'll ultimately find this site chock full of original ideas, some of which are presented here, already, albeit some in nascent (i.e. early, undeveloped) form. Some ideas are in the form, originally, of powerful or otherwise important insights.

      I am the originator not merely of ideas, but ideas that are unique, powerful, and fully relevant to the American project, and even, in larger terms, the Human project, as key ideas presented in this document are extensible, that is, able to grow or shrink, expand or contract dynamically, to effect influence to persons and populations of any size, from an individual to a world of individuals. Rooting national defense, for example, not only in the necessary relevant realpolitik, but in Agape, the ethic of Love:  defending ourselves is what we must do to love ourselves, defending our allies is what we must do to love them, and even nations or individual actors who oppose us benefit in our corrective remediation directed at them on the world stage whether through military action, the threat of same, sanction, or merely diplomatic conversation and dialogue. We do our "enemies" no favor in permitting them their destructive impulses or specious predicates.

      Love, properly understood, benefits all; hence a key part of its power, and the reason it underpins my work in social science, informs my personal philosophy and behavior, and now anchors and invigorates this Presidential platform and my corresponding campaign. Indeed, my content here easily coordinates, and can and is meant to work together with another of my books under-development,, a work teaching us the theory, or principle of Love, properly understood, as well as the elusive and incomplete generally non-systematized nuts-and-bolts of its practice.

      My Presidential content here is also related to, and underpinned by GRASS NOT GREENER, yet another of my books under-development, in this case arguing the obvious:  a stoned America is not an "Actualizing" America, that is, an America continually and genuinely striving hard to be the very best that it is capable of becoming (that is, that it's potentialities permit), and a non-Actualizing America is an America that, I assure you, will continue its gradual descent and decline into third-world status, and political, social, and even economic incoherence, and eventually, oblivion.



      I possess a strong capacity for problem-solving insight, that is, for seeing transparently, and directly, if not explicitly, through a set or body of circumstances right to the key defining elements or governing dynamic/s. For example, the conflict over 1.) abortion, as well as 2.) injury, including physical and psychological, to African-Americans and other brothers and sisters of brown-hued skin, in the news again with the mass-murder of May 14, 2022 in Buffalo, N.Y., are both resolved by me by simply proffering a slight shift in perspective. Almost a small technical correction in each case.

      Note that I assert that the conflicts over these problems are easily resolved--not the problems, themselves. This resolution of conflict, itself, remains extremely significant, however, as the conflicts, themselves, become problems.

      In the former, abortion, the small technical correction concerns the pro-abortion perspective and argument "It's my body":  the moment that conception occurs a second body is created--and it's not that of the mother. This embryological reality easily invalidates this specious, self-serving argument. In the latter, injury to brown-skinned Brothers and Sisters, especially as conceptualized as part of a systemic structure or pattern of bigotry:  the injury committed against such persons is really not specific to them, but part of the larger pattern of injury of all persons against all persons, as there is no formal and official moral framework or ethic of Love to prevent it. I'm a Caucasian, for example, yet five of the persons who have caused me the most pain in my lifetime are the Italian kid who bullied me in high school, the brainless imbecile who, in fact, continues to terrorize me and my family with loud, polluting, gas-powered landscaping equipment, and the three neighbors, knowing our pain, who continue to employ him, thus making themselves his enablers. All five antagonists are Caucasian, like me.

      The error that my African-American Brothers and Sisters who are "pro-black" fighters and activists make, is maintaining a closed or limited perspective such that they don't realize that the forces of injury in American society are larger than just the ones targeting them, and in fact are part of a larger phenomenon of injury, or as I term it, NonLove, that describes, and informs and facilitates all manner of physical and psychological injury committed by one person or group against another person or group, regardless of ethnicity.

      In fact, the impulse to abortion, ethnic or other bigotry, and mass murder, as seen most recently in Uvalde, Texas with the murder of 20 children and two adults, all have the same root cause:  absence of Love, properly understood. Were Love understood and accepted as a revered American social and political principle as are Democracy and Liberty, and integrated, accordingly, into the Constitutional infrastructure and general social fabric of this nation--none of these insidious, deleterious, and injurious events would likely ever happen, for the behavioral coloration of all citizens would be loving. In the case of abortion, the fetus and embryo would be given the benefit of the doubt in terms of their existential status, and would never be aborted.

      Oh, do you think I erred in citing the death of 20 children in the Uvalde shooting, when all media reports specify 19? Those among you with slightly faster neurons may already understand my arithmetic:  the shooter himself, Salvador Rolando Ramos, at just 18 years old, was clearly a child, too, and is dead--making for 20 children dead from this shooting. The 19 children that Salvador killed were his victims, and he (and they, indirectly) was obviously the victim of the set of circumstances that led him to commit this crime.

      For this same reason, the fact of the obvious child status of Salvador, continuing imbecilic media reports from every organ that refer to him as the "gunman" might want to bounce their journalism off of me, next time, before publication, as Salvador was, at best, the gunboy. As every line of developmental research indicates, there is simply no way that an 18 year old is a "man," in any meaningful sense.

      In fact, this document makes clear just how strong my support for full superiority for the American military is, but one modification we require is raising the age of service to 21 years old--not 18. At least at 21 an average young recruit has perhaps a few toes dipped in adult waters.

      Regarding school shootings and other instances of mass murder you may query:   aren't these killers understood in some cases to suffer mental illness? What of that?

      Yes, in some cases they may suffer mental illness--which condition would likely never had occurred in the first place had they grown up in a truly loving society, as such a society would not have been characterized by man's inhumanity to man in any sphere:  economy, environment, technology, community, or culture. Thus, neglect or cruelty-based injury could not and would not exist, providing, accordingly, infertile soil for the growth of any retribution impulse. Voila'--no school shootings.


      That which we know as the modern world requires love in at least three of its spheres:  1.) democracy, 2.) technology, and 3.) the new global scarcity.

      Let's learn.

      Democracy Requires Love

      The fact of the matter is, the behaviors that fall under the umbrella of Love (properly understood), and thus comprise it, such as tolerance, compassion, empathy, mercy, respect, patience, and cooperation, are precisely the behaviors required for DEMOCRACY to work. The behaviors that are Love are required for Democracy, itself. In other words, LOVE IS REQUIRED FOR DEMOCRACY TO WORK. DEMOCRACY REQUIRES LOVE TO SUCCEED.

      WHICH IS WHY IT'S NOT SUCCEEDING RIGHT NOW in America. Americans have lost their feeling of affinity for, and connection to, each other. In effect, their Love. No Love in a culture--no Democracy, or a failing Democracy.

      Witness the many school, church, and other shootings in America, the unbelievable January 06, 2022 insurrection at the United States Capital, and many other examples of Americans injuring Americans. Even the refusal to wear a mask by many in the early years of the Coronavirus Pandemic can be understood as Americans failing to consider the health and welfare of other Americans.

      In a personal account, my own next-door neighbor and his wife, both young and first-time homeowners, had been tormenting myself and my family with constant jarring vehicle-related noise, presumably inadvertently, and in fact on one occasion a sharp vehicle-related sound appears to have caused my Father, elderly at that time, to actually fall down onto our kitchen floor, the room where the sounds were heard as it is only several feet from the neighbor's driveway. In mentioning this continuing problem to the neighbor he unfortunately did the usual "circle-the-wagons" routine that is so common amongst human beings, and dismissed the idea that the sound his vehicle produced could have been responsible for my Father falling. In fact, I never claimed that the sound was responsible, as I wasn't sure, I simply mentioned the possibility in general support of my complaint about the noise.

      I tried to work through and resolve this problem with my neighbor with nothing, I assure you, but my trademarked grace and respect, but, characteristically, his patience wore thin relatively quickly, and he ultimately pronounced my resolution attempts "harassment," filing a complaint with our city. This resulted in a court-ordered mediation, producing a mandate that neither one of us speak to the other save "Hello, Goodbye."

      Thus, any interaction we might have had, good or bad, for my benefit or his, has been terminated for at least five years now. My Mother, in particular, now 91 years old, has been greatly dispirited by this, as before this occurred she would derive pleasure through occasional interaction with the Mrs. next-door and her young children. All that ended, of course, because of the morally and functionally misguided legal action her husband took, and of course the noise problem was never resolved and continues to this day.

      I note, by the way, that ultimately this neighbor, himself, actually broke the mediation agreement. For a worthy reason, perhaps, but he violated it, nonetheless, implicitly learning, I hope, that poor relations with one's neighbor right-next-door should be avoided at all costs, as issues, large or small, will almost certainly arise periodically on the part of one party or the other, requiring interaction between parties.

      In fact, this ne'er-do-well couple caused a far worse injury to my family that I've described elsewhere in this document, that remains completely unaddressed and unredressed. Conflict, whether between neighbors as just described, or in other forms and between other classes of actors, is taking place all around this nation constantly between neighbors, families, strangers, cities and states, governments, and of course corporations. Instead of everyone loving everyone, everyone is in conflict with everyone, many times at each other's throat. Not only is there no "mutual search for truth," as I advocate and discuss elsewhere in this document, but for many Americans going perhaps a week or two without conflict of some kind, with someone, would be a major achievement.


      OUR DEMOCRACY IS GRADUALLY IMPLODING. BEING EATEN FROM THE INSIDE OUT; AIDED, IT MUST BE SAID, BY OUR FORMER PRESIDENT AND MANY WHO HAVE FOLLOWED HIM. There is little point in a Presidential candidate like me giving you my list of issues and positions without substantively addressing that phenomenon which could actually destroy this country.

      You read it here, first, Brothers & Sisters. Please let everyone know.


      Technology Requires Love

      This is an obvious reality.

      For now, suffice it to say that if you take a good look around you, you'll see myriad examples of people using various technologies to harm others, from both teenagers and adult cyberbullying, to foreign actors hacking various computing systems of other nations or entities such as corporations, including the newest wave of technological blackbag pernicia, ransomware, a heinous form of cyberjacking that holds facilities hostage from hospitals to industrial oil pipelines. Do you really think that as a nation, and a world, we can pass enough laws, and that such a body of law would be obeyed, to extinguish or even significantly attenuate (i.e. weaken, reduce) such behavior?

      Here's one example, ripped from the headlines, as it were, of my own life:   on Thursday, Sept 22, 2022 at 4:37am I found in my email inbox a cyber-blackmail communication (that I should have saved and reprinted here), the second in about a month, stating that if I didn't hand-over $1350 in bitcoin all my alleged personal online private activities would be revealed for all the world to see.

      And this blistering imbecile, this sorely and pathetically misguided brother actually stated, among other logical and moral absurdities, that my delivery of the demanded loot, and his cooperative termination of the threat upon receipt of the loot was (close paraphrase) "...a matter of fairness," and, "to protect involvement with this kind of thing in the future, you should change your passwords often."

      Oh--thanks for the advice, lowlife! What a great guy!

      Obviously I'm not the only person receiving such letters.

      The only real solution to injurious misuse of technology of every kind and scale is the long-term, large-scale adoption of the Love ethic, as only this vehicle or means, only such adoption could and would effect a wholesale shift in the way everyone behaves toward everyone else. "Everyone loving Everyone," a notion that I've used elsewhere in my work, is the only answer, and thus logically what I seek and teach.

      In fact, given the ability of technology to harm and even destroy everyone and everything, the adoption of the new moral code established by Love is an absolute necessity. In other words:  a technological society requires Love.

      I'm pleased to remark that noted Futurist Alvin Toffler in his noted 1984 work Future Shock presented his notion of "High Tech, High Touch." I must review my Toffler to assess the relationship of his concept to mine.

      As every society eventually learns, often the hard way, science must always be tempered and balanced by wisdom. And there is no greater wisdom and foundational social reality than Love, properly understood.


      One of the more pernicious, insidious, and frightening cyber-threats today is that of ransomware, which is software that holds your files or in some cases your equipment, no matter your kind of business, "hostage," that is, the kidnapper won't release your files back to you or unlock your machinery or equipment for use, until you pay the ransom demanded.

      The practical question has arisen as to whether ransom should be paid, as in doing so further ransomware activity is probably encouraged. Alternatively, it is said that in not paying said ransom the damage to a given facility, such as a local hospital, could be severe as operations would likely not resume, even possibly resulting in the closure of the facility.

      So--as a policy, to pay or not pay a ransom?

      Luckily I'm here, running for President, and possessed of the best solution.

      In asking whether ransom should be paid as a matter of policy, we're asking the wrong question. The proper solution to the problem of ransomware is to aggressively determine why our cyber defenses are so weak that they're being penetrated, in the first place. Then, we harden those walls. This is the answer.

      In the meantime we consider each ransomware assault on its own merits, case-by-case, and decide whether to pay.

      Negotiation of the New Global Scarcity Requires Love

      Argument pending--but for now:  What is and will become scarce?

      Simply every valuable resource, Fellow Americans, notably including water, soil, and good weather, the new socio-existential reality driven by climate change.

      Neither as a species nor human family will Humanity fare or negotiate this problem gracefully and well if everyone is at everyone else's throat in pursuit of self-interest narrowly defined, in view of increasingly limited resources. There is little question but that the human race is not getting out of this one alive without Love.

      For now, please acquaint yourself with the work and perspective of Mark Blyth, professor of International Economics and Public Affairs at Brown University.


      In part:  moral suasion and iron-clad logical argumentation from the President on down, including irresistible appeal to self-interest.

      Revival of Rooseveltian fireside chats, with remarks explicitly directed to segments of the American population, including, for example:  gangs and gang members; unemployed Americans; ill Americans; elderly Americans; American children; American teenagers; corporate CEOs; law enforcement personnel; and many others.


    3. It's fair to assert myself as THE NATIONAL SECURITY CANDIDATE, based on the positions you'll read in this document:

      1. Mandatory 3-year military service for all Americans of at least 21 years old. Older or infirm Americans will work non-combatant positions such as service in local recruiting centers.
      2. Restoration of full preparedness to fight minimum two wars on two fronts simultaneously.

      3. Proper levels of military spending overall, and branch-specific.
      4. Full-on commitment to new CyberPreparedness project to meet new and emerging cyberthreats, as, at present, we cannot do so. See elsewhere in this document.

      5. If Russian and associated foreign forces refuse to discontinue cyber-based hacking, disinformation, and other black-bag activities aimed at destabilizing the West and discrediting Democracy, the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, in concert with a broad roster of supporting allies, is going to fully fund and mount an integrated and comprehensive national drive to restore the Reagan-era Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI (a.k.a. the "Star Wars" program). This endeavor and our effort will be akin to that mounted in support of the successful war effort in World War II.

        Let the Russian leadership chew on this for a while.

      6. My status as the first journalist to suggest a Russian or other foreign black-bag disinformation root behind the push for the legalization of dope in America, and a concomitant pledge to fully investigate, and...
      7. Pledge to keep dope strictly illegal and criminalized so as to ensure the acuity and integrity of the American mind, and its physical repository, the brain, without which America continues its slow decline in every sphere, thereby destroying the nation and strengthening those who wish us harm, here and abroad.

      8. In fact, after I shut down the dope industry, the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION is going to create a CyberStaffing recruitment program for all our African-American brothers and sisters who were being treated to an ostensible new life and improved opportunity through the glamorous world of selling drugs. Except this time they won't be engaged in that nefarious activity, but will instead train to apply to the United States CyberDefense Force (USCF) as Forensics techs, programmers, coders, and other high-level positions, countering attempted Russian and other cyber-infiltrations of the United States.

        This is reparations with an attitude, because 1.) it shows respect for our African-American and other brown-skinned Brothers & Sisters, by not turning them into drug dealers, and 2.) gives them the opportunity to do something that is actually meaningful and genuinely beneficial to them, their families (who can now respect and be proud of what they're doing), and the nation.

      9. Seriously investigate additional possible black-bag disinformation campaign by Russian and related forces seeking to destabilize relations between ethnic groups in America, through dissemination in social media and elsewhere of propaganda suggesting that brown-skinned Americans, both male and female, in collusion with sympathetic beige-skinned American females, seek to "breed out" beige-skinned American males, effectively facilitating the genocide of the Caucasian ethnic group. Phenomenon identical or similar to "replacement theory."

      10. As a single heterosexual man with almost no relevant family, I cannot be effectively threatened or blackmailed or my decisions or person held hostage by any foreign power or malign nonstate actor. If this world must lose me in service of this country, so be it.

        Blackmail or something like it over some apparent unknown transgression was one of the distinct and active fears surrounding the former President given his baffling, disturbing, and, I would argue, treasonous obsequiousness toward Vladimir Putin.

      11. THE HAITI-5 PLAN

        Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, has perhaps never been more desperate as it's over-run by criminal gangs, with little functioning legitimate government. The DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION is going to persuade Congress, the American people, and the Haitian people that the solution lies in a nationwide referendum in Haiti, to vote on my proposal to make Haiti a temporary commonwealth of the United States for five years. If approved, this will give the United States the right to manage that nation for this period, embarking upon a full-scale Marshall Plan for Haiti.

        Empire can be built by force, or by a sincere and substantive assistance that engenders the love and loyalty of the target population, which is precisely the benefit that will accrue to the United States because of this plan. We'll have an undying friend and ally in Haiti, strengthening American Empire, and Haiti will shake off the present shackles of its deplorable condition. The plan will also likely provide profit-making opportunities for American companies who will supply the requisite products and services. Whether based, then, on our traditional American Christian (and other) morality, or American national security, part of a renewed global strength, or a fruitful opportunity for American capitalism--everybody wins under my HAITI-5 PLAN.

        The HAITI-5 plan is, in part, my response to a former President who referred to Haiti, El Salvador and some parts of Africa as "sh*thole countries."

      12. As a unique and far-thinking NATIONAL SECURITY CANDIDATE I'm going to restore to full vigor the image of the United States around the world and across the globe, in terms of the two M's that matter:  MILITARY and MORALITY.

    4. I also represent myself as THE QUALITY-OF-LIFE & ENVIRONMENTAL CANDIDATE, given my intense interest in, and singular intent immediately upon election toward, full redress of the one dimension of our physical environment gone completely ignored--NOISE. Only minimal research is required to learn that noise is a phenomenon of catastrophic proportion in America, a problem gone begging for about 34 years, since 1978, when the Quiet Communities Act was passed, yet a problem growing even worse while the Pandemic and other social stresses categorically now require a low-stress quiet physical environment for Americans.

      Americans among workers of all nations work notoriously hard, yet only realize with difficulty the rest and rewards that they deserve, and in fact, need, especially peace and quiet, and the #1 offender and obstacle to said rest, peace, and quiet is NOISE.

      Arguably the first, most egregious, most uniquely injurious generally and specifically, most outrageous, most genuinely unnecessary, and without question most hated noise, leaving a literal trail of bodies in its wake wherever it is used, which at this time in America is everywhere, is that of the so-called "leafblower," and I assure its victims, whom are all of us whether we realize it or not, that the complete elimination (or radical restructure in use and design) of this device, as generally unnecessary as it is pernicious, insidious, and obnoxious, and now also known as a key climate change polluter, is a fait accompli under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION.

      In other words:  once I'm President, your leafblower, and other noise problems, are over. This will be accomplished, insofar as possible, in collaboration with industry partners, and without causing loss of employment.

      In fact, there is a connection, an inverse proportional relationship as powerful and relevant to the possibility of the Actualization of humankind as it is ill-considered and yet-remains beneath our collective aspirational radar:  the connection between permissiveness regarding the unregulated production of noise, and the aspiration and effort of a nation to full actualizing preeminence. Insofar as one exists, the other cannot.

      For example, the fact of the fully legal ubiquity of gas-powered leafblowers in America, destroying the silence or relative silence required for individual and collective pioneering, revolutionary, groundbreaking, or otherwise seminal discovery in physical, or even social science, or in fact any area of human endeavor and discovery, suggests a mediocrity and lack of interest in this nation in Actualization, whether of an individual American, group, or indeed the nation as a whole.

      Parents, your little Haruto, Jamal, Yitzhak, Robert, Giovanni, Lev, or Claude, or Christina, Aisha, Yuki, Katya, or Sarah might be the next Einstein, Da Vinci, Marie Curie, or Thomas Edison, or Van Gogh, Michaelangelo, Mozart, or Beethoven--but you'll never find out if the levels of noise and other distraction, including sugared and other poor-quality food, by the way, continue robbing you and your family of a point of honor, pride, renown, and likely wealth, and the nation (and, indeed, all of humankind) of a precious, valued, inspiring, and perhaps even planet or species-saving resource--by which I refer to our species.

    5. Us!

      What Was I Just Thinking

      For example, about five minutes ago, which would have been 740am, Monday, August 15, 2022, a leafblower began sounding in the vicinity. I was upstairs speaking with my Mother just now when it began. The overwhelming and irritating din produced by this device is unmistakable.

      Had myself, you, one of your kids, or anyone else on planet Earth just begun to entertain a seminal thought, a thought, or perhaps the single thought or argument that could have saved humanity, from climate change, nuclear destruction, or God-Only-Knows what else, that thought or argument would have likely disappeared or been diffused, suddenly, unceremoniously, and thoughtlessly robbed of silence by the aforementioned noise, its required acoustico-physical soil or seedbed, requisite for its germination and growth. In fact, the very information that you're reading right now could have been compromised had the din begun just 10 or 20 minutes earlier, or had I sat down to pen these thoughts 10 or 20 minutes later. Without question, the bane of noise and other distraction is holding humanity, generally, and America, particularly, back in generating vital new discoveries in physical science, and key profundities in social science. This phenomenon clearly reflects and indicates, then, our status as a nation and a people who are not Actualizing.


    6. I additionally represent myself as THE HEALTH, PRO-BRAIN, & ANTI-DRUG CANDIDATE, referring to A.) the catastrophic and almost fully ignored problem of noise, introduced, above, and B.) the problem of what, in my work, I term THE DECLINE OF MIND, that is, the slow deterioration in modern society of that singular entity that is directly, explicitly, solely, and irreplaceably responsible for all that humankind was, is, and would or could ever be, our every advance and achievement across every sphere and discipline:  the human mind, and its physical repository, the human brain.

      Through history, to the present day, the actions of human beings are largely characterized by STUPIDITY. We do the wrong things, and far too much of them, while doing the right things far less frequently, as this doesn't seem to come naturally for us. The sole mechanism, indeed the only thing, period, that may be able to save us is our brain, in its full and proper use. Yet now with the legalization of drugs in America (and elsewhere), in addition to a multitude of other stressors already damaging the brain, we're taking our only hope for salvation, the one variable that could save us, and authorizing its large-scale injury even further.


      The legalization and decriminalization of drugs is clearly one of the stupidest things that we've ever done as Americans. In New Jersey, which recently began legal sales of "recreational" dope, I vigorously nominate Governor Phil Murphy for the 2022 MONUMENTAL MISTAKE AWARD, as he was instrumental in facilitating this laudable, crowning achievement for New Jerseyans and the nation. The Governor recently made it crystal clear, by the way, during his Ask Governor Murphy radio program, that he absolutely does not smoke marijuana, himself (and presumably never has). In other words, Governor Murphy HAS NO UNDERSTANDING OF, NOR FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE WITH, the effects of this (or related) drugs, of what it does and how it does it--yet he saw nothing wrong with aggressively facilitating its legal use for ALMOST NINE MILLION NEW JERSEYANS, plus the national legalization precedent that it helps strengthen.

      Americans, in particular, were they familiar with their own history, would also find the DECLINE OF MIND that all this represents and facilitates a matter of grave concern, as well as a point of national pride, for America, in particular, has always been the beacon of advance and achievement, especially in invention and the physical sciences. We've always been the nation to build "the better mousetrap," and it's no accident that Founding Father Thomas Paine, who, upon visiting America, was so impressed with America, especially the sheer competence of our commerce and our budding commercial center, that he remarked that in America everything simply works.

      This has changed, however, and now with America making her most profound socio-existential mistake, the growing legalization of drugs, that which will destroy all that she was, we must act, or remain content for America as we've known her and as she's always been, to become silent, forever.

      Accordingly, I resolutely declare myself the pro-brain, anti-drug candidate. Upon my election, the entire "cannabis" (read:  dope) industry is going to be SHUT DOWN. PERIOD.

      Fellow Americans, the fact of the matter is:  WE CANNOT EXECUTE ON MY POWERFUL NEW VISION OF AMERICA IF A STONED NATION. If you agree with my new American paradigm of Tough Love, you implicitly and concomitantly agree with my stance on drugs, as my vision requires each and every citizen to Actualize, that is, to be and do the very best of which they are capable, and this is not going to happen with the collective cognitive cave-in, chaos, and crumbling of the individual and collective American mind characteristic of a nation where dope is legal and encouraged.

    7. "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

      -- President Ronald Reagan, at a press conference on August 12th, 1986

    8. My own author and writer. I conceived and wrote every idea at this site. In fact, I wrote every word of this site, and indeed all my 30+ sites. No Trumpian Art of the Deal ghost-writing, here.

    9. My own guinea pig. There are any number of scientists, including Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine, who used themselves as test subjects--now, myself included. As you read through my Competence, Functionality, & Actualization Weblog you'll see, and perhaps be struck by the open vulnerability that I assign myself, making the detail of my life both routine and congratulatory, prosaic and intimate, available for all the world to see. While most people elect reflexively to hide their failures, vulnerabilities, and personal vicissitudes, I openly seed my work with mine in the many presented anecdotes and accounts of personal interactions and experiences with family members and others from around the corner, to around the world.

      Indeed, Fellow Americans, the world is my laboratory.

      I make myself vulnerable in this manner because it's essential to the kind of work in social science that I've been doing, creating and building what I term The New Science Of Agape, deconstructing the extremes of human behavior from the very bad, of note as that which we must understand and eschew, to the very good, of note as that which we must understand and reproduce. Said deconstructia began well-before my exploratory run for the Presidency, comprising the raw material for my under-development volume NEIGHBORS OF DEATH.

      What, then, do we call someone who, in service to Humanity, deliberately reveals that which most people elect to hide?

      In this case, if Humanity, and America, herself, is lucky we call them Mr. President. Vincent Frank De Benedetto, writer, philosopher, Teacher, long-time caregiver of two parents, and, now, if elected, of one nation and perhaps, indirectly, one planet.

    10. As a mature, intelligent, and articulate male, I'm afraid that, like, I don't pepper my speech with, like, the grammatically chameleon-like part-of-speech "like." In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to ever hear this term from me, improperly used. See my Competence & Functionality Blog for more on this exasperating and pathetic linguistic phenomenon.

      Unless you're attempting to channel your inner 12-year-old, I urge all adults--and everyone else--to refrain from such yammering, transparently juvenile speech.

      Nor will you ever hear me engage in the analogue or counterpart phenomenon to the "like" phenomenon:  starting my sentences with "so," nor hear me giving "shout-outs." Sorry--sloppy, hence poor English, and simply not my style. As a writer I'm very sensitive to language. Indeed does the character V in the film V for Vendetta correctly assert:

      "...while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth."


    As you begin, then continue to acquaint yourself with me, I hope you find my explicit honesty in all things refreshing, gratifying, respectful, and confidence-and-trust-inspiring. I'm not a politician. I'm a writer and political philosopher, interested in one thing above all, as every philosopher should be:  TRUTH.

    In fact, I assert that all social processes in a healthy society should comprise a "Mutual Search for Truth," and under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION we'll come as close to this ideal as any nation ever could.

    I am the candidate for very smart people--of whom I'm sure you are one.

    I am the candidate for very moral people--of whom I'm sure you are one.

    I am the candidate for truth-seeking people--of whom I'm sure you are one.

    Most broadly, and in largest terms, Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters, I'm a Teacher.

    Let me teach you. And Please, each of you, teach me.


    . . . . .

    George Washington


    If you are:

    1. A young person

    2. A first-time voter

    3. One inexperienced in political matters ("one" means, a person)

    4. One inexperienced in negotiating ideas, that is, coming to understand them

    5. One inexperienced in reading high-level material, that is, information written by very educated people, who know a lot, and are very skilled in conveying (i.e. communicating) it.

    If you are any of the above, you may come off this website thinking, "I barely understand a thing this guy is talking about."

    This would actually be good. It would suggest that you have a lot to learn, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just get moving, and start learning! And as you'll see, I'm going to do everything that I can to assist you--which is, in part, why I describe my candidacy as a learning candidacy.

    I'm going to teach you, and you're going to teach me, and we're all going to teach, and learn from, each other. This will strengthen us individually, and as a nation.

    Regarding your understanding of the content at this Internet resource,  simply take it a page, a paragraph, a sentence, a phrase (i.e. part of a sentence), or even a word at a time. Proceed slowly and carefully, and consult other learning materials including a dictionary, as required. I have full faith in each of you to slowly begin to understand the material, here. I present a lot of information about military and national security matters, here, and in fact my work in this area was cited-and-quoted by the New York Times just after 9-11. You do want a fully secure nation, do you not?

    Think about it--do you really want a President who is not far smarter, more knowledgable, and more experienced than you?


    1. REFRESH PAGE - Please refresh this page each time you visit, before reading, as it has likely (i.e. probably) changed since your last visit. Refresh it right now. Windows, F5. Mac, CTRL-R.

    2. MY IDEAS - I am Vincent Frank De Benedetto, 2024 candidate for President. I wrote every word of this website, and originated (i.e. was the source of) every idea, here, unless otherwise noted.

    3. LEARNING CANDIDACY - Attention Teachers, Business Leaders, and Fellow Americans:  I declare my candidacy a learning candidacy, intended to help each other learn, Americans learning from Americans:  you from me, me from you, you from each other, every person learning from every other person, essentially turning the entire nation into a dynamic learning space. I'm referring to a pedagogical template or overlay for casual or extracurricular education, to supplement or complement established mechanisms for learning such as conventional networks of public and private schools and school systems.

      For example, throughout this web page and indeed much of my other writing you'll encounter the letters "i.e." This means "that is," or "in other words," providing a quick definition of a word that I've used. Speaking to students and others, this learning technique helps you so that you, 1.) you understand what you are reading, and 2.) you learn new words, which is critical if you wish to remain, or become, an educated person. And it helps me maintain my vocabulary by using the words that I know.

      Everybody wins.

      Additionally, I am versed (i.e. knowledgable) in language, and, in fact, have begun coining (i.e. thinking up or creating) a body or grouping of my own words, with definitions. This makes me a neologist, one who creates new words.

      In support of my Learning Candidacy, I'm calling on educators of every level and stripe, early childhood, elementary, middle, high school, and postsecondary, as well as various business and non-profit environments, including community leaders and organizations, and indeed simply any American who feels they have something to teach, to those who wish to learn, to breathe life into this policy, brainstorming and implementing any and all infrastructure, mechanisms, and programs for learning.

      This All-Teach-All paradigm is congruent with, and can be seen as part of, my Actualization model, especially regarding the human mind and its physical repository, the brain:  from the mind we will subtract nonproductive or diversionary pursuits such as use of drugs and excessive smartphone use, and add knowledge and other elements that productively and healthily build body and mind, and in doing so en masse--the nation.

      Additionally, as Americans introduce themselves to one another in a Learning context, the nation will genuinely start to become acquainted with itself, and old political and other divisions and separations will likely fall away or fade. And in the increasing cohesion and bond that will form among all or most Americans, we'll be concomitantly achieving one of the critical objectives needed to fully reinvigorate the national defense:  forging ourselves into a unified and cohesive nationwide military fighting force.


    4. Shift the entire nation into a desperately-needed overdrive in re-establishing dominance in markets including cars, consumer, and green; defense; technology; security; space; well-being and quality-of-life, and other key spheres.

    5. Foster personal growth and achievement of personal and career objectives, through establishment of an enhanced personal knowledgebase and skill set, helpful to Americans of every age.

    Presidential Pedagogy Program

    Or simply Presidential Pedagogy/P2

    Our valued American teachers obviously also have a critical role to play. I'd like every teacher, at all grade levels save perhaps the lowest, to ensure that they and their students view all my Presidential broadcasts, especially those specifically intended, in part, to facilitate learning, such as my Presidential Pedagogy learning sessions (described below). After the broadcast, I'd like you, the teacher, and your students to review the vocabulary terms (i.e. words) that I (and others) had used during the broadcast.

    I assure you that they'll be words that every educated young American should know; it's likely that you may have taught or reviewed some of the terms with your students, already. In such cases our use of these words and your post facto review will simply reinforce your excellent work.

    Learn with the President

    As President my mandate will be to learn as much as I can about any and every subject that bears upon my presiding as a competent national leader, and ensuring that the members of my Administration and their respective Teams Actualize in their own jobs, as well (perform to their utmost capacity). I therefore intend to hold an ongoing series of televised Presidential Learning Sessions with a panel of participants expert in a given area, many of these areas to be very specific. I expect all sessions to be highly informational and deeply interesting, and indeed some will be especially exciting as they include all past living Presidents. I'd like the American people, especially children, to view these sessions; I queried myself:  "Why should I be the only person to benefit from this series of high-level "crash courses," presenting a range of information important, if not vital, to the entire American people?"

    ELEVATING YOU - While on the subject of words, be apprised (i.e. informed, told) that my candidacy, and indeed Presidency, is and will be rooted in the positive and salutary (i.e. good for us) realities, perhaps in good measure just objectives, so far, in American society, represented by words such as:

    • Honor

    • Character:  Young people, go ask your Grandfather or Great-Grandfather what it means to be a person of good character, or simply, character.

    • Love

    • Brotherhood & Sisterhood

    • Solicitude (care or concern)

    • Loyalty

    • Patriotism

    • Respect

    • Sensitivity

    • Courage


    . . . . .

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    STUDY THIS SITE - To young people, others of shorter or incomplete life-experience, or those deliberately in a learning mode:  to gain full advantage of the content of this website, and in some good measure to understand it, at all, you'll probably have, not merely to read it, but to actually study it. Learn now that this is not uncommon if you're reading the work or thoughts of someone extremely intelligent or knowledgable.

    I suggest that you read this entire site at least three times. Don't even click any links for these initial reads. Then, start digging in and actually studying the site. Start clicking links, reading further, and thinking. For many of you, the perspectives and principals will start to really come alive after, perhaps, a year, but the journey, I assure you, will be an enriching and enthralling (i.e. extremely and deeply exciting) one.

    And thankfully, Fellow Americans and Brothers and Sisters, we have three years until the next Presidential election, plenty-of-time to get to know each other!

    Take the time to study the content at this site, and you will not merely begin to properly understand whom to vote for, and why, but you will begin to greatly increase your own level of knowledge about the world, and in so doing, by the way--about yourself. Whom you really are, or want to be. For how can you know who to be, whom to become, if you don't know what options the world holds for you? And how can you know what options the world holds for you, if you know nothing of the world? Acquainting yourself with my work, much of which is either summarized or otherwise presented, here, or linked to from here, will comprise* the start of this process, for you.

    Good luck!

    (*comprise, verb:  constitute, make-up, be, be made up of)

    SITE UNDER DEVELOPMENT - I am a thinking human, writing this site in real time and continually and dynamically thinking it through as I go. So you will likely find some material in some sections under construction, or thoughts not fully formed, or penned (i.e. written), yet.

    This is clearly not the first-time that I've thought about most of the ideas and issues presented here:  I'm a writer and philosopher, cited-and-quoted by the New York Times in 2003, just after 9-11, and I've been thinking and writing about many of these issues for a long time.

    So if something, here, a section, an idea, somehow seems incomplete, it may be. Please bear with me! Come back a few days or a week later and that section or that thought will likely be finished, or at least more complete.

    READ OVER AND OVER - An important factor that we both must consider in reading this website is how it's generally written, and what I'm writing about. Many people are simply not used to reading. And they are definitely not used to reading the way that I write. That is, in a fairly sophisticated (i.e. not simple) way, using my full command of language. If you're comfortable reading an organ (i.e. publication) like, say, The New York Times, you shouldn't have too much trouble reading my work.

    And as you continue to slowly acquaint (i.e. learn about) yourself with my writing, an interesting and amazing thing will start to happen:  you'll find yourself getting better and better at understanding sophisticated and elegant writing on important topics. In other words, your mind will start improving--and in this, you will, in other words, be "Actualizing," (ak' shoo ull eye' zing) that is, becoming closer to the best person that you can be.

    (You'll read about Actualizing and Actualization, below.)

    For my part, I'm writing my content, here, to be as comprehensible (i.e. understandable) as I can. For your part, I want you to read this material over, once, in its entirety (i.e. completely, all of it). Then take a second read, and a third, allowing the ideas to slowly become more clear to you. Or--and this can happen, too--upon further reads the ideas could actually become less clear to you! Things might seem even more confusing upon your third or fourth read. This happens sometimes but is simply part of the learning process. Don't run from it; stay with it and continue stretching those mental muscles.

    I am completely amenable (i.e. open to the idea) of accepting your email messages, telephone calls, and even in-person conversations to help you understand my ideas--and BTW, for me to hear yours.

    Brothers and Sisters, I want to hear YOUR ideas! Perhaps what is going right, or wrong, in your life, and what we can do about it, with, of course, implications for our larger American national community, as we're all suffering from the same basic set of problems. Addressing your problem also means helping someone else who has the same, or a similar, problem.

    NOTE TO LOCAL NEIGHBORS.  It is difficult to engage in the complex, unwieldy, and difficult endeavor of seriously running for President of the United States with present neighborhood levels of noise and other distractions. Principal offenders are gas-powered leafblowers and lawnmowers, especially large commercial units.

    Additionally, it is obviously also more difficult to engage in the extensive thinking and research required to continue to fashion the powerful ideas and accompanying programs and policies that would make a De Benedetto Presidency desirable and worthwhile in the first place.

    Moreover, and critically, the devastating new report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations climate science research group, makes it abundantly clear that climate change is real, is human-caused, is and will continue to cause abnormal and often deadly weather patterns, and is coming faster than we thought. Therefore, and this is now candidate De Benedetto speaking:  all unnecessary devices and technologies that contribute to climate change must, and under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will, be eliminated, and the so-called leafblower is #1 on my personal, professional, and, should I win the Presidency, Executive hit list. This largely unnecessary device causes serious injury of many kinds to both people, and planet. Now suffering Tinnitus, an incurable hearing-related malady caused in whole or part by the misguided sonic ministrations of local landscapers, enabled by neighbors lacking adequate native intelligence, moral education, or both, I can personally provide powerful testimony to the injurious nature of this device.

    My mantra (i.e. word or phrase said repeatedly to provide focus), my mantra (pron. mon' chruh) in these matters, for homeowner and landscaper, alike, has been, and remains that of time-tested tools:  rake, broom, shovel, bucket, gloves, and reel mower. If you elect to do the work yourself, it makes for a wholesome weekend family activity!

    Tone It Down

    Helping Me is Helping Yourself

    Not that such narcissism is why you should help another human being.

    If you'd like:  1.) to see someone from right within your community run for, and possibly win, the Presidency of the United States, thereby putting this town on the map in a way, and on a scale, never seen, 2.) you and your own family to benefit from the unique, powerful, and innovative ideas that will begin to influence policy, and thus your own lives, directly, in the United States were I elected, or 3.) you are a kind, moral, and/or simply reasonable person who would like to help relieve me and my family of our longstanding physical and psychological pain and injury caused by the ceaseless and interminable (i.e. never-ending) din (i.e. noise) present in this neighborhood (some of it likely produced by you in the first place):  please completely refrain from generating, and permitting generation of, all noise, especially the kinds cited, above.

    I also request that the entire parking area in front of my house remain clear at all times, in deference to our vehicle. I'm 1.) presently engaged in brutally difficult and time-destroying round-the-clock caregiving, as well as 2.) suffering a sibling of evidently severely compromised cognition, and must continually come-and-go, and thus require easy and immediate all-hour access to that parking area.

    Please also stop the flow of trash onto our property, thus projecting our sloveniless and neglect, when in fact all detritus found on our front lawn and driveway is and always has been yours--not ours.

    We do apologize for being two-seasons dilatory (i.e. late) in our property maintenance as regards control of vegetation.

    Thank you.

    Contractor Assistance

    My Family and the De Benedetto Campaign are putting out a general call to contractors including landscape, electrical, plumbing, roofing, mason & building, fencing, and others to perform work required at Campaign Headquarters that you'll provide gratis (i.e. without charge), in support of my 2024 Presidential Campaign.


    Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters:  if you can find another 2024 candidate for President with a...

    1. Stronger intellect

    2. Better facility in language

    3. Deeper commitment to the moral elevation of this nation (the first key plank in my platform)

    4. Deeper commitment to the functional elevation or improvement of this nation (the second key plank in my platform)

    5. Deeper commitment to, and advocacy for, the promulgation and formal adoption of Love (properly understood) across our citizenry, which is what will make #3, above, possible, as Love and the recognition of its necessity is the very basis for the successful moral elevation of the nation, and

    6. Ready and continuing generation of a complex of plentiful, plausible, powerful, and indeed critical inter-and-intra-disciplinary ideas meant to benefit America, and, reasonably extrapolating, the world all means vote for them!

    And then apprise me of this political, social, and economic polymath, so I can vote for them, too!

    Barring that, please join THE DeBENEDETTO CAMPAIGN and let's get moving and win this election!


    As candidate for President, I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear. But I will tell you what you must hear, if you, your family, your state, and your nation (and the world, which often emulates, or imitates, America) is to be given the best chance for happiness, in the complex, difficult, and often disturbing world of today.

    Pandemic, terror (i.e. terrorism), 9-11, climate change, George Floyd, cyberhacking, foreign interference in U.S. elections, ransomware, rising suicide rates among both teens and middle-aged persons, loneliness, low wages, bigotry (i.e. racism) against African-Americans and now even Asians, the recent murder of Gabby Petito, too many families going without a mom or dad, hunger, poverty, mental illness...where does it all end?

    And how about a set of problems that may, indeed, affect America greatly, but which are presently known to far fewer people, such as the imminent global water shortage crisis? Can you believe nations going to war over access to water?

    In fact, writes:  "According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the water crisis is the #5 global risk in terms of impact to society."

    Fellow-Americans, Brothers & Sisters:  is there a root cause for all of this, or many different causes? Maybe just some kind of crazy, or very unusual, period in American and world history?

    I believe that I have the answers.


    1. HONESTY.  TRUE TO MYSELF: I'm 61 years old. I've lived a long time, and my personality and value system is formed. I can be nothing other than precisely who I am. What you see, hear, and experience now, during my campaign, is what you'll get were I President, allowing, of course, for growth on-the-job.

    2. REALITY.  REAL LIFE: No fantasies, illusions, deceptions, or pie-in-the-sky perspectives. I will talk about, and govern, from the standpoint of real life, the real life that we're all attempting to negotiate, with all its bumps, bruises, problems, and challenges, perhaps especially for young people.

    3. PEDAGOGY.  LEARNING: (i.e. education; learning. pron. PED uh goh gee). America is to become a learning nation. 1.) I personally as President will implicitly teach language and conceptualization in the way I present myself to the public, 2.) we will take every opportunity teach each other, while ensuring that the information that we convey, if fact-related, is actually fact, and 3.) critically, we will teach and acquaint young people with the history of America, their own country.

      Little tolerance will exist for explicitly ego-or-commercially-driven dissemination of information that is obviously specious, bigoted, or otherwise lacking integrity, as is commonly broadcast from radio talk-shows of every political stripe.


    In my book draft LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD I use the term (i.e. the word) "Inactualized," (pron. in AK shuw ul eye' zd) as in:  the problem with the United States, and the world, is that they are morally and functionally Inactualized. But for our purposes I'm going to express this idea a little more simply, using simpler language.

    To "actualize" simply means to be the best that you are capable of being. Look it up in your psychology textbook. This idea can pertain to an individual, group, company, or country.

    The term Inactualized can also be represented in writing or speech as "non-actualized." "In" means "non."

    In short, Inactualized means not actualized. Not the best that you, or your team, or your company, or your community, or your state, or your country, can be.

    Becoming Actualized, or not becoming or remaining Inactualized is a key concept in my work in social science.

    The problem is that American (and global) society is rife with the functional mistakes that comprise (i.e. make up) Inactualization:  these mistakes appear in every form, kind, and severity, making the simple living-of-life inordinately difficult, complex, and, in fact, dangerous for all of us.

    The Real Cause of Death

    Having the power of the Philosopher, I can tell each of you, in general terms, how you're going to die.

    In fact, I've already told you, above.

    Inactualization is the root cause of death, whether the proximate (i.e. immediate) cause is cancer, heart attack, automobile accident, falling down the stairs, murder, drug overdose, gunshot, animal attack, or anything else. Because persons and systems remain Inactualized, they engage in behaviors, or permit or even encourage others to engage in behaviors that inevitably lead to injury, and then death, and sometimes simply death, itself, immediately.

    Every death of every human being, through the ages to the present, save those genuinely occurring from "old age" or inescapable natural disaster, is an example of this.


    I am certainly Inactualized. My campaign for President is Inactualized. Meaning, neither are yet the best they can be.

    I'm looking for your gracious, loving, and knowledgeable support and help in improving both!


    deficit, (DEF ih sit) noun:  shortage or lack.

    There are two root causes of just about every problem humankind (i.e. every human being) has, and this, of course, includes America. These two deficits that drive and generate our entire host of problems are MORAL INADEQUACY and FUNCTIONAL INADEQUACY.


    JUNE 02, 2022

    Consider the shooting of June 01, 2022, at the Tulsa Medical Center in which 5 persons were killed, occurring right on the heels of the mass-shooting in Uvalde, Texas in which 20 children and 2 adults were killed, itself occurring on the heels of the May 14, 2022 Buffalo, N.Y. shooting at the Tops Friendly Market in which ten people died with three injured, this tripartite (i.e. three-part) body of crime itself subsequent to (i.e. following, coming after) a troubling previous body of mass-murder incidents including the June 2015 shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, in which nine African-Americans were killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the infamous April 20, 1999 Columbine incident leaving 12 students and one teacher dead, and the two killers, the December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting resulting in the death of 20 children and 6 adults, and the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead.

    And lest we think that American adults escape the taint of this pathology, consider the January 06, 2021 at the United States Capital building, unprecedented in modern times, evidently egged on by then-President of the United States Donald J. Trump, preceded by the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995 that destroyed the large Alfred P. Murrah Federal building.

    This categorically disturbing body of murder and mayhem, all of it, simply the tip of iceberg, corroborates my identification, below, of an inadequate or even missing foundational morality in America as a key problem, as said deficit eviscerates and renders impotent not merely the core behavioral dynamic of all human relationships in this country, but that which requires a foundational morality--democracy, itself. Hence does this deficit and it's redress necessarily form the first plank in my Presidential platform.

    Upon such barren social soil the beautiful tree of democracy cannot and will not grow and thrive, and where the tree once did stand and was strong, will wither.

    Fellows, witness the withering of American democracy and the dissolution of American Society right before our very eyes. Sadly, though instructively, we even have a United States gubernatorial candidate charged with deep participation in the aforementioned insurrection. And now, August 2022, news reports indicate that right-wing, evidently Trump-associated or at least Trump-inspired fanatics are actually threatening U.S. law enforcement personnel.

    Rest easy and assured, however, Fellow Americans, as such ne'er-do-wells, under a DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, will, upon conviction, likely spend a period of time on the White House lawn restrained in a pillory. To such persons I assert:  don't think that you will defame, deface, or derogate the United States of America with impunity on my watch. You won't.

    Its outward wealth or other signs of apparent progress notwithstanding, a society (such as America) predicated economically on profit, not people, and socially on the egoistic self, again, not people, simply cannot sustain itself, as it will 1.) fail to properly address and fill the innate human needs of its citizens, and 2.) fall to the chaos and disorder characteristic of any large-scale social or other failing system. Such a society will become diseased, and eventually this cancer must grow so large, must metastasize so fully, that all systems of the physical, or indeed, social, body will degrade and deteriorate, and do so in a glaring and relatively unmistakable manner. All the aforementioned violence in America, and indeed every form of superfluous (i.e. unnecessary) conflict, here, is this cancer.

    Those Americans, such as the January 06, 2021 traitors and those who did and do support them, profligately indulging their likely artificially-generated antipathies toward Americans of Liberal, Centrist, and even Republican or Conservative belief, witness the unbelievable calls to "hang Mike Pence," a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative, as well as young people yet devoid of political and social experience and education, must learn an utterly critical lesson, one that no less a light of Conservative politics than former President Ronald Reagan knew and trumpeted:

    In this country we have a gem. A Jewel. A shining city on a hill, in the rhetoric of President Reagan. A thing of unparalleled value and beauty. Learn this, and act to shine this object, to further coax forth its gleaming shimmer--not to dull, cloud, or even shatter it.

    As Seraph from The Matrix:  let us "...protect that which matters most."

    End Special Update.


    The fact is, there are two root causes of just about every problem humankind (i.e. every human being) has. The two deficits that drive and generate our entire host of problems, are:


      This has to do with how people treat each other, and themselves. People refers to individuals, and groups of individuals such as communities, companies, and nations.

      There are thousands and thousands of examples, large and small, of moral inadequacy (including the body of mass-murder cited, described, and discussed, above). Here's one quick-and-dirty (i.e. fast, possibly somewhat imprecise) relatively small example:  at the end of a telephone call, if you're courteous, you'll say "Goodbye" before hanging up. But have you noticed that many people simply hang up without saying "Goodbye"? They just--hang up. To me, it almost feels like a small slap-in-the-face (In fact, it can even be considered what is now termed a "microaggression").

      Another example can be proffered by the activity at this moment on my block, next-door, Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 2:31pm. My next-door-neighbors, an orthodox Jewish couple, are evidently having their sidewalk replaced, and a young man has been breaking up their old sidewalk with a jackhammer since about 12:30 pm. That's two full hours of almost constant noise. Is this the loudest jackhammer that I've ever heard? No. Is it irritating and an impediment to normal living, nonetheless? Yes.

      Would it have been considerate of them to have notified us that this work would be taking place, especially since I'm caregiving a 90yo, ill woman mere feet from the work, which they are aware of? Obviously.

      I'm not necessarily blaming these individuals. The larger problem is lack of moral training or education. This failing is what I cite and present as the basis for Plank #1 in my Presidential platform, and what we'll begin to address under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION.

      The above are small, but significant examples. However, our lack of morality, in many other cases, is far more significant. For example, what of the recent murder of 22-year-old Gabby Petito? This is another example of what our lack of morality brings. Two sets of examples, very different in kind and consequence, but, examined deeply, having the same root cause:  lack of consideration and concern for others. As consideration and concern are both expressions, subsets, or more simply put, examples of Love, these examples clearly display lack of Love, Properly Understood.

      What's Love Got to Do With It

      Some may wonder what Love, of all things, has to do with anything relevant to the progress, future, and fortunes of America, or for that matter, any nation. Those who are politically savvy, however, or even simply well-informed about present-day national and international events, not to mention those with a knowledge of the deepest and most important teachings of just about every religious leader and great teacher through history, understand with a knowing smile precisely the wisdom, and in the present age of technical and moral complication, actual necessity of citing Love as a critical national requirement that must be properly understood, and employed.

      We've deployed technical weapons such as bombs to powerful effect. Now let us deploy the equally powerful moral weapon LOVE, Properly Understood, to equally powerful effect. Do you scoff at this notion, especially if conservative? Then you don't know your own American history, Conservative or general, for no less a Conservative leader than former President Reagan formulated and acted upon the policy of linkage, whereby American recognition of, or assistance to, nations was explicitly linked, that is, based upon, their human rights and other morally-rooted records of progress.

      Besides the powerful and relevant examples of conflict and divison in America, above, it's not news to report that a powerful, perhaps permanent schism between persons of what are seen as competing political viewpoints has taken root in America:  how deep this root will grow depends on us. This increasingly deeply-rooted toxic plant is clearly seen, for example, in phenomena such as the near-categorical inability of even persons in Congress to work together, including now even the Senate, the U.S. institution Constitutionally-engineered and historically shielded from such pointed conflict and even vitriol. According to the Feb. 12, 2022 edition of The Guardian:  "The 116th Congress, which was in session from 2019 to 2021, was one of the least productive in US history." The disturbing depth of root of this toxic plant is made perhaps most explicit in the unprecedented organized insurrection against the United States that occurred on January 06, 2021, the most explicit latter-day indication that a violent, criminally-oriented anti-government consciousness has grown substantially in America--and I'm not even talking about foreign-inspired terror, but homegrown domestic terror, disloyalty, and criminality.

      While some of the participants or defenders of that attack may try to justify, and characterize, it as informed by love of country, an assertion more-or-less specious and ridiculous on its face, as you don't display love for your country by attacking your country, that action in broader philosophical terms was obviously defined by this writer as nothing but the social phenomenon of what I term NonLove (©2022 VFD), that I define as:  that which is left or remains when all goodness is exhausted or segregated, the moral dark matter of the social universe. Any principle or action that is not Love is NonLove.

      The America, for example, of the World War II years, when everyone pulled together in common purpose, would never have spawned the grossly-misguided American evident at the U.S. Capital on January 06, 2021:  disloyal, aggressive if not violent, obviously hostile to both the U.S. Constitution and Courts, and indeed prone to actual criminality, which is what the physical break-in and associated acts constituted.

      Under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, the ringleader of that act of outrage and infamy would have risked his neck, literally, as U.S. law still permits traitors to be executed.

      JULY 04, 2022 UPDATE


      Yet ANOTHER mass-murder incident occurring in America is being reported today:   a 22-year-old man evidently shot and killed six people, and wounded many others, in Highland Park, Illinois. This makes, by my casual count, the fourth such incident within a period of about a month, this neat quadrangle of mass-murder constituting just the very tip of that most bloody of icebergs that America continues to devolve into.

      Does anyone still dare doubt the power and reality of my thesis, also comprising the very first plank in my Presidential Platform, that we must restore or create anew an America based on, or substantively informed, by, Love, properly understood, before any improvement, enhancement, or positive project of any kind, in any sphere, quarter, or milieu of American life can proceed?

      De Benedetto's Law

      Regardless of governmental form, that is, the particular mode of social organization of a society such as liberal democracy, oligarchy, etc., De Benedetto's Law (© 2022 VFD) states:

      In the absence of a species-wide moral code such as Love, the psycho-socio-behavioral phenomenon of nonLove will intrude, increasing in escalating fashion in direct proportion to the absence of Love. Nature and morality both abhor a vacuum so insofar as the phenomenon of Love is absent, its opposite nonLove will fill the given social space, much as dark matter fills every square inch of space in the universe unoccupied by something else.

      As a shorthand, the psycho-socio-behavioral phenomenon of nonLove can simply be referred to as "the social phenomenon of nonLove."

      My concept of NonLove is first introduced, and more fully treated, in my Magnum Opus under-development LOVE:  THE MOST POWERFUL SOCIAL FORCE AVAILABLE TO HUMANKIND.

      America the Violent

      And what of the regular acts of mass murder that pepper our news broadcasts, such as, most recently, the Tops Friendly Market murder resulting in 10 dead, itself coming on the heels of the June 2015 shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, in which nine African Americans were killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, 21 year old Dylann Roof having been arrested and convicted of this crime.

      Such major acts of violence simply burnish and drive home the point that Americans (and human beings, generally) remain completely alienated from each other, each existing in their own world, all worlds, however, underwritten by the force of NonLove, defined, above, that ethic fully and categorically opposite, opposed, and existing counterpoint to that of Love, which is a foundational problem that has already started to erode American democracy, as the next section will explain.

      It Gets Worse

      Students and the general public are likely familiar with the American Civil War. One singular, catastrophic intranational battle that ripped this country apart--and almost ended it. Who, however, says that with this single civil war we've reached our ceiling? Our limit? Another is certainly possible and if the emotional and ideological differences among Americans become any greater--we may just see it.

      Then, American and other history textbooks will refer to the American Civil Wars.

      Does this work for you?

      If not, I suggest that you start adopting and displaying personal virtues such as compassion and empathy toward your fellow Americans, all of them, leading to greater cooperation. Don't want to wear a mask? Wear it anyway to help protect your brothers and sisters in our human family, your Fellow Americans, or to make them feel that they're protected, and that you've got their back. Conservative? Act with care, concern, and cooperation with Liberals. Liberal? Act with care, concern, and cooperation with Conservatives. And so on.

      There are countless ways that we can show a cooperative spirit toward others, to bring we Americans back together. It's what we're capable of, it's what we used to have, and it's far better than the train wreck that relations between Americans is becoming in this country--a train wreck that our enemies are only too happy to watch and take advantage of.

      Love Prerequisite for Democracy

      In other words, the behaviors that comprise, and fall under the heading of, Love are a prerequisite for Democracy.

      Surfacing just a few days ago is the news that some American so-called Conservatives are questioning whether democracy, itself, is compatible with freedom. The emergence of this phenomenon while Vladimir Putin has been hard at work for years now attempting to undermine the notion of democracy--a task made all the easier given the chaos that American democracy seems to have degenerated into and is now seen by many to represent.

      Implicit in all this is the reality of the 900-lb. gorilla in the room, the Emperor with no clothes that this writer and Presidential candidate, nearly alone, appears to perceive and understand:  LOVE IS REQUIRED FOR DEMOCRACY TO WORK.

      This assertion becomes instantly comprehensible upon receipt of understanding of the proper definition of Love, a rubric informed by action:

      Agape, the principle of love, commonly referred to as "brotherly love," the "love ethic," or sometimes "universal love," as I define it, is the active consideration of, and acting upon, the interests of other people, all people, in more-or-less the same proportion as you consider (and usually act upon) your own interests.

      Agape is not a romantic or otherwise emotional form of love that we "fall into," but a generalized, unconditional love we practice toward everyone, a form that actually requires a commitment of will. Strictly speaking, in fact, the practice of Agape need not require any emotion or sentiment, at all. As a practical matter, however, in our present society it is unlikely that we would distribute our time, energy, and money to others in approximate proportion to that which we expend it on ourselves if we did not feel care and concern.

      (It is possible that in a future society where Agape is formally and officially taught and reinforced from birth to death, its practice could become rote and devoid of care and concern. However, the new society will preclude this possibility if it teaches Agape in its fullness, including teaching the desirability of care and concern, at once rooted in and reflecting our status as brothers and sisters in one human family.)

      Our Agape praxis (i.e. practice) is to be active, meaning we must remain continuously alert to the needs of those around us and volunteer to act on those needs to the best of our ability, approaching the "needer" without waiting for them to approach us. In large measure because of this active, or in the parlance of the day "pro-active" form of love we espouse, the love paradigm I espouse can be said to constitute the theory and practice of "radical love."

      Revered and desirable values and behaviors rooted in the love ethic include compassion, empathy, patience, tolerance, understanding, courtesy, sensitivity, a general open-mindedness, cooperation, solicitude, respect, honesty, the impulse to help people and alleviate suffering, and all basic conceptions of "human rights." All good springs from love, all bad from its opposites. Under-appreciated and under-utilized, it is arguably the most powerful social force available to humankind.

      We do see acts of love occurring in our society, but as philosopher and social psychologist Erich Fromm points out above, and elsewhere, these acts usually occur randomly and sporadically, by single individuals, not by large numbers of people in any systematic way. This is because love of our neighbor (and ourselves) is only weakly and inconsistently encouraged, and more importantly, not a formal part of the actual written rules of our social and economic system.

      Democracy requires trust, cooperation, and a cooperative spirit--each of which a function, expression, or subset of the rubric Love. Where good human relationships do not exist, neither can democracy.

      In other words, then:  the De Benedetto Presidential Platform stands alone as that which understands and presents the key, LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD, to literally saving American democracy (and with it, global democracy).

      No More Painting by Numbers

      To build connection between Americans, my Administration is going to strongly encourage Americans of every political stripe, especially those with a Liberal orientation who tend to display these patterns, to cease patterns that continually reinforce division and separation, and throw up roadblocks to creation of the consciousness of our unity as Americans, and ultimately as human beings.

      Such patterns include:

      1. Use of the dividing, and inaccurate, phrase "of color."

      2. Use of terms that build on the basal ganglia (i.e. lizard-brain) perceptia (i.e. plural of perception) of human beings, such as "black" and "white."

      I no longer want Americans resorting to superficial templates to perceive and conceptualize other human beings. And I think that I'm in good company, as a good friend of mine told us:

      "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

      Indeed, "black" and "white" as shorthand for Negro and Caucasian aren't even accurate, as Negroes are not black and Caucasians are not white! Such primitive shorthand is OUT under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION. Let us take our cue from Dr. King and CEASE making "color of their skin" our socio-conceptual focal point and referent.

      I'm interested in content of character and little else.

      Which is why, by the way, the notion that encouraging our African-American Brothers and Sisters to become drug dealers (or drug clients), will somehow elevate or otherwise be helpful to them, is absolutely preposterous and completely repugnant to me. Fear not, however, as under my Administration dope is going to become explicitly illegal and fully criminalized again, thereby solving this, and many other problems, including problems that would have materialized had dope remained legal.

      You're welcome.

      I pledge to keep dope strictly illegal and criminalized so as to ensure the acuity and integrity of the American mind, and its physical repository, the brain, without which America continues its slow decline in every sphere, thereby destroying the nation and strengthening those who wish us harm, here and abroad.

      Instead of the explicit social demotion and degradation foisted upon our beautiful brown-skinned Af-Am Brothers and Sisters by turning them into drug dealers and newly-minted users and addicts, we will elevate and honor them by putting them to work in the United States CyberDefense Force (USCF), giving them careers of value, honor, and distinction, working technically to counter all incoming computer attacks upon the United States and her allies, while conducting our own highly effective CyberStrikes and CounterStrikes.

      These great Americans will become key players in my highly effective effort to re-invigorate the mantra DON'T MESS WITH THE U.S.

      Last, in terms of divisive activity no longer easily tolerated, I can also tell you, living in a neighborhood that has undergone a fairly radical transition over the last ten years in becoming orthodox Jewish, that this ostensibly (i.e. seemingly) religious group seems to conduct itself and its affairs in a divisive manner, which I don't appreciate personally, and is bad for the unity of the nation. This is another pattern that we will work to change.

      Absence of Love, Internationalized

      We also see playing out on the world stage at this very moment a dramatic example of what is reaped when the influence of Love is absent, and the bad seeds of NonLove are sown:  Russia, abetted by other willing and malign foreign technical actors such as hacking and disinformation groups, some officially part of the Russian government, some not, has been trying for several years now to discredit Democracy, itself, and worse, actually destabilize the Democratic West--yes, folks, this means us, America, and all her allies. Capture and ransom of U.S. computer systems, large-scale disinformation planted in media and social media, and intrusion, surveillance, and theft of U.S. political and industrial information are the tools in this dangerous Russian black bag.

      I can think of few more pernicious and insidious actions wrought by the absence of Love than this.

      However, I posit two other tools in that black bag, yet undiscovered and identified by Western Intelligence:  1.) the drive to legalize and decriminalize dope in America, and 2.) highly provocative propaganda information both textual and photographic planted in Internet chat rooms about a kind of de facto collusion between African-American men and Caucasian women to actually "breed out" the Caucasian ethnic group (a.k.a. "white race").

      If you are unaware of either of these possibilities--you'd better pledge yourself to a more knowledgable Presidential candidate.

      Remember, Love, properly understood is a rubric, a category, a parent or umbrella term and principle, by itself meaning little, but informed by its expressions or manifestations, meaning everything--a principal powerful and extensible enough to inform all human infrastructure from interpersonal interaction, to world affairs, to the very erection of an entire economy. The notion includes behaviors and attitudes such as respect, tolerance, empathy, compassion, understanding, cooperation, sympathy, solicitude, and flexibility, attributes that are precisely and flagrantly missing in the actions of Russia toward the West, and indeed, increasingly missing in our interaction toward each other, as Americans, ripping us apart as a people and a nation, and ironically, making it that much harder, if not impossible, to counter the malevolent actions of enemy foreign actors. "A house divided against itself cannot stand," said Abraham Lincoln.

      As an American--is this what you want?

      Love irrelevant? Love is nothing but relevant in our fraught and dangerous modern world, both inside and outside our borders.


      This has to do with how well people do in their day-to-day activities, regardless of what they are doing, ranging from how well they perform their jobs, to how well they negotiate (i.e. perform or address) every kind of task they are called upon to perform, every moment of each day. Are they competent in what they do, or do they tend to make mistakes? If the latter, what is the severity and frequency of their mistakes?

      There are thousands and thousands of examples, large and small, of functional inadequacy. Here's one quick-and-dirty (i.e. fast, possibly somewhat imprecise) example:  have you ever purchased a box of tissues? Have you noticed how difficult it often is, to simply extract the very first tissue?

      Why, in the year 2021, can't the paper companies that manufacture these products devise a way for the first tissue to pop out easily from the opening, at the top of the box? This ridiculous failure is an example of what I consider a functional inadequacy in the paper industry.

      I, as you, run into such flaws, gaps, and defects in the functional competence of humanity all the time.

      A useful way to conceptualize (i.e. form into an idea in your mind; pron. kon sep' shew ul ize) this problem is:  the world, as it stands, at every level and in every sphere and quarter, operates grossly, that is, with insufficient attention to every detail, whereas the world, especially with the key, urgent, and increasingly foundational twin demands of 1.) technology, that is, a means of operating the world using technical methods, and 2.) humanity, that is, the increasing rightful demands of human beings for fair, indeed loving, treatment, requires not gross operation, as such operation cannot possibly pay attention to the details required by these twin objectives, but a world that is finely or fine-tuned.

      Below is a blog, starting today, of some of my experiences in the grossly-operated world of today.

      Fellow Americans, email me your own, and I'll add them!


    The two elements above that comprise the basic divisions of my Platform, 1.) Love and Connection, and 2.) Functional Competence, are sorely missing in America, and together their absence is, and forms, a pernicious force, and pair. A representative example of this phenomenon exists in the world of nutrition and health:  what are called "vegetable seed oils" such as Soybean, Canola/Rapeseed, Sunflower, Safflower, Cottonseed, and others are ubiquitous; in other words they are found in almost every food item, at least every packaged food item such as frozen dinners, sold in America (and elsewhere). Yet their injury to the arteries and other blood vessels of the human body, leading directly to cardiovascular disease, stroke in particular, is an open secret. Consumption of these oils has, does, and will continue to put more Americans in a box (i.e. casket), especially older Americans, far faster than would otherwise be the case. Yet they are widely used and their use shows zero sign of slowing down. If you have (or are) parents of middle-age or older, it is imperative that they immediately discontinue consumption of these oils (see dedicated section below, for more).

    Do not eat what is not food. And vegetable seed oils are not food.


    (*Again, have them avoid:  vegetable seed oils; trans-fat (including any variant of mono-and-diglycerides, which is actually a backdoor form of trans-fat); sugar (a poison); artificial sweeteners, as well; carbs especially refined white carbs such as bread, baked goods, and pasta. Encourage:  lifelong practice of full oxygenation of the body through such activities as aerobic exercise. The most reliable way to prevent dementia, for example, is oxygenation of the brain.)

    The root cause of this continuing use of vegetable seed oils, in my present example, is obviously either one, or the other, or likely both, of my two identified factors, above.

    But whether you ascribe this continuing use to my Presidential Plank #1, above, immorality, that is, lack of Love, manifesting in this case in lack of concern for their fellow citizens by corporate food interests, or to my Presidential Plank #2, above, absence of functional competence, manifesting in corporate food interests, and even consumers, themselves, remaining unaware of the hazards of vegetable oils, or ascribe the continuing use to both phenomena, the result is the same:  continuing large-scale injury and death to you, your family, and many of our fellow Americans.

    My identification of these two elements as the foundational cause of every American (and human) problem comprises a powerful discovery in Philosophy and Social Science, generally, and Political Philosophy in particular--let's make full use of this unique and powerful conceptual tool now that we have it. Of course, as President this is precisely what I and my Administration, working in concert with You, the American People, will do.

    America was, and arguably remains, a Great nation by all objective standards. One such standard, however, has either been absent from the start, depending on your reading of history, or is missing-in-action now:  Love, properly understood, the "parent" (i.e. source or originating) concept of such characteristics as ethics, morality, and the feeling of connection between us. If this missing element, Love, largely responsible for our decline, is not meaningfully rebuilt and restored, America will never be great again, nor great, period.

    Luckily, MY PRESIDENCY IS GOING TO COMPLETELY CHANGE ALL THIS, and solve this fundamental problem--presuming, of course, that you get me elected.


    As you read through the entries, below, you'll begin to understand the troubling pattern of incompetence and inadequacy that I'm talking about. You'll also begin to realize that there is, in fact, no way I could easily record every instance, large, small, and moderate, of in-or-semi-competence that I, and you, run across each and every day. It's a staggering problem, that has compromised America in every way.

    And, Brothers & Sisters, the problem is going to get a lot worse as dope (i.e. marijuana, hashish) becomes legal across the country, leading to an increasingly sprawling subset of Americans walking around stoned. Insidiously, because of the often-subtle nature of the marijuana high, you'll probably never know that your doctor, nurse, auto mechanic, bus driver, waiter, tax-preparer, police officer, the teacher or teachers of your child, or even your priest, rabbi, or imam, is high, on the job, or off.

    And given that no person will ever really know what other person or persons whom they are interacting with are high, indeed in many cases persons whom they are depending on, sometimes in serious or even life-and-death situations, how will people ever trust each other again? What happens to trust, already rated low in America, between person and person, person and business, and person and government? Trust--that foundational element without which you simply cannot have a healthy and functioning society?

    Trust will obviously be gravely injured, if not destroyed.

    Fellow Americans, how do we maintain, and build, a healthy and prosperous society under such conditions? We don't. We simply shed a tear as we watch America continue to inexorably (i.e. can't be stopped) decline from Great Power to third-world-nation.

    Fight, and terminate, this powerful and destructive enemy by A.) reading my book GRASS NOT GREENER, and B.) electing me President.

    Here is the Blog.



    . . . . . . . . .

    -- President John F. Kennedy, from his Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961


    As some of you may realize as you increasingly acquaint yourself with my political beliefs and the Presidential candidacy they inform, my value and belief system is a hybrid (hi' brid), this latter term defined by as:

    "anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds"

    My beliefs are often, but not always, conservative, though always ground in Agape (ugg op' aye), which is "brotherly love" in the language of Greek philosophy, as taught by Christ, Martin Luther King, Jr., Erich Fromm, myself, as a system, and others, including my page of Agape Mentors, link on left-side NavBar at that site.

    A large part of the seminal nature of my politico-philosophical corpus is my frequent ground of conservative assertions and beliefs in Agape (ugg op' aye), that is, Brotherly Love, not egoism, egotism, narrow forms of political conservatism, arguments based solely on "Constitutional principles," or Christian ideology, as such, but simply Agape, that is, Love, which should please thinking liberals, moderates, and radicals, indeed, anyone who values the love ethic and its possible ground for personal behavior, social reform, or even the erection of a society. Mine is a truly unique, seminal, and powerful conceptual engine for change, spanning or rooted in the full range of socio-and-politico-existential bases, pleasing everyone.

    Whether conservative, or liberal, buckle up your psycho-cognitive seat belt and prepare to be taken on the wildest political ride of your life, as your beliefs are both affirmed, in some measure, and denied, in another, as you encounter Conservative-position after Conservative-position ground purely in Love, a standard for behavior, or more broadly, for adoption of programs, associated with Christian theorist Joseph Fletcher, based on which is understood as the more loving option in a given situation (I don't imply that I accept Joseph Fletcher's entire philosophical system or critique).

    Conservatives, and Liberals, as well as persons, in fact, of every political stripe may find themselves greatly surprised at the unique and wholly unexpected path to Conservatism that I've laid out:  Love. Indeed, persons on the Left likely think that following a path of Love will lead to a left-wing or Progressive agenda: unrestricted immigration, liberal drug policies, unrestricted abortion, reduction in military and police spending, stricter gun laws, and automatic expansion of homosexual rights. I'm arguing that Love, properly understood, just as easily, perhaps far more easily, lends itself to a Conservative agenda.

    Example, one of many:  Americans believe that National Security should exist and remain optimal at all times in service of the security of the nation--and of course this is correct. But from an AGAPE standpoint, National Security exists to keep us secure because 1.) protecting ourselves is an act of self-Love, 2.) protecting ourselves, collectively, the United States, is also an act of Love toward our allies, who benefit when the historical standard-bearer and Western protector is seen as, and is, strong and secure, 3.) insofar as this historical standard-bearer and world leader, us, is seen as, and is, strong and secure, it tends to keep the world stable, and thus comprises an act of Love toward the world, 4.) it's difficult to Love others if one doesn't Love themselves, and thus is this and other acts and forays into collective self-love necessary, for a weak America would be in a poor position to assist any other nation, and, last, 5.) Love of both others and self comprise the proper structure of AGAPE; anything less would detract from principle and practice.

    What you just read in the preceding paragraph is my striking and seminal "Argument-from-Love" in favor of a robust national security.

    My definition of Love, officially established at another of my foundational projects THE AGAPE ORDER, and consistent across all my work, is presented as:

    Agape, the principle of love, commonly referred to as "brotherly love," the "love ethic," or sometimes "universal love," is defined as follows:

    "Agape, or Brotherly Love, is the active consideration of, and acting upon, the interests of all people to their long-term benefit (or short-term, if more acute or their long-term benefit cannot be reasonably established), in more-or-less the same proportion as you consider (and usually act upon) your own interests."

    Even the most fundamental of human social behaviors such as civility and basic courtesy are expressions or manifestations of their parent principal, Love. Thus, were the Love ethic adopted and implemented in American society there would be an immediate basic elevation of all social interaction, by everyone, from the man on the street to the woman in Congress. This elemental step, alone, would comprise a huge improvement in our current abysmal standard of social interaction in this country--and it would certainly help prevent any further treasonous incursions into U.S. Government buildings or other facilities. In fact, everyone's lives would actually get a touch brighter, as those around them displayed a smile and a bit of warmth.

    Such is the power of Love, properly understood, even in its most routine application. There is simply no question that this country is going nowhere without it, but will simply continue its present moral, ethical, and even political and technological descent and devolution, since a minimum of regard and respect for each other, which we're rapidly losing at every level of American society and governance, is required even for basic cooperation in any area or sphere of social endeavor or activity.

    Our lack of connection to each other impedes our moving forward as a nation in at least three ways:

    1. In any sphere of national life, we can't achieve.

    2. Insofar as we do achieve, the achievement is of lesser quality or import.

    3. We can't readily or optimally implement or otherwise make use of said achievement.


    Example:  Thomas Jefferson is a defining figure in and for America. Ergo (i.e. therefore) should his thought, likeness, and general legacy be conserved, preserved, taught, and learned. His ownership of human beings is not defining of America, ultimately, however, so we rightly deconstruct, critique, and reject such practice today, while adopting the intelligent and common-sense understanding that President Jefferson was a product of his time, as we are a product of ours.

    In presumably rare cases where said likeness of Thomas Jefferson, or indeed any historical figure, be it in a painting, statue, or other artistic form, is credibly reported by one or more individuals as genuinely and substantively subjectively injurious, our Love for all our Brothers and Sisters would certainly warrant an inquiry. A positive finding, however, could not facilitate wholesale removal of all artistic and other works bearing the likeness called injurious, only that or those deemed most injurious to the individual complainant or complainant class, such instances of said likeness reasonably expected to be few in number.

    Suppose, for example, that on a country road in South Carolina stands a statue memorializing a Mr. McHale, a slaveowner in the Antebellum (i.e. prior to the Civil War) South. Every day a young African-American woman, Rose, must travel down this road to get to work, the only such road. Rose is the great-grandniece of Robbie Evans, a slave "owned" by Mr. McHale, and thus has an intimate knowledge of his murderous abuse by Mr. McHale. As such, comprehensibly, Rose is traumatized each time she must pass this statue. In this circumstance, since the case meets three relevant criteria:  1.) special injury, 2.) to a limited class of persons, 3.) unavoidably, it would be reasonable and indeed the loving response to remove, and perhaps relocate, this artifact. This action would not affect other statues of Mr. McHale, elsewhere, that did not meet these three criteria.

    I have just presented you with what is perhaps the most powerful and explicitly utilitarian Conservative argument regarding such matters, balancing the desideratum of conservation, with the equal desideratum to practice Love, whether based on Christianity, or another system of belief or philosophy. There is neither kneejerk reflexion from the Conservative perspective, nor blind political correctness from the Moderate or Liberal, in my argument; simply a negotiation between two genuine competing claims, based on a single value system, Love. Use the most reasonable and comprehensible criteria to determine which claimaint is suffering more, unavoidably, and favor that claim.

    Regarding the desirability of honoring, or at least remembering such historical figures, whether Thomas Jefferson or Robert E. Lee, a key question to ask is:  "Do you really expect such persons to exceed the morality of their day?" How many persons through history, and today, are able to exceed the morality of their day?

    Such persons are few and far between, and when history does produce them, they are rightly recognized and lauded.

    Ultimately, persons responsible for the suffering of others, especially that large-scale or especially pointed, should not be publicly celebrated, whether in the form of events such as holidays in their name, or artistic commemorations such as the commission and display of statues or paintings. Small scale remembrance, such as regional, or family or other private commemoration, is always appropriate and is permitted.



    This section under construction. But some of these topics (i.e. subjects) are already remarked upon here, in the PICK YOUR ISSUE section.

    Note: the PICK YOUR ISSUE section recommended above resides at the website of an explicitly "utopian" political project of mine of years past, neither reflective of, nor relevant to, my present Presidential endeavor, which roots in the America of today and our present American system. As a philosopher and moralist I'm always drawn to serious discussion of utopian or hyper-optimized systems of any kind, but they are irrelevant to my present exploratory Presidential endeavor.


    Let's begin at the beginning, shall we?

    What constitutes a "young person"?

    The first key fact that must be placed on the table for the benefit of young persons, that can be a powerful assist in them understanding themselves, is that the human brain is not fully developed until at least age 24, with some researchers asserting the age of 30, or even a few years beyond. What is the significance of this if you're young? It will help you to understand your own behavior:  why perhaps you do or say things that, shall we say, represent less than your best. Once you understand this, you can give yourself a break, and not be so hard on yourself if you make a mistake.

    Ease up!

    Also benefitting from this research in human development are adults in regular intercourse with young persons, such as educators, law enforcement, and even business leaders whose products and services are marketed to young people, were this a culture based on genuine concern for others and not simply the accumulation of as many dollars as possible, with young people as a whole seen and identified as the "youth market," this or that segment of which is seen and understood as just another exploitable business opportunity.

    I have great respect for young people and what they must go through today, to survive and try to be happy, to try to build a life for themselves. And I have respect for, and a strong belief in, their intellect and their ability, and willingness, to learn. If I didn't, I wouldn't be presenting so much complex and sometimes difficult information and content here, at my Presidential website, and in my larger campaign.





    Bigotry (i.e. racism)

    B*tch, being a

    Body Issues & Self-Image


    Cannabis (i.e. dope)


    Confidence, & Confidence, Lack of - see Insecurity, below.


    Culture. I'll be asking African-American professional Classical Music expert, scholar, enthusiast, and host Terrance McKnight to embark upon a 1000-city speaking, listening, and playing tour to various schools around the entire United States, to introduce our young people of every social class to Classical Music.

    In further service, fellow Americans, to the power of healthy human hearing and the places to which it can transport us physically, psychologically, spiritually, I want to begin exposing American kids of every social class, as well as the rest of us in this increasingly-noisy culture, to the notion and phenomenon of silence, increasingly identified not as a luxury, but an absolute necessity to maintain physical and psychological health.

    The drive to eliminate such damaging beasts as the so-called "leafblower" for numerous reasons are consistent with, and support, what will be our newfound acquaintance with healing silence. Reasons for phase-out of this physically and psychologically devastating device start with 1.) its categorical destruction of quality-of-life via noise of a uniquely intolerable character, and other pernicia, and 2.) significant contribution to climate change,

    We can begin to do this through an introduction to the work of Acoustic Ecologist Gordon Hempton, which includes, notably, the quest to preserve the last remaining 12 quiet places in the United States.

    Indeed does noise destroy the primordial rhythms of daily social and individual life. Try, for example, in a modern suburb to fall asleep lazily in your backyard, or even in your home next to an open window, enjoying the comfortable current of Summer air. Anyone foolhardy enough to attempt such reasonable acts will soon find themselves immersed in a web of intolerable noise and airborne filth as the now-ubiquitous leafblower makes its inevitable appearance.





    Drugs, Drug Use


    Gender (i.e. being homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual)

    Illness, psychological

    Illness, physical

    Insecurity. In making a mistake, many young people (and even older persons) will berate themselves with rebukes like, "God how f*cking stupid can you be? I DON'T F*CKING DESERVE TO LIVE."

    Forget that, kids. Instead, in making a mistake, remain silent for about 20 seconds to calm down. Then say to yourself, quietly, yet firmly:  JUST DO BETTER NEXT TIME.



    Mental Health

    Money & Career


    Pain, psychological, emotional:  (PAIN --> PROFUNDITY [i.e. deep thoughts] --> PROGRESS)

    Pain, physical





    Pressure (from Parents, Boss, BF, GF, etc)

    Racism, see Bigotry, above



    Romantic Relationships


    Sexual Abuse

    Social Media


    Work & Job Issues

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Young People:  What am I missing? Email me!


    Q. I'm Beth, a 17yo girl voting in 2024 for the first time--I'm really excited!

    But I have pink hair and a belly-button ring, I'm into rock and punk and a little hip-hop, I try to look sexy but I definitely also consider myself a feminist. And to be honest, I tune-out about 90% of what my parents tell me, lol. Your ideas seem a little conservative. Mr. D, What do you have to offer somebody like me?

    A. Beth, as President, the first, or certainly the most important thing that I'm going to do for you, is literally:  SAVE YOUR LIFE.

    I'm going to save your life, and the lives of your family, friends, boyfriend, and everyone you know.

    If you've been following the vicissitudes (i.e. difficult, unexpected changes) of the Pandemic, you know that the medical authorities haven't always had a handle on how to respond to the virus, and they still don't, especially as it continues to mutate from variant to variant. They posit a first-line defense of vaccination. This is incorrect, however, and as the Coronavirus continues to mutate, the tenuous foundation of this approach becomes increasingly apparent. A vaccine is effective against one variant, but not necessarily against another, and what of the next variant, and the one after that? Is modification required of the various available vaccines, manufactured now by at least five companies? Who's keeping track of it all, and can such a sprawling and unwieldy phenomenon even be kept track of?

    Clearly, vaccinations are an important tool in the toolkit--but not our most important tool. Our most important tool has been left to collect dust in the toolkit, when, in fact, it is our most potent tool and must be restored, immediately.

    You've already heard of the tool of which I speak:  it is masking. Mandatory masking on a global scale is the only real solution that our species has. The only answer that will save your life, and the only methodology that will give you your life back, that is, your old existence. After a specified period of mandatory mask-use every variant of the virus will have been eliminated, and will be gone. This is because the virus is transmitted through air, propelled along in the airstream from one person to another. As you know, this is how it survives, and thus reproduces. But if every person is masked, the virus is stopped dead in its tracks--it will have been robbed and deprived of its vector (i.e. means) of transmission--air.

    I'm evidently the only leader on planet Earth who sees this.

    As President and leader of the free world, I'm going to immediately call for a global summit of all world leaders to present our case and our argument:  they must mandate that everyone in their country, with few exceptions, wear a mask all the time, for a specified duration, probably four months.

    Result? The end of the mandatory-masking period will see the end of the virus. No more virus means no more masking (or vaccinations) necessary, meaning you now get your life back, in full. This is precisely what I'm going to do for you as President, Beth--keep you alive. And give you your life, back.

    "...this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against Covid than when I take a Covid vaccine."

    -- Dr. Robert R. Redfield, former Director, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    "If the American public all embraced masking along with social distancing and hand-washing...we could bring this outbreak to its knees within four to eight weeks."

    -- Dr. Robert R. Redfield, former Director, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)


    Real-Life Example

    Beth, under my Presidential governance, you and the rest of the country are going to learn, and have repeated opportunities, to Actualize, that is, to be and do the very best of which you are capable, and do so as a way of life, transforming that life and the life of the nation, in amazing ways!

    Here's an example. Suppose your final exam in history is coming up, and I asked you how well you might do. You respond, "Well if I study every night this week I'll probably get a B." Then I say, is that really the very best you can do on the test? You respond with a nervous laugh, not quite sure where I'm going with this, and you say, "Well, if I study every night this week, *and* all weekend, *and* Dad relieves me of chores all week and I use all that extra time to study, I think I could probably get an A or even an A+."

    So I respond back: Well, I just spoke with your Dad. You're free of your chores for the entire upcoming week so you can study for your history final, provided you also study every night this week, and the entire weekend, as you said--agreed?

    Now, boxed in, you agree--"OK!, you affirm. OK."

    So, the entire week and weekend pass, you're studying your a** off, and you take the exam, and two days later you receive your grade:

    A+ !

    You did it !

    We can say that in regard to that exam, your History final--you ACTUALIZED. You performed the very best of which you were capable!

    Now imagine performing this way in regard to everything that you do, in your life! And imagine everyone around you doing the exact same thing:  everyone performing at a rate much higher than they usually do, with real excellence, if not actual perfection. Imagine the kind of America this would give us! In the economy, medicine, military, technology, education, poverty, everything!

    This is precisely what we'll be shooting for under a DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION--ACTUALIZATION!

    Regarding this possibility, Beth, renewal of a slowly devolving America, I quote the Alicia character from the powerful film A BEAUTIFUL MIND:


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    NOTE:  had you done all this studying and received a grade of B, or even C, it would still be true that you Actualized, because you tried to perform the very best of which you were capable. You're still not always going to succeed.


    In general, if elected I'm going to give you a world of Sanity, Security, and Love. A world of that duality (i.e. something made of two parts) presently and fatally missing from this planet:  1.) beautiful social harmony as we encourage the natural connection between persons and groups of persons, all Brothers and Sisters in One Human Family, and 2.) social and economic functionality as people are encouraged toward competence, at least, and excellence, at best in what they do and how they do it, whether their job or anything else.

    Here's a quick-and-dirty example of #2, above:  are you tired of people screwing up your food order at Burger King? Or hearing your Mom b*tch and moan because she ordered the blue couch but they delivered the brown one? Or feeling really sorry for your Dad because he went into the hospital for a simple procedure and came out with a punctured lung? Because some doctor or nurse made a stupid or obvious mistake?

    Many times the mistakes that we all make, and their consequences, are far more severe even than those I just mentioned. For example, how about millions of people who had their credit card information stolen from the Home Depot or Target databases? Or reading every other month that yet another American military helicopter crashed? Or how about a planeful of religious extremists who, in 2001 flew their planes into the (former) Twin Towers in Manhattan--a multi-tier act of Terror that our own American intelligence agencies (especially, acting in concert with those of our allies) arguably could have, and should have, detected and prevented?

    You get it, Beth? The price for incompetence, or even mediocrity (i.e. poor quality or performance), whether in a family, community, school, state, region, country (or even the world) is often high--sometimes VERY high. Yet this phenomenon (i.e. thing happening, often not fully understood) is ubiquitous (i.e. all over the place) and seemingly endemic (i.e. an actual part of what it means to be American). My Presidential platform and program calls for an end to this retrograde state of affairs, and instead, for we as Americans, and human beings, to begin striving to become the very best that we can be, in everything.

    So once the nation adopts this new ethic of behavior, you can see that everything around you is going to change dramatically, for the far better--including your own life.

    In essence, Beth, I'm going to work tirelessly every moment of every day to provide you with a world of Sanity, Security, and Love. You can't beat this combination, and I'm just the guy to do it--it was my idea.

    More to come.


    . . . . .

    Ask this question all the time, and you'll likely never make a mistake.



    THE MIND - Every American shall be taught critical thinking skills, and such skill shall be reinforced through their lifetime.

    And the physical and operational integrity of the brain shall be carefully guarded, as:  anything that human beings have done, are doing, or will ever do, is based completely and solely on one thing, and one thing, alone:  the human mind, and its physical repository, the human brain.

    Accordingly, anything that compromises the human mind, as is ubiquitous today, simply cannot, and under my Administration will not, be tolerated, including:  stress, poor-quality food and beverages, chemicals in the air, water, and soil, and needless to say, drugs. Alcohol is of a different intoxicant class, and has a lengthy, already-established history of legality in the United States, but wise use must be regularly and substantively encouraged.

    Without my Presidential influence, substantially adding to the decline of mind will be the continuing legalization of dope, including marijuana. We need the erosion of the human mind and brain that will undoubtedly accompany widespread national legalization and use of drugs, in this case marijuana and hashish, like a hole in the head, as such erosion will accompany an already existing decline in cognition and cognitive structure because of the rapidly-rising epidemic of dementia, explained, below.

    Moreover, as if all the above weren't enough, yet another problem is going to occur in the face of the widespread legal use of marijuana:  it will likely drive large-scale addiction and quasi-addiction to the drug, which is extremely problematic since we Americans are already firmly in the grip of three other addictions or addiction phenomena, these, grossly compromising mind and body:

    1. SUGAR

    2. FOOD


    Accordingly, marijuana and all drugs will be strictly illegal under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION.


    papa john bad pizza incompetent incompetence

    Brain neurons firing.

    photo pic of an actual memory

    Actual photograph of a memory.

    The following two paragraphs were prepared by the Office of Communications and Public Liaison, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health. THESE PEOPLE GET IT:

    "The brain is the most complex part of the human body. This three-pound organ is the seat of intelligence, interpreter of the senses, initiator of body movement, and controller of behavior. Lying in its bony shell and washed by protective fluid, the brain is the source of all the qualities that define our humanity. The brain is the crown jewel of the human body.

    For centuries, scientists and philosophers have been fascinated by the brain, but until recently they viewed the brain as nearly incomprehensible. Now, however, the brain is beginning to relinquish its secrets. Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 10 years than in all previous centuries because of the accelerating pace of research in neurological and behavioral science and the development of new research techniques. As a result, Congress named the 1990s the Decade of the Brain."

    Moreover, Humankind is just lucky that there is plasticity to the brain, that is, ability both to grow and repair, to afford possible correction for the many cerebral insults suffered by this vital organ. How unwise, then, to deliberately work at crosspurpose with your own brain through injurious lifestyle practice such as drug use. Research assessment of the various injuries of dope-smoking is variable and somewhat inconsistent, though, conservatively, conclusive agreement seems to exist that, at least:  some number of brain cells are killed through use, memory is affected, addiction can occur, and use can cause cardiac damage.

    The 1936 film REEFER MADNESS, a cinematic diatribe against dope use, is mocked as exaggerated, but I viewed the film in its entirety and found nothing unrealistic in terms of how drugs adversely influence behavior and the course of social events.

    Accordingly, then, and ultimately:  factors contributing to the decline in physical and mental health, and ability to think and perform other sensate (i.e. of the five senses) functions, starting with armed forces personnel and other citizens performing critical functions, shall be corrected. Fast food, for example, known to be nutritionally bankrupt and interfere with optimal physical and mental development and maintenance, shall be made more nutritionally sound.

    What will the giants in fast food like the McDonald's Corporation think of this exhortation? I don't know--are they patriotic Americans?

    Regarding drugs, all laws legalizing and even decriminalizing dope will be completely repealed as soon as possible. Legalization of dope also injures public behavior and the public intellect, thus strengthening the hand of our enemies. On the day that dope is legal in all 50 states, we can expect the enemies of America to host the biggest victory party the world has ever seen.



    Today, February 25, 2022, the second day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, New York Times guest essayist Chris Miller, in a piece entitled "Why Is Putin at War Again? Because He Keeps Winning," writes:

    "We are 50 percent plus of global G.D.P.," Jake Sullivan, President Biden's national security adviser, argued recently, contrasting this to Russia's unimpressive 3 percent share of the world's economic output. However, economies don't fight wars; militaries do. America's economic power was tested when Mr. Biden threatened tough sanctions if Russia were to invade Ukraine; Mr. Putin did so anyway, betting that hard power would carry the day.

    There's still no doubt that America's military has better trained soldiers and more capable systems in aggregate. However, what matters is not theoretical military matchups but the ability to use force for specific aims. Russia has developed precisely the capabilities needed to rebuild its influence in Eastern Europe. The United States, meanwhile, has watched its room for maneuver in the region steadily shrinking, hemmed in by Russian antiaircraft systems and cyber and electronic warfare threats.

    Letting the military balance in Europe shift in Russia's favor was a choice. The United States has itself partly to blame. Even after Russia's first attacks on Ukraine in 2014, America's reinforcements on the continent were only enough to slow the rate of improvement in Russia's position. The Biden administration has presided over military spending cuts once inflation is considered. America's roughly $700 billion defense budget may look impressive, but Russia has the advantage of paying less for soldiers' salaries and for domestically produced equipment. Adjusting for these differences, Russia's defense budget has grown far more rapidly than America's over the past two decades. European allies have even more to answer for: Germany and other European countries must wake up from the fantasy that peace is their birthright. They used to have serious fighting power. It is time to rebuild it."

    Here is my own emphasis regarding what was just quoted:

    "Russia has developed precisely the capabilities needed to rebuild its influence in Eastern Europe. The United States, meanwhile, has watched its room for maneuver in the region steadily shrinking..."


    "Adjusting for these differences, Russia's defense budget has grown far more rapidly than America's over the past two decades."

    Moreover, reports the New York Times of February 28, 2022:

    "...if American intelligence agencies picked up on the kind of crippling cyberattacks that someone -- presumably Russian intelligence agencies or hackers -- threw at Ukraine's government, they do not have the infrastructure to move that fast to block them."

    Why the Hell not? Aren't we the United States of America?

    Not to mention, we invented this technology!

    Do you still doubt the critical necessity for keeping drugs strictly illegal in America? We must foster the social, environmental, and cultural conditions to ensure the Actualization of the American mind and its physical repository, the brain:  its full development and acuity. Use of dope, not to mention the operational, economic, cultural, and other infrastructures required to support such use, runs explicitly counterpoint to these utterly vital objectives.

    As it's the human mind and brain that is at stake, the sole determinants of all things, military, and in every other sphere of human civilization, drug offenses must be addressed with gravity, including possession of even "small" amounts of dope. First offense of a small quantity, such as a joint (i.e. marijuana cigarette) or two will carry no penalty, but simply require a court appearance and conversation with a judge. Second offense, however, of even a single joint will carry a mandatory 30-day jail sentence.

    I, a 64-year old man in 2024, will serve all, or a portion, of that sentence with the first offender to receive it, to show solidarity with the offender, and to illustrate that if a 64-year-old man can serve 30 days, so can any younger person.


    This admonition represented wisdom when Nancy Reagan enunciated it--and so, today.

    Dementia Doubling

    As mentioned above, greatly hastening the attack on the human brain will be the massive increase in cases of Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias, with global dementia cases forecasted to triple by 2050, and doubling in the United States by 2060:

    "The burden of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias in 2014 was 5 million people, which is 1.6 percent of the U.S. population in 2014 - 319 million people. This burden is projected to grow to 13.9 million, nearly 3.3 percent of the population in 2060 - 417 million people."

    " the U.S. population increases, the number of people affected by Alzheimer's disease and related dementias will rise, especially among minority populations," said CDC Director Robert R. Redfield, M.D."

    This troubling forecast on the explosion in growth of dementia in America presents yet another reason that we cannot permit the use of drugs:  as if dementia, itself, weren't bad enough, and drug use, itself, weren't bad enough, each a personal catastrophe and threat to the nation, once drugs are legal these two pernicious and insidious phenomena will sometimes co-exist within the same individual, exacerbating their cognitive decline and making it a virtual certainty that no healing can ever take place. With legal access to marijuana, hashish, and other drugs, nationwide, this phenomenon will likely destroy and disable thousands of Americans over a period of time--perhaps millions, eventually.


    KNOWLEDGE & INFORMATION - Though a little known, if not recondite issue, inefficient, inconsistent dissemination and use of knowledge is a foundational reason that America, and indeed the world, generally remains mired in problems that never seem to go away.

    Consult any variety of sources online or off on a given topic or question, and you'll receive a diverse and numerous array of responses and perspectives, as well, far worse, of disagreement on fact. Such a scattershot distribution of knowledge in a society keeps it largely groping in the dark in regard to, well, everything.

    Such an inferior ordering of our common existential possession--knowledge--is unacceptable to any society aspiring to Actualization, Greatness, and perhaps even survival, and is certainly unacceptable to me. As President one of my projects will be a series of open discussions with persons knowledgeable in this area, to arrive at some conclusions regarding adoption of a new paradigm for the optimal dissemination and employ of knowledge. I refer to this Actualized process the Standardization of Knowledge.

    Perhaps nowhere is this emasculated maintenance of knowledge more evident and injurious than in medicine. Have a serious illness? One doctor may know little about its treatment, while another knows a bit about it, while a third doctor, practicing next-door or a world, over, has the cure. Why don't they all possess the same knowledge? Because in this country and world there is insufficient, perhaps non-existent, standardization of knowledge.

    Starting to understand?

    More to come.

    CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC - Vaccination has become the global first-line defense of choice in fighting the Coronavirus. This, however, is a huge mistake.

    Vaccination is a modality (i.e. medical method) inferior to masking to counter and eliminate the coronavirus, COVID19 (heretofore referred to as C19). Vaccinations are high-tech, complex, expensive, and difficult to store and administer.

    Masking, by contrast, carries almost none of these liabilities and limitations, and has the staggering advantages of 1.) actually preventing spread of the virus between people in the first place, which means that through masking--mandatory global masking--we can actually eliminate the virus completely and permanently, and 2.) virus variants no longer hold any power, for masking is immediately and automatically effective against any and all viral variants.

    In 2024, if the pandemic is still raging, or even remains substantive, the DE BENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, at my direction, is going to effect a wholesale shift to mandatory global masking, starting with calling for a global pandemic summit, a meeting of all world leaders to receive this argument and corresponding plan, in order to eliminate the virus completely and permanently.

    I understand that masking is seen as inconvenient by some persons, including me, and is not universally accepted, but a relatively brief period of masking will return planet Earth to complete normalcy, and is the only thing that will, with vaccination continuing as a second-tier modality. The only question and consideration for you, therefore, is:  do you want your life back? If so, and vaccination combined with masking hasn't done the trick by 2024, Mandatory Global Masking categorically will.

    I have laid out my entire argument, and had contacted the Biden Administration, and a number of other world leaders and governments.

    Brothers and Sisters:  No pain, no gain.

    REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH/RESOURCE - What is commonly termed the UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME (UBI) is a key plank in the DE BENEDETTO Presidential platform. Most likely consider this a new and novel idea, when in fact famed social psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm proposed it in 1955 in his famous, and urgently recommended, work The Sane Society.

    The UBI notion is a prime exemplar of the fact, and power, of my combination electoral program that pairs 1.) Love, properly understood, with 2.) functional competence (if not, excellence, in this case).

    The kernel of the UBI approach is that every citizen is to possess, either through their own direct effort, or the redistribution of social resource, a minimum income, reside at a minimum income floor, sufficient to, and in accord with, a minimum decent human condition of existence.

    The idea demonstrates Love as it comprises all of us ensuring that each of us can live decently. And it comprises functional competence insofar as it represents a more efficient and effective system of needed redistribution of resource. There exists in this idea, however, a third socially and economically salutary benefit. UBI is a direct expression and implementation of a key Conservative principle and desideratum:  reduction in the size of government, since all, most, or many existing bureaucratic structures of redistribution will, in fact, be completely eliminated, in favor of a singular structure.

    This is one of the rare examples in human history when our entire multifarious body of stars align, to the relief of some, and delight of many. As 2024 Presidential candidate, I am both relieved and delighted, and thus is our best implementation of the Universal Basic Income an integral and key part of my Presidential program.

    FOUNDATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE - The election and presidency of Donald J. Trump illustrates that owing to the complex technological and geopolitical character of the modern age, Article II, Section 1, of the United States Constitution should be amended to provide for additional requirements to run for President the United States. The Founding Fathers specified as formal qualifications:  1.) an age of 35 years or older, 2.) a resident of the U.S. for at least 14 years, and 3.) a natural-born citizen. Through official amendment, to this set should be added a basic test of political, economic, historical, and geographical literacy. While true that the long election process characteristic of the United States does, in theory, provide ample time for the electorate to discern the fitness of a given candidate, a formal mechanism is required, as well. A second modification to the election requirements should be seriously considered, that of a basic test of psychological fitness.

    Governance by ignorance, ego, and prevarication can simply no longer be tolerated, given, for example, the formidable set of existential threats facing the United States, from climate change to unyielding global terror.

    CHARACTER; OUR HUMAN FAMILY - Every American shall be taught, and such teaching shall be reinforced, that all persons in this world are brothers and sisters in one human family--and should treat each other accordingly.

    Accordingly, the United States shall act as a force for good in the world, although not at the expense of national security.

    In the case, for example, of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, apparently by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, President Trump is correct in asserting that severing relations with Saudi Arabia would be unwise. However, had Mr. Trump, or someone in, or associated with, his administration a strong moral center--Vice-President Pence, are you listening--they could have sat down privately with the Crown Prince to discuss and indeed meaningfully rebuke him on this matter. Such a conversation could have been accompanied by a symbolically punitive economic or social rebuke of some kind.

    "...power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic."

    . . . . .

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


    As we are all brothers and sisters in one human family, we're finally going to embark upon Humanity's most critical socio-existential task, that which we must begin if we're to Actualize, that is, be the best human family we can be, and perhaps even if we are to survive:  start helping each other.

    Nursing Home Abuse

    As we've got to begin somewhere, we'll consider abuse of residents, typically elderly and ill, at nursing homes and similar facilities, a longstanding problem across America. The problem is most prevalent in cases of residents who:

    "...don't have regular visitors or have friends who come visit them, they are the most vulnerable," states New Jersey's Long-Term Care Ombudsman. Laurie F. Brewer.

    Here is a more extended quote:

    Laurie F. Brewer, the state's ombudsman, believes the actual number of incidents involving abuse and neglect in the state are "dramatically" undercounted. Some residents are reluctant to report any problems, she explained, fearing retribution. ... "You are in the most vulnerable position in your life at the end of your life. People are fearful of reporting, especially people who don't have family members," she said. "It's heartbreaking. The thousands of people who don't have regular visitors or have friends who come visit them, they are the most vulnerable."

    The DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION is going to implement a series of programs designed to take persons seeking, or needing, to put their time to better use, from housewives with little to do during the day, to gang members who have plenty to do, much of it nefarious, and emplace them, through a program of strong encouragement, in helping situations, where their intellect and energies can do good, helping their lonely and vulnerable brothers and sisters. In the above scenario, for example, we will accept volunteer applications to emplace people to regularly visit lone, family-less residents of nursing homes and similar facilities, so that they are not so easily preyed upon.

    Homeless Children

    "The number of homeless children in the United States is at its highest in more than a decade, according to a recent study by the National Center for Homeless Education.

    More than 1.5 million public school students nationwide were homeless at some point during the 2017-2018 school year, according to the report published last month. That figure was the highest recorded in more than 12 years."

    This is the United States of America. Accordingly, the state and condition of American children reported in the following recent news piece, excerpted above, is categorically unacceptable, and will be permanently rectified under the DEBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION. I'll be pleased to employ market-based solutions, if possible.

    You'll notice that this topic is treated here under Character, not Economy. A nation with character doesn't permit children to be homeless.

    Nor does it permit adult homelessness, but adults can arguably weather periods of dislocation far better than children. In fact, our implementation of the U.B.I., Universal Basic Income (see above) may be robust enough to eliminate all homelessness.

    Room and A Meal

    Thinking globally, in consideration of our entire human family, I propose that every nation subscribe to the policy that every citizen have at least rudimentary permanent lodging, a single room will suffice, and access to food, presumably two or three meals per 24-hour period. Completing the proposal would be a worldwide commitment to population control, as resources are not infinite. Note that abortion is not an acceptable means of population control.

    Besides the moral consideration, which is considerable, completely wiping homelessness and hunger from the face of the planet will create a far more stable global population, thereby increasing national security for the United States. Radical revolutionary movements around the world, for example, will lose much of their steam in the face of such a policy. This will likely be of particular benefit to the United States, in fact, as our germination and sponsorship of the idea becomes known worldwide.

    Socialism? If so, of the most spare variety, as the proposal provides only basic housing and food--the least that we in our one human family should be providing ourselves.

    No, this proposal, in fact, reflects skilled national leadership, informed by political savvy, and appropriate behavior based on the ethic of Love, notably promulgated in singular fashion by Christianity (and in some fashion by certain other religions and belief systems).

    America's power in large measure over her 20th-century history came from her moral leadership (as well as, of course, her formidable military might, coalescing around and informed by a unified population).

    Under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, prepare to meaningfully resume both kinds of leadership.

    Sole Survivor Trauma

    The loss of any of we human beings, any brother or sister, is so tragic, horrible, grievous, and overwhelming, that we must ensure that no loss leaves a sole survivor or two alone during the wake and funeral of their loved one, our lost.

    The DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will encourage formation of a network of funeral homes working with mobile or floating grievers, persons committed to ensuring that no person or two must stand in attendance at the death of their loved one at their wake, or funeral, alone. The Floating Griever will stand, sit, and grieve with the family member or friend at the wake, funeral, and repast (i.e. meal, especially following a funeral).

    These blessed volunteers will also make themselves available for a short period afterward, perhaps three months, as needed by the survivors.

    Of course, in regard to clinical depression or any apparently excessive or unceasing death reaction, the Floating Griever will recommend professional counseling to the Bereaved, and can even set it up.

    This DB ADMIN program of Bereavement Accompaniment can be seen as falling under, and manifesting, my edicts that 1.) we Americans must re/discover our connection to each other, and become cohesive again as a citizenry and polity, and even a community, and 2.) under my Presidency, NO AMERICAN GETS LEFT BEHIND, even emotionally, if preventable.

    What is more Conservative, even primeval, than proper and natural attention to the bonds between member of tribes, clans, villages, or any common ancestral or similar population--including a country, during events of significance?

    And what is more Christian?


    The most usual recipients, or intended recipients, of Affirmative Action benefits are our African-American Brothers and Sisters, who came to America, unfortunately, in the most disadvantaged position possible:  slaves. Thus, we must assist them.

    However, disadvantaged job candidates can be moved into positions only after they have mastered the necessary skills for the job. We cannot permit unqualified or semi-qualified candidates to fill jobs.

    Additionally, the shift today, whereby so much of the attention of the nation finds itself on African-Americans, their concerns, and their culture, is a mistake. Must we actively assist those who are, or were, in a catastrophic position, whether African Americans, Jews, the handicapped, or the unborn? Yes, of course. But our singular mission, and thus everyone's principal focus must remain America, herself, not any one individual or grouping, for if America diminishes for lack of full attention, every American will be hurt as the country finds itself enjoying fewer resources, from tax revenues to international respect and reputation, and is thus less able to assist those Americans, such as African-Americans, who require it.


    Haven't acquainted myself with it, yet.

    Corporate Ethical Optimization (the other CEO)

    A conventional corporate structure typically sees all or some of the following segments or departments:

    • Accounting

    • Compliance

    • Design

    • Distribution

    • Finance

    • Human Resources

    • Legal Affairs

    • Manufacturing

    • Marketing/Advertising

    • Procurement

    • Quality Control

    It's the job of the marketing and advertising departments to assemble the most persuasive version of the truth concerning their product or service and present it to the public, or other target audience, with the usual objective of spurring sales, and most do so aggressively.

    There is typically something lost in this process, however, that should be of concern to every American, and American CEO:  truth. I therefore propose, and will sponsor through legislation, that every American company or company operating in America create and maintain an Ethics Department, a counterpoint to the Marketing and Advertising Departments, its objective being a balanced and honest representation of all products or services marketed by its company.

    The necessity for such a department for an ethical society that wishes to act with character and honor, that is, Love, properly understood, toward its citizens and others, including international customers, becomes clear once one understands the dynamic of the typical Marketing department. The employees in Marketing in America typically and pointedly represent their product in the absolute best possible light, often whether such representation bears any full relationship to reality, or not. Like the baked goods company proclaiming that its products remain "simple" and "old-fashioned" in their creation and manufacture, while its ingredient list reads like a veritable chemistry set, complete with bioengineered (i.e. GMO) ingredients.

    There are innumerable examples of such overwhelming contradictions and juxtapositions in the marketplace of products and services, and they do not suggest a society that is being honest with itself, and the world.

    My predicate (i.e. foundational assumption) is that in America we can have an honest, or relatively honest, capitalism, making for an ethical people, and good business, as well.

    As with all the planks in my Presidential platform:  everybody wins.

    ENERGY PRODUCTION - I will explain the basics of energy production, in the United States and around the world. But I can tell you immediately that based on my research thus far, all roads lead in one direction, and one direction, alone:  POPULATION CONTROL. If we as a species are ever to gain a rational foothold on the continuing problem of permanent provision of clean, safe, and healthy energy, the principal reality, and our overarching directive, must be that captured in those provocative two words.

    Without serious and sustained population control, I don't see how we will ever solve this problem, for the reality of Earth is that we simply have too many people, consuming too much, too fast. It's as simple as that.

    So-called "green" solutions such as wind and solar, when scrutinized, are revealed as highly problematic, chiefly because neither wind nor sunshine sustains itself constantly, meaning a polluting technology, usually coal, must always be kept at-the-ready to prevent blackouts. Moreover, commonly-proposed so-called "green" or "renewable" solutions such as wind and solar, themselves, require an inordinate amount of power to produce, again, coal usually the power source of choice. Relatedly, equipment such as wind turbines and solar panels eventually break down and must be replaced, forcing a repeat utilization and expenditure of money, time, energy, and manpower.

    The last problematic element in conventional "green" thinking and alternative energy proposals is that the substitution paradigm that has emerged globally, and is being widely implemented, is the burning of wood chips or pellets that are called "biomass." This refers to the burning of small wood chips instead of burning coal. Biomass means trees and requires aggressive deforestation of just about every forest the power industry can get its hands on. This "green" solution has and continues to obliterate the forests of the world at an alarming rate, in a process called deforestation, injuring our efforts to fight climate change among other deleterious consequences of the large-scale obliteration of forests.

    Biomass fuel is considered, and described as, a renewable resource, at least nominally, because the trees that it's made from "will grow back." While functionally true, many or most won't grow back for many years, and in the meantime we see the likely permanent loss of forests critical to the amelioration of climate change, provision of elemental substances or proto-materials for new drugs and health or medical remedies, native animal habitats and biodiversity, and that which simply comprises the soul or spiritual center for humankind.


    The following two documentary-style films are essential to understanding the probable dead-end that is our present environmental course. We don't need, nor can we really sustain, at least not as our front-line defense against environmental threats present or future, yet more resource-intensive technologies and equipment, whether solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal dams, electric cars, or anything else the Green industry and its financial ecosystem might conceive.

    What we actually need is a rediscovery of, and commitment to, a simpler way of life that involves fewer human beings, leading simpler lifestyles that require far fewer resources to sustain.

    Likely the kind of existence that American Transcendentalist writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau would have approved of.

    Bright Green Lies

    Planet of the Humans

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - Until such time that moral law predominates, and while we as a human family work toward this objective, the United States shall meaningfully recommit to the standard of conventional law. Meaning, for example, that all persons having come here illegally shall be deported, with exceptions for those whose life would be genuinely imperiled or present other especially compelling reasons to remain.

    Persons brought here unknowingly, especially children, are exempt from these guidelines.

    Moreover, illegal or not, while not American citizens, these individuals are brothers and sisters in our larger human family, usually suffering and in many cases greatly suffering brothers and sisters, at that, and under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will not be mistreated or intimidated. The very fact that the United States remains their objective suggests that our appeal as a center for morality and function of life remains high. Whether President or citizen, this pleases me greatly. How about you?




    All immigrants must learn basic English within one year, additional year extension upon approved application. Partial ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language) financial assistance can be applied for by new citizens suffering genuine hardship.

    I'd also like to see a second test administered after five years, demonstrating a more advanced level of English literacy. There would be no further testing after that, but immigrants would be encouraged to continue their cultural and linguistic educations.

    The DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will, of course, be friendly to the common-sense English-as-Official-Language idea.

    Immigrants today will be expected to demonstrate the same drive toward citizenship, cultural and linguistic literacy, and assimilation into America and American society that previous generations of immigrants, such as Italian, German, and others, demonstrated. Entrance into America remains a privilege, so entrants will be expected to understand and behave accordingly. You must strive to be an asset to America, your new country, as America will undoubtedly be an asset to you, and your family.


    According to The Free Dictionary:

    Pronouns are some of the most useful words in the English language. They are used in the place of a noun to avoid it having to be named twice. For example: Suzy threw the boomerang and it came back to her. In this sentence, "it" is a pronoun that represents the boomerang, and "her" is a pronoun that refers to Suzy. Without pronouns, we'd have to say Suzy threw the boomerang and the boomerang came back to Suzy. Without pronouns, how would we even say "we"?

    There is, however, a current within American culture seeking to distort-unto-death our conventional pronoun system, based on what they assert, or what indeed may be, latter-day shifts in gender identification. Grossly-misguided brother columnist John McWhorter explains and exemplifies it thusly:

    The other day I had occasion to use the pronoun "they" in the new way, referring to a specific person. Not your grandfather's singular "they" with its generic meaning - "A student can hand their paper in early if they want to" - but "they" as in, "Roberta wants a haircut, and they also want some highlights."

    In negotiating the latest attack, or at least concerted attempt to undermine the structure of our English system of pronouns (ESP), the language is going to remain traditional and standard under my Administration. Standard English will remain as it is, as it has well-served this nation and indeed the entire English-speaking world, which is to say just about all of Humanity.

    In terms of the substance, let's make short work of this perverse idea, shall we?

    Yes, language changes, has changed and will continue to change--when it has to. When there's a genuine and substantial reason for it to change. There is no such reason, now. As a neologist, myself (coiner of new words) and the inventor of the DEBENEDETTO DICTIONARY, I'm sympathetic to flexible use of language--flexibility, not outright evisceration.

    Regarding our pronoun structure, changes have already occurred over the years--leaving us with the workable and intuitive system that we now have. All the changes and shake-outs that had to occur to pronouns under standard English have already occurred, leaving usage at its proper resting point, or point of equilibrium or balance. There is nowhere else to go now--such usage is perfect.

    The only possible direction that we could go in, were our opponents to really push this issue--is down.

    As a writer I'm disinclined toward this kind of shift. As President I'd have an additional reason for such disinclination: in our increasingly technical world language is the lever by which these technologies are developed, operated, and maintained, from the computers running a complex open-heart surgery to those helping run an aircraft in distress, perhaps in a critical ongoing exchange with one (or more) air-traffic control towers. Even a syllable, and in some cases literally one letter can have a radically different, and sometimes actually opposing, meaning. Moreover, even on the intechnical (i.e. non-technical) front standardization of language is increasingly critical as we attempt to negotiate and in some good measure integrate vast shifts in the movement of populations often into America or other English-speaking nations.

    It's been recently found that our human disciplines of science and philosophy have been incorrect in their interpretation and definition of a key idea in Physics for the past 300 years. The reason for their gaffe? A misread of a single word.

    Accordingly, while the English language is dynamic and will continue to grow and change somewhat, changes to core linguistic elements such as parts of speech cannot be tolerated in a language such as English where these elements are mature and already understood and indeed often mastered by those speaking English, and upon which so many technical, economic, and even social systems depend, often, in fact, on a global scale, and sometimes by persons on that globe whose grasp of English may already be insufficient. An air-traffic controller in Bombay, India must be able to understand a colleague in Tokyo, Japan or Auckland, New Zealand--in an emergency, perhaps during the same exchange.

    The technical systems of the latter-day, then, must be run not only according to standard English, but standard English that is as easy to understand as possible, while remaining true to reasonable and/or expected denotative and connotative meanings.

    Having written this, I maintain a self-declared "Learning Presidency," so in this spirit I would like to converse with an advocate of such new use of language so I may learn why they seek such change.

    And Then There Were Three

    Further complicating and confounding the linguistic picture, and serving as the final nail in the coffin of the desire for a they/them paradigm is the new reality, and it displeases me to no end, of so-called Artificial Intelligence, comprising yet another parameter of understanding that we have to concern ourselves with, that is, another entity that we must ensure can understand our linguistic constructions.

    They (or it) that must understand (or simulate understanding) of our constructions now includes:

    1. Persons fluent in English.

    2. Persons not fluent in English.

    3. Computer circuitry called Artificial Intelligence, some of which will appear fluent in English.

    October 07, 2022



    I just caught the tail end of an interview conducted by Alison Stewart, host of the NPR program ALL OF IT, in which she was speaking with "Kit" someone about their book on the purported history of transgenderism. Referring to the interviewee, Ms. Stewart twice spoke incorrectly of "their" book, ala':  "And here's Kit Carson; the name of their book is..." Of course, immediately upon hearing the plural pronoun I thought of multiple persons. But there were no multiple persons. The propensity, indeed likelihood of confusion, perhaps great confusion, that will come about from this kind of construction, and the damage that it could wreak on this nation (and, indeed, the world), especially in a mission critical incident, situation, or environment where minute shades of meaning could actually mean the difference between life and death, whether of an individual, a country, or the entire planet. This reality caused me to realize, and immediately commit to, ensuring that such constructions are actually declared illegal in America.

    Language must be precise, especially in our world fraught as it is with anarchy, violence, and technical, financial, and increasingly environmental chaos. Such profligate usage cannot and under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will not be tolerated. As stated near the end of this document, as President I'm going to provide you an America that has returned to SANITY.

    Transgender and related persons can indulge themselves, or otherwise fashion their lives, as they wish. But they cannot ask me to remake the nation in like fashion--I simply won't do it.

    Standardization of Knowledge

    Pronoun use, already flexible enough to accommodate any and all social dynamism, will also remain as it is because of the necessity in this technical age for what I term the standardization of knowledge, presented and discussed, above. That is, the protocol and guideline that all knowledge, theoretical and practical, be available, passively and actively, to all people. This method of operation and communication objective becomes overly-complex when not just information must be standardized and disseminated, but the language of dissemination is or becomes nonstandard, as will occur if our longstanding framework of pronouns is compromised.

    I assure you that none of this is occurring to persons advocating this perverse shift in our system of pronouns. Luckily, like so much else that's critical to consider in the governance and management of this nation, it's occurring to me--and I'm communicating it to you.

    make english official language united states

    - Make English the Official Language of the United States -

    - Make English the Official Language of the Human Race -

    NATIONAL DEFENSE - The armed forces shall be rebuilt into a fearsome and advanced fighting force, able to win full-scale wars on at least two fronts. Impediments to effective fighting such as fast or junk food, inordinate time spent continually fiddling with smartphones, or inordinate focus on pornography or sex, shall be severely discouraged.

    Additionally, U.S. Force Readiness, i.e. training and equipment maintenance, shall no longer suffer in favor of acquisition of new weapons systems.

    Moreover, the Readiness and national security absurdity of relying on Chinese or other foreign industry for key components for American military and related systems must be stopped. Our own capacity to create such components must be developed immediately.

    As of May 2019 there is a similar problem in the pharmaceutical industry that must be stopped:  in yet another example of the general and overall decline of America, U.S. pharmaceutical companies lack manufacturing plants to produce generic drugs, and must therefore rely inordinately on foreign manufacturing facilities in China and India, where tainted product is routinely manufactured, and companies often falsify records and destroy evidence to deceive the FDA, and compromise its inspections.

    NATIONAL SECURITY - Clearly, one of, if not the, most potent threats to the physical security of the United States is the legalization, and even decriminalization of dope, including and perhaps especially the drug marijuana.

    There is nothing an enemy would like better, and that would serve as a predictable prelude to American defeat or stalemate in both cold and hot war, than a stoned American fighting force, and stoned persons among the wide variety of support personnel, military and civilian, spread throughout the country and even the world, that our fighting force depends on.

    Nor do any of these individuals need be actively stoned. A week of refraining from getting high means absolutely nothing for a person who's been getting high all the time, or even on a regular basis, for weeks, month, or years. The THC buildup in the bloodstream and fat cells, in concert with the multifarious weakness of mind and laxity of drive that regular drug use creates, will be more than sufficient to place our fighting forces at a decided, and likely critical, disadvantage, in any cold or hot war.

    For these and other critical reasons Marijuana and all drugs will be strictly illegal under the De Benedetto Administration.

    Whether you're military personnel or a weekend warrior enjoying parachute-jumping:  all things being equal, whom do you want folding your parachute--the person who smokes dope, or the person who does not?

    If the latter, then you needn't continue agonizing or simply wondering whether you advocate the legalization or even decriminalization of dope--you don't. And if your wife, kids, family, friends, manager, co-workers, and neighbors want you alive after your jump--then they don't advocate the legal./decrim., either.

    Tell them.

    All laws legalizing and even decriminalizing dope will be completely repealed as soon as possible. Legalization of dope injures the public intellect, and public behavior notably including resolve and will, critical in a time of hot, and even cold, war, thus strengthening the hand of our enemies. On the day that dope is legalized and even decriminalized in all 50 states, we can expect the enemies of America to host the biggest celebratory victory party the world has ever seen, in honor of the permanent evisceration of the strength of American spirit, character, will, and resolve, and thus American power, and the newfound relative ease of their continuing efforts to undermine this nation and its values, and by extension and extrapolation the entire West and all that it is.


    And how and why during the 1980s and 1990s, especially at a time when the United States was running around the world attempting to persuade nuclear suppliers to deny Iran even peaceful-use nuclear technology, did the United States and her allies miss the clandestine transfer in the mid-1980s of nuclear technologies from Pakistan to Iran?

    This was arguably a national security blunder arguably as large as our failure to detect the 9/11 Al Qaida offensive against the United States.

    My full National Security argument is found here.

    Immediate Investigation

    Immediately upon taking office I'm going to order our security agencies--all of them--to begin a serious inquiry into precisely who is advocating for the legalization and decriminalization of dope in America. For it's possible that our enemies, using front groups and persons, could be behind the apparent large-scale effort in the United States to legalize and decriminalize marijuana and related drugs.

    Please also see a more extensive treatment of this vital National Security issue in the free online draft of my new book arguing against any introduction, with a possible medical exception, of drugs into American society.

    JOHN MCCAIN - Voting for John McCain for President in 2008, I will never accept the ChickenHawk Donald Trump attacking and insulting the good name of John McCain--clearly, an American hero.

    On the basis of these attacks, alone, neither Conservatives, nor anyone else should ever cast a vote for this out-of-order chickenhawk, although Donald Trump's baffling obsequiousness toward all-things Putin suggests that Mr. Trump doesn't even deserve the "hawk" portion of the pejorative "chickenhawk."

    POLICE - I have formulated a seminal policing paradigm that I call T.A.B. POLICING. The T.A.B. component, to be revealed later, refers to an unusual approach to, or philosophy of, protection, rooted in Agape (i.e. Love of Neighbor) that can be incorporated into the basic policing function.

    It most certainly will NOT involve de-funding the police.

    Brothers & Sisters, Fellow Americans, there is but one way that the concept of "police" could ever become irrelevant:  when there is a change in the human heart toward goodness, rendering the police, as presently defined, unnecessary.

    Moreover, as a general protection paradigm or philosophy, T.A.B. can even reshape the way gun owners approach their weapons for home and personal protection, providing an interesting, intriguing, and exciting new dimension to both ownership of, and perspectives on use of, firearms.

    More to come.

    NATIONAL DEFENSE, MILITARY SERVICE - Every able-bodied American of at least 21 years of age shall serve a minimum of two years in the Armed Forces; three years recommended. Persons who cannot serve in a conventional capacity owing to age or disability, shall serve in administrative or other non-combat positions.

    Once elected, or before, I, myself, as President will either begin basic training in a branch of our Armed Forces, or will assist at a local recruiting center.

    It's impossible for me to do so at the present time, as I remain the sole full-time caregiver to my Mother, 90yo and bedridden.

    Age of service in the American military to increase from 18 to 21 years of age, at which time we'll hope that at least a few of the toes of the recruit will have been dipped into adult waters.

    Reasons for Compulsory Service

    The Primacy of Ideas

    In my book draft LOVE:  PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD I assert that only Philosophy will save the world. By this I don't necessarily refer to the academic or even pragmatic discipline of philosophy, but more the focus of Philosophy on ideas. On ideas as drivers of both human behavior and change. We can subscribe to the "Great Man" theory of history, provided we understand, in keeping with my admonition that we always seek the root of a problem, idea, or circumstance, that a great man or woman is usually thought so because of something they have accomplished, some act or action in which they have engaged. But not any act would be seen as laudatory, only certain acts. Which ones? Why, those in keeping with our value system, that is, those that represent or embody those ideas that we consider most valuable.

    For a simple, perhaps simplistic example:  a man who murders ten people would not be considered a great man, for we don't generally value such a casual appreciation of life--cavalier disrespect for life is not an idea that we embrace. But a man who feeds ten people likely would be considered a great man, or certainly a good one, for the preservation and indeed expansion of life is a value, an idea, that we revere.

    Ideas, then, drive the world, as contained in, and announced by, the subtitle of this document:  "...the Primacy of Ideas," and Philosophy, among all disciplines, takes the idea as its foundational element:  it's chunk of clay to be molded, its bloc of stone to be chiseled.

    Why compulsory military service? Because America is, above all else, an idea, and a revolutionary one, at that, and every man, woman, and child must learn what it means to defend an idea. Must learn to defend those ideas that matter most, that they and their culture revere.

    Under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, each of us will serve two years in the United States Armed Forces, a time for which each of you will come to be thankful, for the ways that it has bountifully enriched, added to, not subtracted, or detracted from, your lives.

    Seraph, an interesting and powerful character in the second and third installments of the The Matrix film series, asserts, in defining his role and raison d'etre:  "I protect that, which matters most."

    And so must we.


    Military service is noble and needed.

    The ideal soldier, "the best of the best"?

    When your martial skills are peerless. Second to none.

    And so is your morality--so you may never have to use those skills against another human being, unless genuinely and absolutely necessary.


    . . . . .

    Message From Marines.Com Web Site Public Home Page

    AGE OF ADULTHOOD - There will be serious exploration of increase in legal age of adulthood from 18 to 21 years of age in America, at which time all rights and privileges, and duties and responsibilities of adulthood shall begin, such as:  military service, voting, and purchase or use of such items that can be hazardous to the self or others such as alcohol, firearms, and heavy or otherwise injurious equipment such as leafblowers.

    If the massacres in Buffalo, N.Y. and Uvalde, Texas taught us anything, firmly supported by years of developmental research, it's that an 18 year old human being is NOT an adult in cognition and emotion, that is, in brain development. It's time that our related legal infrastructure reflects this and once it does, much personal and social contortion will revert to a proper equilibrium and equanimity, resulting, especially in concert with then new reinforced ethic of love, connection, and trust between Americans, in fewer, if any, catastrophic events such as school shootings.

    VETERANS & VETERAN'S AFFAIRS - We don't have to support every war to support those who fought in them. Some wars, of course, such as WWII, are universally supported.

    support united states war combat veterans

    - Support United States Combat and other Veterans -

    paralyzed veterans of america support united states war combat veterans war injury

    - Support Paralyzed & other Severely Injured United States Combat Veterans -

    national world war II 2 museum


    - Young People, Learn Your History! -

    INADVERTENT INJURY TO AMERICA - Of which the legalization of dope, as briefly outlined above, is an excellent example, occurs in other ways, as well. For example, if one listens to political talk radio, one is familiar with various "conservative" hosts who routinely hurl oceans of invective, sometimes vulgar, at various politicians and figures of the opposing political point of view. The excoriation is routinely so harsh that, if you didn't know that the host was referring to an opposition American politician--often the President of the United States--you'd think that they must have been, indeed could only have been, impugning one of America's enemies, likely her worst.

    The problem is that if the most extreme language is used by American radio hosts in slander of American politicians, what kind of language is left to describe the genuine enemies of America? We'd want to use the strongest possible language to condemn and indict our enemies, yet it seems that this body of opprobrium has already been used to tear down our own leaders.

    Accordingly, I intend to study this phenomenon and attempt to redress, or at least curb, it. Media commentators will be educated on this problem and urged to restrain themselves. I believe that the fact that we're all Americans, media hosts and politicians, alike, in concert with the new ethic of Love that will partially underpin my Presidency, will comprise a potent enough mix, force, to curb this insidious phenomenon.

    EDUCATION - Mathematics and gymnastics will be returned to every school district in America. The former sharpens the mind, the latter, the body and the mind.

    A central and permanent question that my campaign, like my work in social science for a long time now, will continue to pose, is:   could the United States produce another Einstein?

    My Fellow Americans, Brothers and Sisters;  I assure you that the loss of two of the activities most relevant to the development of the mind, gymnastics and mathematics, will not assist in, nor increase the likelihood of the latter-day appearance of such a figure. Between this and the amount of distraction in our modern culture--from smartphones, to fast food, to deafening leafblowers, it doesn't, at present, look good.

    This is going to change under my Administration, however--I assure you.

    American theoretical physicist and wartime head of the Los Alamos Laboratory, J. Robert Oppenheimer, credited, among others as "father of the atomic bomb" for his role in the Manhattan Project, the World War II research project that developed the first nuclear weapons, said:  

    "There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago."

    Who, then, will our next Einstein be? If a younger person, it could well be you! If a parent, your son or daughter!

    Let's find out, shall we?


    The teaching of history, from world to local, to all students, at all grade levels, will be a priority under the DE BENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, for, as issued by George Santayana it's likely that "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it," because history provides a frame of reference for understanding the basic logic, importance, and significance of the events and personages of today, that frame a vital key to understanding, and thus the ability to negotiate the events of today with competence, resolve, creativity, insight, and in a manner congruent with, if not Actualizing, our most important values. And of course, full knowledge of history is a key assist in coming to understand what those values are, in the first place.

    The attempt to negotiate the present with little or no knowledge of the past, is like attempting to traverse a dense jungle with neither map nor compass.

    History, American

    Students and young people today know little of the history of America, their own country. This is going to change under my Administration. In fact, here are some resources for use in starting to learn American history, right now. Why wait?

      THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA - This enhanced documentary series provides of the "Robber Barons," America's legendary group of pioneering industrialists and bankers, this superbly-done series remains of note, and a must-watch and discuss. It provides a detailed portrayal of four of America's most famous, or infamous, if you prefer, "Robber Barons," those industrialist tycoons who, while generally acting without concern for the common man, or indeed any man including each other, built colossal, influential, and indeed vital industries often from nothing, that would form the industrial and financial backbone of America, permitting it to rise to global prominence, and then dominance, a role it would categorically occupy for many years to come.

      To learn of these men and their exploits is to learn, at once, much of what can be seen as bad about America, and much of what can be seen as great. After watching and absorbing this narrative, you will understand America, your own country, and its values good and bad, far better, likely better than you ever have or could.

      While this enhanced documentary series does not properly convey the misery and suffering among the American public (and likely, peoples elsewhere) caused by the actions of the "Robber Barons," America's legendary group of pioneering industrialists and bankers. Their often poor, if not abysmal treatment of their workers, the American population, and the country, generally, is not properly represented in this production, but could be, in a Zinn-style separate documentary series.

    COMPETENCE & THE WORK ETHIC - Permanent public education campaign to dramatically increase the functional (and moral, see Love Ethic, above) excellence of America:  all persons on the job are to get their noses out of their smart phones and focus competently on their job and their work. This exhortation directed to every role and occupation from police officer, to construction worker, to doctor, secretary, to armed forces member.

    Under my Administration, America will see dramatic movement toward Actualization, that is, being the best nation that it is capable of being. Needless to say, large-scale successful introduction of such an ethic would put America back on the map in a huge way in terms of the worldwide appeal of its entire suite of products and services.


    None of this is even remotely possible, however, if the American population is fatigued, ill, distracted, high, or otherwise suffering any substantive form of what I term the decline of mind, which is largely why we must act with intelligent deliberation to preserve the mind, and why, therefore, we cannot permit engagement in any activity nor use of any substance or agent that compromises the mind, that is, our ability to think or engage any sensate function.

    GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION - The Department of Homeland Security will be renamed. Labeled under the George W. Bush administration, the lack of facility in language of the President may have been why this vaguely Nazi-sounding name was selected. Homeland...Fatherland?

    Additionally, to my knowledge there is no tradition in America of conceptualizing the nation as our "homeland." Replacement names might include Department of National Security.

    This title has bothered me since it was first ascribed, and under my administration it will be changed, forthwith.

    COLLABORATION - Upon my election as President I will convene a round-table series of conversations with every former President, televised in whole or part, repeated as often as necessary.

    As far as I'm concerned the Presidency in the modern age is a position of great complexity. Though one's vision for the country may be straightforward, as mine generally is, the devil is always or often in the details, and to wade through those details the experiences, and in some cases the intellect, of the former occupants of that Office could prove invaluable. Such conversations, at the very least, will demonstrate the politically expansive perspective of the De Benedetto Administration.

    Nor am I averse to inclusion of persons of other parties in my Administration, as exemplified by the Abraham Lincoln, then Barack Obama Administrations.

    ABORTION - My view on this issue has changed, somewhat. Follow my thinking, below.

    We've got to stop killing Americans, so abortion shall be outlawed. A large scale, effective, nationwide network of adoption shall be created and fully funded, so as to integrate into the life of the nation and its culture. Said effort shall be promulgated globally to influence every other nation to stop the global genocidal holocaust of humans emerging in and from the womb.

    The assertion that a woman's body is hers to control as she wishes is easily corrected, as it requires only a small technical correction:  once conception occurs, there now exists a second body, not the mother's. This becomes clear enough after only a few weeks of development, when the new being will have formed their own hands, feet, and beating heart. As a separate body, and being, in accord with both American, universal, and natural law, it has de facto, and implicitly, it's own right to exist.

    The abortion question, in large measure, is a consideration and examination of whether a given mother will enforce, or destroy, that right.

    Termination of abortion rights will be of no real consequence, however, as no woman will have to keep and parent a child whom she does not want. All children are to be born, but unwanted children will be given for adoption immediately. This addresses the concern of the mother about keeping a child, while still sparing the life of the child.

    Of course, those of us of age*, who have been around the block, know that after carrying her child to term and then giving birth, rare will be the woman, young or otherwise, who will look into the eyes, and at the face, of that infant and still elect to relinquish it.


    Persons of liberal and sometimes even centrist politics take it as an article of faith that every vulnerable group should be protected and assisted--and of course they're right.

    But their understanding of vulnerability and accordingly what groups should be considered vulnerable and rendered assistance is inconsistent. Indeed do liberals consider and construe many social groupings vulnerable, from the homeless, to minorities, to members of the homosexual and transgender communities. Where they fall down on the job, however, is in the premature termination of their list; its lack of comprehensiveness. They curtail their identification of such groups prematurely, meaning, there's at least one vulnerable group left to be protected.

    Just when they arrive, or would and should arrive at the doorstep of this last vulnerable group do they permit themselves incongruity, that is, inconsistency, as that last group that is obviously and transparently our most vulnerable--what I term emerging humans, that is, the fetus and embryo in the womb, aren't on the liberal list as they cut it off prematurely, declaring it finished and complete.

    I, however, in fashioning my list do not entertain such a shortcoming or oversight. My list does not suffer such a gap or omission, no such "hanging chad." I tally all vulnerable groups for inclusion, especially our obviously most vulnerable. I don't cut my list off unless every weak and vulnerable population is included.

    Ergo, as I'm deliberately protecting and advocating protection for more vulnerable populations than most liberals, I out-liberal the liberals. As a conservative, I am the ultimate liberal: actually more liberal than most liberals, by their own standard.

    Further fact and perspective can be found in my anti-abortion essay (presently unavailable).


    The Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, besides being instrumental in the legalization of dope in this state, and advocating abortion to term, seeks to expand abortion in N.J., and, in fact, make us a sanctuary city for women wanting to abort. In asserting this, I couldn't believe that I heard him use the explicitly oxymoronic descriptor "abortion care" at 11:13am (around May 10, 2022) in a news segment on NPR. He was noting his attempt to expand the murderous procedure in N.J. and he actually used that phrase.

    Governor Murphy's advocacy of both dope and abortion makes perfect sense:  smoking dope will likely encourage promiscuous, irresponsible sexual activity, probably leading to pregnancy. However, as Phil Murphy would probably tell you:  a simple abortion clears this problem right up.


    *I've always proffered a mild objection to the de facto vaguely preferential descriptor "of color," used only to describe persons with brown-hued skin. As a Caucasian, I'm "of color," as well--my skin is beige. Beige is a color.

    In of age, however, I've found a counterbalancing descriptor that I think is not just clever, but possessive of actual descriptive and explanatory utility (i.e. usefulness), as well. I define persons of age as minimum 50 years old. I, then, at almost 62 years old, am clearly "of age." Are you?

    CRIME - Crime is a human phenomenon that is very easy to understand. Strictly speaking, crime is a rubric, that is, a category, that refers to and includes the aggregate acts of violation of the set of established laws, known as "The Law," in short, of a given society. One would typically say, for example, "He broke the law."

    Crime, as a rubric, a class of violative actions, consists of acts such as theft, assault, murder, rape, slander, libel, trespass, transport of narcotics, use of narcotics, transport of child abuse imagery, creation of child abuse imagery, forgery, fraud, and many other acts that violate at least one established law.


    DeBenedetto Diagnosis

    Let's understand what crime actually is. Crime is a template, an overlay that we place on certain kinds of transgressive behavior. If a kind of transgression is prohibited by a law, then its commission is called crime. It's important to understand this because once we do, we understand that in regard to these violations, whatever they may be, we're not actually dealing with a "crime" problem. There is actually no such thing as a "crime" problem, because there is actually no such thing as crime. There's only transgression against others, some forms of which are officially prohibited by man-made rules against that form of transgression, these rules being called laws.

    Crime is an excellent example of our lack of connection. Is your mother or father going to mug you? Is your son or daughter going to steal your car? Is your next-door neighbor going to burn your house down? Is your cousin going to rape your wife? Is your best friend going to hit you with a baseball bat? Is your child's school principal going to commit fraud against you?

    The answer to all these questions is:  "Highly unlikely."

    Why? Because in all these cases the possible assailant has a human connection to you--husband, wife, son, daughter, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, best friend, neighbor, high-school principal, and persons don't generally harm others with whom they have or feel a connection. So even the crime problem would greatly benefit were there a greater sense of connection among people.

    Thus, when we apply the DeBenedetto Diagnosis the crime problem evaporates, and we're left simply with we had before and, in fact, have always had, nothing less and nothing more:  human transgression, the mistakes that we all make, of every kind.

    I've claimed in this Internet document that Love, properly understood is the foundational answer to every human problem. So-called crime is another excellent example, as even crime is affected by Love--in the presence of Love crime is virtually non-existent.

    Now that we've cleared the field conceptually, and clearly understand what we're dealing with, we can address the problem.


    Legendary metal band Judas Priest got nuthin' on me as I resolutely warn every American:

    DO NOT BREAK THE LAW. This admonition applies to all persons violating or considering violation of the law, whether in a street gang, the corporate boardroom--or the Police Department, itself. The arm of the Law is long, indeed, and eventually you're going to get caught. For some of you, those egotistical or simply dumb enough to imagine that you're not getting caught and you never will, your apprehension and arrest is going to be particularly traumatic for you--because you simply never saw it coming.

    It's coming. Law Enforcement is out there and it's watching. Perpetual lawbreakers will come to its attention sooner or later. BE SMART--whatever illegality you're involved in, stop it immediately. Consult a lawyer if necessary to ensure that you really are in the clear and will not be arrested or charged even after the fact, in other words even after you've ceased your activities. Yes--that can happen.

    Breaking the law is particularly egregious (i.e. very bad or severe) because in most cases it hurts other Americans, other human beings. You DON'T want to do that. Remember the 2nd plank in my Presidential platform? CONNECTION. Bringing Americans TOGETHER, which we must do to save this country (and the world, BTW). Crime also contributes to chaos and anarchy in society--I think we have quite enough of that already both in American society, and around the world, don't you think?

    So do yourself, your family, your community, and this country a favor and DO NOT BREAK THE LAW, in any way, whether infractions large, or perceived small.


    As this Internet document will, and many other on-and-offline print and other resources have, documented, noise, a problem garnering essentially no attention from those in authority nor even our mainstream environmental organizations, is, in fact, an utterly horrific problem for everyone. Noise is a many-headed hydra whose aggressive tentacles reach directly into every sphere of American life, and directly into the human mind, itself.

    The most egregious, pernicious, and insidious noise problem today is probably the gravely-misnamed leafblower.

    For the most tentative of beginnings, please see Quality-of-Life, below.

    QUALITY-OF-LIFE - Among the key issues eroding American's quality of life is noise, so this issue will be aggressively redressed by the De Benedetto Administration.

    Redress of this problem is also, like restoration of gym and math considered above, relevant to whether the United States could ever produce another Einstein. Given present noise levels across much of America, especially from that now-ubiquitous device, as odd as it is injurious as it is superfluous--the so-called "leafblower," one can't even hear themselves think, much less generate the intensive and extended streams of thought required to achieve Einsteinian excellence in Physics, or any other discipline.

    Another Einstein? In fact, with present levels of noise and cultural distraction I wonder whether the United States could even produce another Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

    These unnecessary devices, moreover, are significant contributors to climate change, a problem now of existential proportion, so for this reason, as well as the noise, vibration, and toxic airborne mix that they generate--they must, and will, be gone under my Administration.

    In fact, you'll find this "Another Einstein," the "AE Question," serving as the grand referent or arbiter on many questions of policy and program:  if a given action would tend to increase the likelihood of producing another Einstein, the De Benedetto Administration will tend to support it, and vice-versa.

    Best, Brightest, by the Boatload

    "Quality of Life" (Q.O.L.) is a notion and reality that covers a lot of ground in terms of what it means, and to whom it applies. For example, besides describing the relative satisfaction of life in America for our own native-born citizens, Q.O.L., poor Q.O.L., can affect the flow of talented foreign students and professionals who elect to emigrate to America for her premier educational institutions, and later to live, work, and we presume achieve here at the highest levels, further enhancing and burnishing the image of America, as both the center for global innovation and the country offering the most advanced, robust, and world-class post-graduate education and research facilities, programs, and opportunities.

    Questions, then, pertaining to noise, levels of violence, and a number of other Q.O.L. parameters remain key for short-and-long term viability of this nation for everyone, native-born and foreign, alike, and as such will remain fixed on my radar as President.

    If your activities, equipment, or technologies generate disruptive levels of noise, or are outright crimes, be warned that they, and you if uncooperative, will be at dead-center of my Presidential bullseye.


    What is the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION going to do about your guns?

    I anticipate no significant changes to federal, state, or local gun policy.

    Yes, aggressive encouragement of voluntary safety checks and secure storage. Occasional reminders that, as intelligent policies bear fruit and citizens tend to feel safer, we do want, as biblically prescribed, to voluntarily beat as many of those guns into plowshares as we can, as soon as possible.

    And we must and will seriously consider the views of the law enforcement community, as this is the group going up against firearms every day.

    I take this general "hands-off" policy position because:

    1. We have a tradition in America of legally-mandated gun ownership. We are a gun culture. It is not the place of government to abandon or emasculate essential American traditions.

    2. Guns, inanimate objects, are not our problem, anyway. Our problem is people, us, and the moral void in which we live, an American and, indeed, human family lost in the ethico-existential wilderness. And as such, striking out at others using any weapon we can find. Just yesterday came the news, for example, that a man in Norway killed five persons using...a gun? No, a bow-and-arrow.

    3. Most gun deaths are suicides, again suggesting that what at first blush is an issue of weapons is really something else, in this case a society that evidently breeds inordinate despair, and/or psychological instability.

    4. The affinity that many Americans have for guns is comprehensible. Aside from hunting and sport, we're drawn toward guns because we rightly perceive the present danger and volatility (i.e. wild unpredictability) in society:  that our property and even our lives, or that of our loved ones, can be taken from us at any time through violence or theft, and we see guns as providing protection and control, which, of course, they do.

      Of course, what we're talking about here is the critical issue of TRUST, discussed above, already under aggressive attack in the United States. And likely to worsen as increasing numbers of states ignorantly throw themselves from the highest precipice by legalizing drugs, such that an increasing percentage of the American population will be walking around high, compromising every part and factor of operation of this society, as well as contining the existing erosion of the human brain.

      America becoming a third-world nation? With this sort of trend, we should be so lucky.

      Arguably, a key reason that guns are a necessity in a society, implicit in the original cited reason conceived and penned by The Framers, is that it's my right not to trust you. The problem is, certain societies or certain elements within a society, whether individual, government, corporate, tribe, clan, or any other grouping of persons, in some cases no doubt thinking themselves with the best of intention, will override my right and use force, themselves. When the "Human Services" Department of my town appeared on my doorstep an April 07, 2022, with both men and women wearing guns on their belts, commonly called "police," with related vehicles in the street, and told me they were here to ensure the "well-being" of my Mother, and to do so were coming into my home, and I had nothing to say about it, they were unquestionably employing the threat of force. I never met any of these people in my life, why should I trust them? With my Mother's life, no less? Answer--I shouldn't. Unless I elect to. It's my decision. Had I elected not to trust them, and they insisted, which they would have, it would arguably have been my socio-existential right to stop them--and for this I would likely have needed a gun or other weapon, or at very least an impregnable house. And even this latter means of repulsion would have been of limited utility as I'd be leaving the home sooner or later to market, exercise, or visit a friend, providing a temporal window of entry to the invaders.

      In fact, with reference to the vexation or confusion in some quarters regarding why semi-automatic or even automatic weapons are necessary, I again refer to this group of about five or more persons on my doorstep, at least two of whom were police officers:  had I elected to exercise what should be my socio-existential right to protect my beloved Mother from this group of complete strangers asserting a right to her, only a such a weapon would have had the necessary dispersive firepower to readily repel the entire group.

      But what of all my previous work in social science advocating the creation, as does Dr. King, of the much-vaunted and long-awaited Brotherhood of Man & Woman, a society, nay, community, nay, human family based explicitly on Love?

      What of it? Much as it's said that "A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having," it might be argued that the Brotherhood of Man & Woman without civil liberties and all putative characteristics of a modern society emerges from the womb crippled.

      In any society, Trust must be earned, not forced by unilateral excision or exclusion of the tools of mistrust--like guns.

      ("tools of mistrust," © 2022 Vincent Frank De Benedetto)

      (10:11a, Sunday, June 05, 2022; the characteristic of Trust is so valuable in a society, along with Truth, that I think I'll capitalize it from now on. This is my first time, just above.)

    In fact, rather than any subtraction from the firearms-owning experience, through my new T.A.B. paradigm for personal defense and protection, briefly introduced above in my POLICING section, I'm going to bring an interesting, exciting, and certainly challenging addition!

    I will add at this time, June 2022, that I personally do not own a gun, nor any other weapon of any kind, nor have ever even held a gun or other weapon.


    Hard-Core, Hard-Care

    Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters, being a gun culture doesn't mean that this is all we can be--the America that I know, that I've always known for her excellence and exceptionalism is a place that is nothing if not tough, confident, innovative, successful, and flexible on all counts.

    Ergo (i.e. therefore), America can have and be a gun culture and a culture of love, respect, and support for one another, and, in fact, as many hard-core firearms enthusiasts are also Christians, we might remind ourselves of our roles not just as gun enthusiasts, but Christian gun enthusiasts. And thus our duty and desire to remain committed to the continuing maintenance, and growth, of our American Christian culture. We want our hard-core gun ownership and enthusiasm to bring with it hard-care, that is, the active attention to, and assistance in, the welfare of others that is the radical love that Christ taught, the Second Great Commandment of Christ, in fact.

    IF WE'RE TO BE A NATION WITH ESSENTIALLY UNRESTRICTED GUN OWNERSHIP, we must counterbalance this right by deliberately maintaining ourselves as a nation actively living the principle of Love toward each other, all the time, across all situations and circumstances. This, whether we elect to ground our belief in Love in God, or some other religious or philosophical principle or perspective. Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters, just as Conservatism is not an excuse or euphemism for bigotry, gun ownership and our 2nd Amendment right must not be an excuse for wanton and thoughtless killing, or narcissistic aggression or even intimidation.

    Even with a gun in your hand, in fact, especially with a gun in your hand, you always try very hard to save that life, not extinguish it. You shoot for the knee, not the heart. And in doing so, you reveal your own merciful heart.

    We must all realize that there is a world of difference between the various firearm spheres:  owning a gun, in no way means that you must use the gun, and using the gun, in no way means that you must kill with the gun. Each of these can be understood as its own fully separate sphere of reality and experience.


    "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

    . . . . .

    V, Protagonist in the Film "V for Vendetta"

    HOMOSEXUALITY (i.e. being gay) - Persons feeling themselves to be homosexual shall undergo a prescribed period of psychological counseling, perhaps three years, to ascertain the validity and veracity of said feelings. Said counseling shall include humane, collaborative attempts to de-emphasize homosexual impulses in favor of heterosexual. After the aforementioned period of counseling, however, if said individual still fully understands themselves as homosexual, or gay, then reality has spoken and as many universal rights and privileges that can be afforded them, will be.

    Homosexual individuals are brothers and sisters in our one human family as any other person, and, as such, are to be loved and respected.

    Cultural elements that tend to confuse sexuality, or homosexualize men (or women), such as "transsexual" pornography and Drag Queen Story Hour, shall be sharply discouraged, or outlawed.

    TRANSSEXUAL / TRANSGENDER - This seeming conundrum is easily resolved:  a key concern of conservatives is that the conventional male-female structure be preserved. Yet, in transgenderism we seem to have a third gender. The correct way to understand this phenomenon is that what is called transgenderism is actually a transition period to one of the two conventional genders, which, once attained, leaves the male-female model fully intact.

    For example, if a male asserts that he is actually female, the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will recommend the following therapeutic sequence:

    1. 3-5 years, minimum 3, of high-quality therapy so the individual can confirm in their own mind that they are, indeed, female (it is during this period that the individual can informally consider themselves transgender or transsexual).

    2. Upon conclusion of therapy, if the claim is sustained the gender of said individual will be officially, legally, and permanently changed, all documentation such as drivers license to be modified to reflect the gender change, and both government and society will thereafter consider them female--thus preserving the male-female gender structure.

    This solution, by the way, also contains within it the proper and viable answer to the pronoun problem, for if, after all, there are indeed just two genders, no change in pronouns is required.

    MEN, DE-MASCULINIZATION OF - American culture, without question, has shifted toward an amelioration of the traditional qualities of masculinity, in favor of the feminine, and an emerging Matriarchy. This cannot stand, and will be redressed under the De Benedetto Administration.

    Are you aware that the Chinese government, wisely attempting to curb what is perceived as the feminization of its men, has implemented a formal program to this end?

    And what of the United States? In disturbing and unacceptable contrast, we have, instead, Drag Queen Story Hour.

    The De BENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will reinforce natural, appropriate, traditional gender roles, and encourage cultural conditioning to this end. Every American male, for example, will make an effort to familiarize themselves with, and enjoy, heavy metal music and other decidedly masculine musical forms.


    Americans must, at the present time, ask themselves one critical question:  Have we, or do we intend to, discontinue the male gender in this country? Because it certainly seems that this is the way we are going (right down to the newfound fetishization of cucking, that is, relegation of the role and sexual status of the husband in a marriage such that other men, but not him, have sexual relations with his wife, and he, in a docile manner, cooperates, or even encourages this arrangement).

    If we're to discontinue gender MALE, let's simply admit it, get it over with, castrate all males, attend the next Drag Queen Story Hour and be done with it. From then on, the sole determining hormone in America will be ESTROGEN. Testosterone need no longer apply.

    Men, vote for me or get ready for the coming Matriarchy. Clearly, increasing numbers of woman are in positions of power in this society, and I don't know if, in the main, they're all that interested in traditional conceptions of maleness and masculinity. Some clearly are not, especially since they tend to conflate or at least conceptualize maleness with being Caucasian (i.e. "whiteness") and also in some measure being older in age.

    I have my own hard personal experiences with this explicitly emerging trend that attest to it. To be discussed.

    WOMEN, DE-FEMINIZATION OF - American culture also seems to be shifting toward, if not an outright lesbianization, then a generalized amelioration of some of the traditional qualities of femininity.

    The unique and beautiful character of the female voice, for example, is slowly being ground through a dirty alchemy into an irritating, raspy-throated imitation called vocal fry.

    * * *

    By way of taking a break, if you wish, since we're on the topic of the feminine, and I actually consider it a conservative Article of Faith that men are attracted to women, and women to men:  have a gander at leggy princess Miley Cyrus singing Jaded, a great song.

    [Parental alert: there is one quick instance of profanity in Miley's song. And Miley: not one more tattoo. Not one. And gain about eight pounds.]


    ECONOMY - There shall be a serious reconsideration of reinstatement of the gold standard, with all unsupported currency withdrawn from circulation.

    Additionally, we shall likely centralize, streamline, and thus economize all government income distribution plans such as General and Unemployment Assistance into one stream, the Universal Basic Income. Though presently under discussion in America, in fact this idea was far earlier proposed by social philosopher Erich Fromm in his 1955 masterpiece THE SANE SOCIETY.

    Brothers & Sisters, study this book, along with Dr. Fromm's noted THE ART OF LOVING, particularly his chapter on Brotherly Love (also called Agape [ugg opp' ay] in the language of Greek philosophy).


    TO CEOs

    If you wish to deter the formation of unions at your facility or across your company or industry, I suggest that you dig down deep into your religious beliefs or other spiritual system to reacquaint yourself with the values they teach regarding other people. Most such belief systems and traditions instruct care and concern for others; some religions, such as Christianity make such direction explicit and unmistakable. The Second Great Commandment of Christ is to love your neighbor, your neighbor being, of course everyone. Traditional Conservatism, moreover, always includes a strong component of Christianity and Christian belief.

    If you want to deter the formation of unions, be the kind of CEO whose behavior makes it clear to your employees that you are sincerely and comprehensively looking out for their interests. And bring sufficient wisdom and life-experience to bear to understand that this active connection to others should form the basis of your moral posture and orientation to the world regardless of your corporate position. As CEO, the most visible post in your organization, your obligation to set, and act upon, the strongest and most credible moral standard is absolute.

    Moreover, while collusion is a crime, cooperation between companies for the benefit of workers is to be encouraged. For example, you'll lose your fear of raising employee wages if you know that all other companies in your industry are doing the same thing. There is nothing wrong with coordinating with those companies to effect this, and indeed everything right and moral with it.

    An intense interest by employees in union formation suggests a lack of a Love ethic in whole or part at the workplace on the part of the owner, or in the particular industry by the group of owners. Love, properly understood, can be the solution to the potential problem of union formation, as well as to essentially every other social and economic problem in this country, and across our world, as my Presidential platform and other writing, and that of many other powerful thinkers on Love, make clear. Love, and Love, alone, as a seminal dynamic, robust, and extensible force and principal, brings the country into social, economic, political, and personal balance. Use it to the benefit of your company and industry.


    I will not blindly jettison established nor pending regulation--but I certainly will conduct intelligent, good-faith review of any and all regulation. Those that genuinely serve no purpose will be offered for revocation.

    PRESERVATION OF THE HUMAN RACE - The United States shall lead an international effort to build a powerful planetary defense, in case of extra-terrestrial attack, which scientists increasingly consider possible.

    I will not permit America (nor the human race) to get caught with its pants down, however unlikely some consider this possibility.



    Why am I, right in the middle of my campaign platform document, inserting fragments of information about health? As one interested in health and nutrition for years, I state categorically that these are not fragments, they are just about the most important health counsel anyone could give you--far more important, in fact, in the immediate than even a change in President.

    Who says that I can't start saving American lives now, even before entering the White House? The point is to assist, even save, the nation. Being in the White House is simply a method to permit me to do this far more quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

    As President it's my duty and my pleasure to take as active a role as possible in improving the lives of the entire American population--every single one of you. The U.S. Census Bureau projects the United States population was 332,403,650 on January 01, 2022.

    If you want to begin saving the life of yourself and your loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors, carefully watch and heed this guidance on eating.

    And again, any workers displaced as America transitions to a healthy or healthier lifestyle will receive active assistance from the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION to secure new and possibly better positions.

    Indeed, one of the taglines of my campaign--because I genuinely feel this--is that I want my work and the work of my Administration to Touch Every Life. I want to ensure, and I'm going to so instruct my Cabinet, that it is our mandate to ensure that at some point during my tenure in office something we do will touch a life, such that every life, yes, all 332M of you, are helped in some way, large or small, during my time in office.

    Touch Every Life means--touch your life.


    What is my definition of health, real health?

    Here is the simple health marker by which I, and the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION, are going to measure the success of this nation in Actualizing health:  each citizen reaching Centenarian status, that's 100 years old, before death, 2.) With full cognition intact, including memory.

    We know it can be done--there are many such persons across human history and in the world today., for example, asserts:  "Japan's Kane Tanaka as the oldest confirmed living person in the world at 118 years old."

    And were it done, were someone to reach that age with full mental ability and memory intact, implied is that the other aspects of their health would remain sound, as well.

    If a provider of products or services, are yours of sufficiently salutary character (wholesome and healthy) that they will assist your customers, our citizens, in achieving the objective? If an ordinary citizen, will your lifestyle, including your nutritional choices, lead you to this objective?

    The DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will encourage all parties to shift their activities and operations to this desirable, but, until now, elusive end.


    Here's a suggestion or tip that you and your family can, and indeed, I would argue, must begin using immediately to improve all aspects of health. Such change will make an immediate and likely discernible (i.e. noticeable) difference:  discontinue consumption of sugar, in all its forms, as soon and as severely as possible. As one interested in health and nutrition for years, I tell you confidently that sugar is poison, destroying every system in the body as described by Professor John Yudkin in his classic text Pure, White, and Deadly.

    Neither should you consume artificial sweeteners, however, such as Splenda, as they are unhealthy, as well. Your best course, if you must consume sugar, is to consume real sugar, but severely limit your intake. Keep your kids off of sugar, as well. Fruit, in moderation, and preferably organic, is a wise choice, although fruit juice, as it concentrates so much sugar, is absolutely not, and is to be studiously avoided.

    Of course, nutrition and food are somewhat relative, so, for example, if your kids demand a sweet drink, fruit juice, preferably organic in a glass bottle, such as sold by Lakewood, is a far better choice than soda, as the latter has zero nutrition or fiber.

    Concluding my brief remarks, here, about sugar:  in building and maintaining the health of the body, the two most pernicious and insidious conditions, that must be guarded against mercilessly, are:

    • Inflammation

    • Acidity

    Sugar causes and increases BOTH.

    Dr. Sten Ekberg states:

    "...when we're feeling bad, we want to feel better, so we look for rewards. And, the easiest drug to get ahold of, is called sugar. So when we're worried or anxious or depressed, we tend to eat comfort foods, and most of those have sugar, or starches."


    In proffering this advice, against use of sugar, I do what persons of liberal politics tend not to:  raise concomitant concern for our brothers and sisters in the sugar industry. Were the American population to greatly curb its consumption of sugar, some persons, perhaps many, in the sugar industry would find themselves without a job. We cannot permit this. With the slow elimination of jobs in the sugar industry must come a serious, concerted national effort to retrain these brothers and sisters for other jobs and industries. Better jobs, as well, whenever possible.

    Ditto workers in every industry, coal is often cited, that must sunset per our increasing awareness of personal and planetary health. I will work tirelessly to ensure that no worker, no citizen, no brother or sister, no American is left behind. And I will endorse well-conceived market-based solutions, whether from inside or outside the White House.


    Moreover (i.e. also), studiously avoid any food item that contains Mono-and-Diglycerides, or any variation such as Monoglycerides, as these are actually hidden forms of the dreaded Trans-Fat, the worst thing that you can put into your body. I'm telling you that any form of trans-fat will, over the long-term, and perhaps not-so-long in the case of older or unhealthy persons, put you into a casket, probably through heart attack or stroke, though dementia is a possibility, as well. Have I made myself clear? states:

    "Mono- and diglycerides contain small amounts of trans fat. They're classified as emulsifiers and not lipids, so the FDA ban doesn't apply to them. As trans fat is phased out, food companies may turn to mono- and diglycerides as low-cost alternatives."


    "Currently, there's no way of knowing how much trans fat is in products with mono- and diglycerides listed on the label. ... "Food products with mono- and diglycerides are also likely to be high in other fats, as well as refined sugar and flour."

    Did you catch that? " way of knowing how much trans fat is in products with mono- and diglycerides..."

    May turn? They have turned--with a vengeance. And in turning to MAD (apropos acronym, huh?) these companies have turned on us--the consumer and fellow citizen.


    Last, studiously avoid any food item containing even one vegetable seed oil (commonly but incorrectly called "vegetable oils"), listed on the nutrition panel of the bottle or jar as either Canola or rapeseed, safflower, sunflower, corn, cottonseed, soy, soybean, simply "vegetable," or any other oil save olive or coconut. These man-made industrial seed oils damage arteries and blood vessels, setting you, or perhaps your parents or grandparents, up for a stroke, which is caused by compromised blood pathways, especially arteries.

    This is also a key reason that deep fried foods such as French fries and onion rings must avoided at all costs.

    If you take this urgent recommendation seriously, you'll quickly see that you're going to have to effect a wholesale shift in the way you eat, as most foods contain vegetable oil of one kind or another.

    My Mother just suffered a small-moderate severity stroke, almost certainly in part because of her consumption of vegetable oils. Fellow Americans--don't let it happen to your family.


    I will now tell you how to get dementia, or other debilitating diseases. The three S's tell the tale:

    1. SUGAR - Be sure to consume as much sugar as possible, whether in its original form, or as carbohydrate as contained in large quantities in such items as pizza, pasta, donuts, and soda, which turn into sugar in the body.

      As discussed above, sugar is poison. It's cultivation, and modern culinary ubiquity, represents one of the most malign, injurious, counterproductive, and self-destructive products of the mind of man.

    2. Reject sugar (and its injurious chemical substitutes like Splenda), aggressively and consistently.

    3. SLEEP - Don't get enough sleep. To really accelerate your development of dementia, go long periods with little or no sleep.

      One reason that lack of sleep is so insidious is that during these waking periods experienced without having slept, your mental condition can be akin to being on a drug or otherwise zoned out--without you realizing it.

      Only after awakening from sleep do you perhaps realize that you weren't fully present mentally during the previous period of sleep-deprived wakefulness.

    4. STRESS - Permit yourself a high level of stress, especially for long periods of time.


    Besides Mom, apple pie, and the flag, perhaps the only American cultural artifact seen as categorically wholesome and good is aspirin.


    Grievous damage to the stomach lining is only one of the possible harms caused by aspirin, "The Wonder Drug."

    Additionally, consider that the life-saving benefit of aspirin occurs because as a blood-thinner its presence in the bloodstream of arteries and other blood vessels tends to maintain a smooth flow of blood, avoiding the formation of blood clots inside the arteries, heart, and brain, as occurs during most strokes.

    That's most strokes, but not all--which is the potential problem. What if the patient's medical anomaly isn't an ischemic stroke, that is, one caused by clotting--but a hemorrhagic stroke, the other type, caused by a blood vessel that has burst, is leaking, or is similarly damaged. In these cases the last thing you want is blood that is thin and moving readily. You want blood that will, in fact, clot readily, quickly accumulating platelets to arrest the errant flow.

    If this is the form of stroke that you're experiencing, your 81mg baby aspirin has just turned from your friend to your deadly enemy--and perhaps your executioner. How many articles, advice from doctors, and the general hearsay about the benefit of taking a daily baby aspirin, mention this and make this distinction?

    I'm not at the present time advising against this daily aspirin regimen. But I am advising caution and a serious conversation with one or more doctors and others. As you should do in all serious areas of your life:  competently information-gather, and carefully consider that information so you know what you're doing.

    To this end, and in continuing assistance to you and your family whether I'm President, or not, I will also apprise you that current medical advice is that the daily baby aspirin regimen is strictly recommended only for persons who have already suffered a cardiac or brain event such as a heart attack or stroke. If you haven't, you've been given a reprieve because determining whether you should follow the regimen becomes inrequisite (i.e. not required).


    In yet another example of the human confusion and misinformation over dietary health, and the failure of humanity, in larger terms, to design, implement, maintain, and utilize a proper, accurate, and productive system of the standardization, and especially dissemination of information, we need only look to the humble rice kernel, as many people are unaware that a significant amount of the world's rice crops are contaminated with the poison arsenic.

    Were you aware?

    Another culinary sacred cow, down the drain.

    The problematic quadrangle here is 1.) this critical information, like all information, critical or otherwise, has not been disseminated to every person on planet Earth, and indeed 2.) there is no such mechanism for dissemination, 3.) nor any awareness of its necessity, in addition to 4.) the fact of the contamination of the rice in the first place.


    Fellow Americans, I will now disabuse you of yet another mistaken nutrition belief that is harming you and your family.

    This belief concerns instant oatmeal, which many of you enjoy, or simply tolerate, but all the same undoubtedly think promotes and extends your own health.

    Not so fast. It doesn't.

    The fact is, the exact same oatmeal product, brand and variety, formulated and sold in "instant" form actually produces about DOUBLE the blood-sugar increase of its conventional "steel-cut" or "Irish" counterpart, the kind that takes longer to prepare and must be prepared on the stovetop.

    Fellow Americans:  cease use of instant oatmeal, forthwith.


    I will now explode yet another myth of the American diet, again helping to save the life of you and your loved ones.

    Cheerios cereal, original version, a staple of the American breakfast table and icon of American culture, is considered and seen among the healthier offerings in American casual or breakfast fare. Healthier perhaps than drinking a Coca-Cola for breakfast, sure, but were this ubiquitous product a rocket we might hail its desirable payload, a surprisingly wide variety of vitamins and minerals, along with a touch of both soluble and insoluble fiber, while lamenting their delivery vehicle:  a refined, or at least processed nonorganic carbohydrate that, though whole grain and a "complex carb," still transmutes into sugar in the body, thus helping, in fact, to undermine, not enhance, health.

    Hey, I'm not happy about it--I like Cheerios.

    Continuing, however:  Cheerios cereal is also among the most extreme and very worst offenders in percentage of the human toxin Acrylamide, contained.

    Eschew your Cheerios for breakfast, then, in favor of a nice, organic egg.


    In comparing products at the supermarket, do you often select the product containing sea salt, thinking that such salt is healthier than salt from other sources? The fact is, much sea salt actually contains microplastics, tiny particles of plastic that have contaminated almost the entire planet.

    Unfortunately, what I term modern ego-capitalism fails us, yet again.

    Moreover, pink Himilayan salt contains radioactive particles.

    OK, I just saved the life, or certainly at least preserved the health of you and your family, yet again--and I'm not even President, yet.


    For moms and dads seeking to solve the "dessert problem" for their kids, or themselves, that is, providing a dessert item that genuinely tastes good yet does no damage to health, I present my Presidential concept of:




    Notwithstanding that there actually should be no such thing as "dessert," a sweet, dessert-style item must always be a piece of fruit, or two. Nothing more.

    However, for kids, or adults with a sweet tooth that simply won't be argued with, DESSERT can easily be enhanced into DESSERT+, which is fruit topped with ingredients that are tasty, even a bit luscious, but don't harm health, and in fact can even enhance it. A banana, for example, is DESSERT, while a peeled banana in a dish, covered with a good drizzle of chocolate sauce or syrup, and cinnamon, perhaps even a dollop of whipped cream, as well, is DESSERT+.

    Cinnamon is understood to help lower blood-pressure, though such therapeutic use probably requires its consumption in large amounts--so have your banana DESSERT+ every other day!

    I assure you that DESSERT+ is going to be very delicious and satisfying, especially after you and your family get used to this new way of eating.

    Best to use organic ingredients, and the whipped cream would best be heavy whipping cream that you beat yourself.

    Parents, this is going to solve your dessert problem! There--I've solved yet another problem for you, and I'm not even President yet!


    A product within eyeshot here in my kitchen is Hershey's Simply 5 chocolate syrup, the foodstuff you'd stir into milk, say, to make chocolate milk. The bottle face touts


    And upon review of the ingredient list said assertion proves true. A Panacea For Parents?

    Hardly--for while the ingredient list is--finally-void of artificial this-or-that, and this-or that preservative or artificial color, what this interesting product is most certainly not devoid of is...SUGAR.

    Again, the label on the front of the product is pleased to alert you to the presumed low 45 calories per tablespoon, we find that there's more to that simple tablespoon of the product than just its caloric content.

    In fact, each tablespoon contains 11 grams of sugar. Presuming that less than, at a bare minimum, four tablespoons of the product stirred into a standard 8-ounce glass would not provide a satisfying glass of chocolate milk, this 5-SIMPLE-INGREDIENT, NON-GMO chocolate syrup, added to the approximately 11 grams of sugar contained in the milk, itself, this delicious glass of chocolate milk is still pouring a substantial 55 grams of sugar into the body, costing your child, or yourself, a whopping 55 grams of sugar, just about what you'd get in a standard can of soda!

    The phenomenon of NEW-AND-IMPROVED is not unique to Hershey products, of course, and we do approve product improvements and enhancements that comprise a genuinely better product, in its usability, and especially healthfulness. Oftentimes, however, this is simply not enough, and in such cases the entire class of product must be left on the store shelf, as we depend on our enterprising American companies to devise a class of product an entire order of magnitude better, as its superiority is built directly into the product framework, including its ingredient list, itself.


    Or at least grossly misleading, as so many of them actually contain the aforementioned vegetable seed oils! From their frozen dinners like the cheese enchilada, to their canned Minestrone soup, to their small, unique pizzas ubiquitously seen as healthy and a great small meal, these oils are present, listed uniformly across all Amy's products that contain them as "...high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil."

    In other words, while the Amy's food line creates the strong impression that they are helping preserve and enhance your life--they're actually destroying your life and killing you. Each Amy's customer who imagines that in purchasing and consuming Amy's products they are maintaining, and in fact extending, their lives is laboring under a very dangerous and insidious misconception, insidious because the Amy's line is marketed as categorically healthy, and most persons spending the extra money for these products thinks that this is exactly what they are.

    The truth, however, is far different:  regular consumption of any Amy's product containing these vegetable oils will put they who consume them in a box (i.e. a casket) far faster than would otherwise naturally occur.

    I also note that Amy's actually adds sugar to some of its products, such as their tomato bisque soup--sugar, a poison that literally destroys the entire human body.

    I've been eating Amy's foods for years--and giving them to my beloved Mother, now 91 and in very poor health, Thank You, Amy's, and every other "food" manufacturer adulterating your products with garbage ingredients. There is now little doubt as to culpability for my Mother's heart attacks and strokes. The woman upstairs in her bedroom in this house at this moment as I write this, Wednesday, June 15, 2022, has experienced a deterioration in health, thanks, likely, to consumption of "foods" such the Amy's products that I've been giving her all these years, thinking them to be healthy, far healthier than conventional food products. Oh, does that NON-GMO seal at the front of every Amy's product package suck you in. But even there the company proves itself potentially disreputable:  whereas most food companies selling GMO-FREE products have them assessed and approved by the NON-GMO-PROJECT rating program--Amy's does not. Which is why you'll never see a NON-GMO-PROJECT seal of approval for any Amy's food product.

    Expanding my extemporaneous assessment and remarks, I will state that Amy's strikes me as an odd company. Besides the grave problems described above, there are other elements of interest, if not concern. For example, some years ago I called the company to complain that their package copy was misleading, perhaps leading those uninitiated in matters of health to think that because a given Amy's product, for example, was, as stated on the product package "with organic tomatoes and tomato sauce" that, specifically, the product in its entirety was organic, or simply more nutritious than it actually is, generally. Neither of which is true. Regarding the latter, there are plenty of products, in fact such crosspurposed recipes are ubiquitous in the food industry, containing one or two healthy ingredients along with one or two unhealthy ingredients. I just came across an especially egregious one a few days ago, in fact, Charlotte's Lemon Tarts, described, below.

    The Amy's telephone representative was not especially gracious nor appreciative of my remarks, as I recall. Then, oddly, a short time later, perhaps a half-hour, the company called us back for no apparent reason, as our customer service call had ended with no follow-up planned for either party. The callback actually seemed intended to confirm my identity and the legitimacy of my call. As if, for example, they feared my call a ruse by a competitor.

    Evidently they had never before encountered someone taking their efforts, products, and their consequences and implications so seriously. Still, their callback had an air of paranoia about it.

    Reaching Out to Amy's #2

    Continuing my narrative, above:  I registered my concern about their included vegetable seed oils (not sugar in this case) to Amy's, itself, in the form of an email communication on March 01, 2022:

    March 01, 2022


    This is the first of what could generate a wider conversation. Myself and my family have been consuming Amy's products for years, and you have much to be proud of. However, many Amy's products seem to contain "high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil." Many health authorities consider vegetable oils to be very unhealthy, damaging the arteries, for example, and safflower oil is probably considered the worst of the bunch.

    Your thoughts?

    PS. I'm exploring a run for President in 2024 and I certainly want forward-thinking companies like yours to flourish, not just nationally but internationally. Yet we must always ensure that success does not compromise our commitment to actively look out for each other as Americans. We must restore that sense of connection that we used to have for each other, or continue to slowly devolve as a people and a nation.

    My other principle plank concerns, and seeks to redress, the low level of functional competence among many Americans. I'm advocating, for example, that we get our noses out of our smartphones and start paying much better attention to our jobs, and all our productive activities both at work and even home. This will produce a far more creative, industrious, and competitive America, in all spheres, from economics, to defense, to familial and personal relationships.

    Warm Regards,


    Amy's responded thusly:

    amy's foods dangerous harmful hazardous vegetable oils

    Response from Amy's Foods

    As you can see, Amy's elected not to take the opportunity to work mutually with me to find Truth, that is, whether my initial statement of the dangers of vegetable seed oils (VSOs) as I understand them have merit. Instead, they ignored my assertions, framing them as a prosaic matter of simple personal preference.

    How, then, does this make Amy's any different than any fast-food company, such as McDonald's or Burger King? These companies sell injurious food to earn profit--Amy's sells injurious food to earn profit. And the mere presence of these oils in Amy's products implies their healthfulness; implies that they're not harmful and won't injure us. But they will, everyone knows that they will, and moreover, I just explicitly pointed this out to Amy's, to which their bland, amoral reply was a slap in the face to every Amy's customer. Amy's then, is lying. To us, if not at very least, to themselves.

    "There's a sucker born every minute" is the cynical assertion attributed to American showman P.T. Barnum. Is this the company ethic to which Amy's subscribes?

    Would that we could create a society, an America, where the predicates and operation of all social spheres, including the economy, are based on what I term THE MUTUAL SEARCH FOR TRUTH. Such a society would, indeed, represent the Actualization of human society--an explicit objective of my Presidency, were I to win. My tagline, above, refers to the "primacy of ideas," and, indeed, there are few ideas more powerful than Truth. Insofar as America embraces the most powerful ideas such as Truth and integrates them into what she is, she will, indeed, continue to build, maintain, and even perfect her Exceptionalism.

    Nor is any of this incompatible with a morally and ethically-informed free-enterprise.

    Amy's & Socialism

    To Conservatives who decry the tendency of many of our young people toward socialism, or what they understand socialism to be, I will add that from this political standpoint, behavior such as that exhibited by Amy's and similar companies informs and strengthens the argument of persons opposed to capitalism, itself. For it suggests that the varied options available in the marketplace is less true than suggested by proponents of free-enterprise:  if one seeks to refrain from what is understood as the unhealthy food sold by outlets like McDonald's they can always buy and consume the healthy food sold by outlets like Amy's--well, not really. Not when Amy's ingredients are just as deadly as those of McDonald's.

    If Amy's feels it absolutely necessary to utilize food agents such as VSO's, yet do so ethically, they should include a warning label on their food package. Will this impact sales? It might. Which gives Amy's and similar American companies a sufficient incentive to find a healthier approach, thereby adopting a more loving posture toward its customers, most of whom are Americans, by the way, and helps to create and preserve an image of truth, health, and integrity around American products and services, generally, which will help American competitiveness tremendously in the global marketplace.

    In fact, I call upon the CEO of every American company to emplace a small mousetrap or replica on their desk as a continual reminder of America's historic reputation:  the nation that simply builds "the better mousetrap." Whatever your product or service, I want you to spend more time, or better utilized time, perfecting it, thus increasing your own sales, while doing it all in an ethical manner that displays respect, which is a function of Love, to your customers both here, and abroad.

    I've set down as a guiding principle, above, the notion that we're all brothers and sisters on this planet, in one human family--and I mean it. Must this view be incompatible with success in the global marketplace? Let's find out.

    In underscoring such hazard and hypocrisy as evidently displayed by Amy's, then, I intend no injury to American corporations, companies, or entrepreneurs--to the contrary, as a careful read of this web document reveals. What I intend is for American corporations, companies, or entrepreneurs to conduct business ethically, as this shows fidelity to fellow Americans, and is simply the right thing to do. That is, the moral, even loving, thing. Moreover, such responsibility also makes American products and services more competitive in the global marketplace, as it helps create and reinforce the idea around the world that in purchase of American products and services foreign consumers are getting those that both function well, with good design, and are presented truthfully as what they are, no more and no less, thereby earning a credible American promise and imprimatur like:


    American business has nothing to fear from me. To the contrary, as a careful read of this web document readily indicates. My ideas will enhance and optimize business. For example, the stamp shown, above, will be just one of several that my Administration will create to denote a new standard of both quality and safety for American products, and fully re-establish the American brand around the world. And it should go without saying that political conservatives, who are usually Christian, should find the exhortation to ethical business appealing and highly desirable, economically and morally, as it is a proper expression and manifestation of the Second Great Commandment of Christ:  Love Your Neighbor.


    Just now, 5:19p, Monday, March 14, 2022, my beloved Mother's 91st birthday, I took my first draught of a healing mixture that I recently read about whose nutritional logic made immediate sense to me:  tomato sauce. I intend, and strongly recommend, daily medicinal consumption of a small amount of low-sodium tomato sauce, as this miracle concoction contains at least three superfood-type ingredients especially protective of cardiovascular health:  extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and potassium.

    All three ingredients will protect the heart and cardiovascular system, reducing the possibility of heart attack and stroke. Watch your overall level of Potassium, however, as an excess of this electrolyte can actually damage the heart.

    Opt for low-sodium tomato sauce as standard recipes have high levels of sodium, which can be very dangerous in leading to stroke. Also elect for a tomato sauce product that is, at least, GMO-free and packed in glass. Organic sauce, of course, packed in glass, is best.


    If your family doesn't own a blood pressure monitor, run, do not walk, to purchase or order one. Hypertension, that is, high blood pressure, "The Silent Killer," has wrought a path of destruction across this country and everywhere else, with heart disease the #1 cause of death worldwide.

    Unless you regularly take your, and your family's blood pressure, you simply don't know who is walking around--parents, grandparents, siblings--with a ticking time bomb inside them. Don't relegate the task of monitoring to the occasional visit to the doctor. The haphazard nature of this kind of approach to blood pressure monitoring is completely inconsistent with the gravity of what are routinely the pernicious consequences of unrecognized and untreated hypertension:  grievous physical and mental injury--or death.

    Purchase, locally, or order a blood-pressure monitor right now, this very second, while you're reading this and the idea is fresh in your mind.


    As if the possibility of an overt stroke wasn't worrisome enough, we now consider the medical event called a "silent stroke."

    True to its name, it's a stroke that you won't know about because it damages an area of the brain that is not directly responsible for any vital bodily function; thus, there likely won't be any stroke symptom. A silent stroke is essentially a symptomless stroke, yet its damage is real and can lead to further damage. We must guard against the silent stroke with as much diligence as we do the overt stroke, and, in fact, the silent stroke occurs with far more frequency than the symptomed stroke.

    Moreover Fellow Americans, the existence of the silent stroke makes maintaining a good, robust anti-stroke regimen and lifestyle that much more difficult and complex because the efficacy of such a program is harder to discern. You may think that your anti-stroke regimen is working--while, in fact, it might not be. It might only be partially effective and thus you may have already had one or more silent strokes without having known it.

    The solution is thought to lie in paying even more exacting attention to factors such as diet, salt intake, sugar intake, exercise, blood pressure, cholesterol, and smoking. I write thought to lie in because of continuing conflict and likely misinformation between various camps of health experts and authorities regarding some of the above factors such as cholesterol. For example, the article "Could a silent stroke erode your memory?" by Harvard Health Publishing of Harvard Medical School asserts your LDL cholesterol number as key, asserting that it should be below 100, and further asserts the importance of consuming less than 200 milligrams of cholesterol daily:

    "Aim to keep your total cholesterol levels below 200 mg/dL, and your LDL cholesterol below 100 mg/dL. To help lower your cholesterol, lose weight if you're overweight, consume less than 200 milligrams of cholesterol daily, and increase the fiber in your diet (20 to 30 grams of fiber each day is ideal)."

    However, many health authorities, such Dr. Sten Ekberg, assert the basic irrelevance of total LDL cholesterol, but the great importance of the size (and density) of the LDL cholesterol particles, and the irrelevance of consumed cholesterol to blood cholesterol. Dr. Ekberg argues, in other words, that the cholesterol that you consume in food is not what determines the amount of cholesterol in your blood that can contribute to, or cause, heart attack or stroke. The Harvard content makes zero mention of the first factor, LDL particle size, and implies the incorrectness of the second regarding preventing silent stroke; Harvard argues, in other words, that consumed cholesterol affects blood cholesterol.


    What is an informational KNOT?

    Read the content at both links, above, to learn about cholesterol, but be warned that this question, the specific LDL cholesterol parameter, level or particle size, to consider and guard against, is evidently not settled. I consider such questions "knots," as at least two different perspectives or opinions on a given question or issue exist, somehow tied or tangled together or otherwise intersecting in an obfuscated or otherwise difficult to clarify manner, further research and investigation tending to make the correct answer even more obfuscated and thus harder to learn.

    Ultimately, we've got to arrive at sound conclusions on given questions, confusing or obfuscating information KNOT-withstanding.


    Fellow Americans, I'm an American, and I'm running for President, but the truth is, if you want to avoid a life that will likely end in physical or psychological suffering, possibly including madness, followed by death, you've got to unplug, to disengage, from conventional American culinary culture, while adopting the healthiest general lifestyle practices known.

    The Alzheimer's Reversal program of Dr. Dale Bredesen, for example, has been shown to reverse this dread disease. Here is much of its regimen:

    1. Eliminating all simple carbohydrates, gluten and processed food from her diet, and eating more vegetables, fruits and non-farmed fish

    2. Meditating twice a day and beginning yoga to reduce stress

    3. Sleeping seven to eight hours per night, up from four to five

    4. Taking melatonin, methylcobalamin, vitamin D3, fish oil and coenzyme Q10 each day

    5. Optimizing oral hygiene using an electric flosser and electric toothbrush

    6. Reinstating hormone replacement therapy, which had previously been discontinued

    7. Fasting for a minimum of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, and for a minimum of three hours between dinner and bedtime

    8. Exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes, four to six days per week

    I also recommend in the strongest possible terms your close acquaintance with the work of Dr. Sten Ekberg. Watch and digest as many of his YouTube health videos as possible. I'll give you a heads up on the principal message implicit and explicit in his work: you must curb your "insulin resistance," which is a physical reaction to the introduction into the body of too much sugar and carbohydrate.

    So start now to radically reduce both in your body--without, of course, replacing them with artificial sweeteners or other deleterious food agents. And ensure that you engage in regular aerobic exercise.


    1. Companies promoting and selling adulterated food products that are actually deadly, such as Amy's, and White Castle, whose food products we also regularly consumed during her stroke period.

    2. Me--for my ignorance in not being aware of such products, and therefore permitting, even encouraging, my Mother to consume them.


    Fellow Americans, Brothers & Sisters, whether you ultimately vote for me, or not, it's likely that through my health counsel here, teaching you 1.) to recognize and avoid the most common killers found in our food, and 2.) most common potentially deadly health threats such as hypertension, or 3.) through another of my Internet projects such as my effort to promote use of masks, which, if implemented in my specified manner would quickly bring the entire Pandemic to a halt, I will actually save the life of yourself and your loved ones--likely several times, over.

    If you elect me President I will continue saving your life, except in new, better, and more powerful ways, as I'll have the office of the President and all of its resources available to me. And I'll lead the effort to help Actualize you, everyone you know and love, and our entire nation, that is, the effort for each, and all, of us to be the absolute best that we are capable of being. To fully live up to our potential.

    I honestly don't think that we can even imagine what our individual lives, and the life of the nation would be like under such a regimen, mode of existence, and state of being.

    But--why don't we find out?


    The conflicts and contradictions over information, as described above, and much else in this society, speak to the lack of emphasis in our culture on accuracy of information, and on the fact that without correct information we can't properly help ourselves, or others, which, itself speaks to the way we devalue ourselves, and others. In other words, WE LACK A LOVE ETHIC AND REAL SENSE OF ACTIVE CONNECTION TO ONE ANOTHER, as Americans and simply as human beings. WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT PLANK #1 IN MY CAMPAIGN PLATFORM IS DESIGNED TO TARGET, EXPOSE, AND RECTIFY (i.e. fix).

    Trust is key here:   those in positions of trust, including educators, scientists, politicians, even cultural figures, must take a careful, go-slow approach to the development and dissemination of information, such that you and your information CAN BE TRUSTED. And for those of us who have to do the trusting, we must take an equally scientific, exacting, and responsible approach to information that we're given. ULTIMATELY, WE MUST BE WILLING TO TRUST PROVIDERS OF INFORMATION, WHICH WILL BE EASIER TO DO ONCE WE SEE THAT OUR PROVIDERS ARE ENSURING THAT THE INFORMATION THEY GIVE US IS ACCURATE, OR IF NOT ACCURATE, IS PRESENTED AS NOT-YET FULLY ACCURATE. For example, had the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and other health authorities strongly and clearly qualified their advice regarding the issue of masking very early in the Coronavirus pandemic, people would have been more willing to accept their later advice that masking was, indeed, found necessary, even critical, after all.


    1. EGO

    2. POLITICAL CONSIDERATION, ELECTORAL, adopting a policy or position because you think it will help you get elected

    3. POLITICAL CONSIDERATION, IDEOLOGICAL, blind or unthinking adherence to a political or other ideology


    5. INTELLECTUAL LAZINESS, caused by such factors as:  low native intellect; lack of training in disciplined thinking; lack of training, experience, or comfort in any endeavor that requires sustained effort; use of drugs (like marijuana) or alcohol.

    6. PUBLISHING OR OTHER DEADLINES (which are usually based on one or more of the five above factors)

    The front page of The New York Times of September 18, 2022 captures the problem:



    Please note that the content in the above HEALTH section is meant to work in conjunction with the health-related information at my master health site, KEYS TO GOOD HEALTH (site down temp).




    Analysis Pending.

    Preliminary judgment on Cryptocurrency:  Do not support, as U.S. currency is already global standard, helping maintain American dominance in world economic and financial matters.

    Additionally, as technology grows more complex and thus drives an increasingly complex world, key or foundational systems, or at least the principles, predicates, and paradigms that underlie them must remain relatively clean and simple. One national currency is optimal based on this standard.

    Complex systems paired with complex foundational ideas are simply too overwhelming for beings of a finite lifespan, the point of which, after all, is to create and maximize human happiness and freedom.


    Analysis Pending.


    Firstly, our Deepest Condolence to Ms. Petito and her family.

    Crime is a natural part of a society devoid of any formal and official adoption of the Love ethic.

    Ms. Petito was killed, and indeed many other horrible things happen in this country and world. People ask "Why?"

    This is the wrong question. In a society absent Love, the question is:  Why not? Why wouldn't people commit transgressions and violations of every kind, as there's no genuine and widely promulgated and adopted moral code to inhibit them?

    "The Law" alone is not enough, for, how many laws can we possibly pass? Can we pass a law to cover every single violation and transgression that human beings are capable of conceiving and executing, now, and a hundred years from now?

    Impossible! The only real answer is the one that no one considers, and insofar as they do, dismiss as unrealistic:  a change in the human heart.

    Indeed, brothers and sisters, if you're a serious Christian, or a member of any of the belief systems underpinned by Love, you already accept and believe this thesis, or are supposed to.

    Given such an ethico-existental change or shift, the many violations and transgressions that we commit against each other will simply not occur in the first place, from corporate corruption to street crime and everything in-between. I say that what's unrealistic is the assumption that the human race can continue hurting itself as it does, and still think that it's going to survive, much less flourish.

    And happily, Love, properly understood, is powerful enough to accommodate the necessary shift to a Love-based culture. This is why every major philosopher and theologian through history has venerated Love as essential. As stated above, incorporation of Love into our society is a core part of my Presidential platform, as contained in the document that you are now reading.


    Firstly, my Deepest Condolence to the family of the ten victims.

    As stated, above, in regard to the Gabby Petito murder:  crime is a natural part of a society devoid of any formal and official adoption of the Love ethic, and the larger argument and reasoning thereto remains the same and applies.

    In terms of the necessary task of removing euphemisms and conceptual overlays, "crime" simply refers to the phenomenon of violation or abrogation of existing laws and the deleterious consequences of this violation or abrogation, referring in the first place to actual codified laws, as opposed to natural, moral, or spiritual laws, or other of those that exist only conceptually.

    Now, specifically, I'm struck, first of all, by the near-ubiquitous reference to the 18-year-old child who committed these murders as a "man." His professed reason for the crime is based on the so-called Replacement Theory.


    Another child mass murderer, 18 years old in this case, and the victims mostly children, as well. Children killing children; in some respects not unlike the reality of children having children.

    In regard to every such event, I maintain my assertion that the United States does not have a gun problem. This is why the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will not seek new firearms regulation. When the fullness and entirety of the reality of life in the United States is scrutinized, one realizes that what America has--is a LOVE problem. Love, properly understood, not as a passive, wishy-washy, irrationally self-denying or sacrificial principal, but, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and select others have realized, in my own language:  "the most powerful social force available to Humankind."

    Do you know that most gun-based death in America is not one American murdering another--but one American killing themselves? That's right, most gun-based death in America is from suicide, the ultimate act of nonLove--toward oneself. And what drives someone to this supreme, overarching, and final act of nonLove? Obviously a deep despair or sense of hopelessness from one or more causes, often physical or psychological injury from others, or even loneliness, perhaps in combination with associated factors like mental illness, general emotional instability, or use of, or exposure to, chemical agents whether legal drugs, that is, pharmaceutical medications, or illegal drugs (now increasingly made legal in America), or environmental toxins affecting the brain such as chemical lawn treatments, or the exhaust and particulates spewing from the back end of gas-powered leafblowers and lawnmowers, found everywhere now in America.

    In sum:  suicide sees every manner of causation that would simply not exist in a formally, and thus explicitly, loving society.

    By the way, this 2022 Summer season also finds, within sneezing distance from my house and property, a new company doing chemical mosquito treatments using what appears to be high-volume spraying using a leafblower-like device. Such chemical sprays, besides entering nearby homes through doors and windows, volatalizes, that is, enters the airstream where it can be breathed by human and animal, alike. It is precisely this sort of activity responsible for the hundreds of chemicals already in the bloodstream of infants right from birth.

    And the truth is such treatments are not needed to eliminate mosquitos, here:  manual control techniques in this neighborhood will more than suffice--this isn't the Amazon or the Brazilian rainforest. It's a rare resident whose lawn and yard isn't tiny.

    Now, in addition to exposure to every other chemical in which we are already awash, whether outside the body such as lawn treatments and restaurant spraying, or inside the body through consumption of non-organic produce and other food products, we can add exposure to these mosquito-repellent sprays. And this is all in addition to the newfound clouds of marijuana smoke to which we're now forced to breathe, as an increasing number of states legalize dope and many of our neighbors take up the official Call to Harms and begin smoking. Let it never be said that this city, and many like it across America, isn't doing everything in its power to harm it's residents both physically and psychologically, especially the young and the old such as my 91yo Mother.

    Indeed is life in America nothing if not an epic of pain and dysfunction of many kinds from many sources, from the leafblower operator who has superfluously destroyed your quality of life, to doctors who prescribe pharmaceutical drugs without robust discussion with their patient regarding the possible kind and severity of side effects, to local neighbors feigning devout devotion to God while studiously and categorically ignoring you and your family, thereby traumatizing your elderly mother, with whom they previously had good relations, to food companies such as Amy's who represent their premium-priced products as extremely healthy, when many of them contain safflower or sunflower seed oils that destroy arteries and blood vessels leading directly to stroke and heart attack. And a million-and-one other sources of physical and/or psychological pain, coming at us all the time, usually because of the actions and behavior of other people. Against and in the context of this tableau, mass murder is understood not as anomalous, but simply congruent (i.e. consistent) with the general framework of pathological narcissism characteristic of the United States. Properly understood in this manner, the shooters of Uvalde, Buffalo, Sandy Hook, Columbine, and every other such social catastrophe, it is realized, are not freakish anomalies--but comprehensible actors in a morally and functionally incomprehensible and often dysfunctional social framework.

    We see that whether one American killing another, or one American killing themselves, the lack of Love, or failure to bring Love into the circumstance or situation, Love for the other or Love for themselves, is a key factor of causation in these violent events. In both cases LOVE, properly understood, is key, which is just one of the reasons that restoring and building Love and connection between Americans is the #1 plank in my Presidential platform, another being the effort to save American democracy, itself, as democracy actually requires the attitudes and behaviors associated with Love, as discussed elsewhere at this site.

    "A house divided against itself cannot stand," said Abraham Lincoln.

    Relatedly, under my order the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will direct all Chiefs of Police to instruct their officers that in the event of catastrophic crime events such as school shootings they are to make every effort to refrain from killing the killer,* this way we can:  appropriately save the life of a brother or sister who was obviously in deep psychological pain if not suffering actual and explicit mental illness, and 2.) question the individual/s to determine, in fact, what did motivate their actions. Their motivation will likely be some combination of 1.) influence of legal or illegal agent such as marijuana, especially as now legal in the United States, 2.) emotional posture such as anger or revenge, and/or 3.) discreet psychological abnormality.

    End of Police Raids

    Additionally, besides TAB policing I intend as President to call for an and to police raids. Not an end to police intervention, even intrusive intervention in a home, apartment, or business when genuinely necessary, but to the aggressive, armed interventions that have such a terrible record for mishap, sometimes resulting in injury or death to innocent persons, and even the standard for "genuinely necessary" is going to be raised.

    I don't see why, in the majority of cases, persons sought by the Justice system can't be persuaded to emerge from their domicile using simple conversation by trained mediators. Sought-after persons are human beings, and in the majority of cases Americans, as well, and thus worthy of respect. The troubled person holed up somewhere eluding the Authorities, today, could be the productive contributing member of American society, tomorrow.

    Under the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION no American is left behind, period.


    *Refraining from Killing the Killer, that is, "Don't Kill the Killer" is a key part of my seminal new Policing paradigm, TAB POLICING, mentioned elsewhere in this document but not yet formally presented and explained.


    JANUARY 06, 2021 CAPITAL INSURRECTION - Contrary to what some conservatives and others assert, that the insurrection holds no importance, likely because they want former President Trump exonerated of implied guilt for it, I assert the obvious:  that incident is one of the most significant for the country in modern times, for it cogently illustrates that:

    1. The American people are no longer a unified, patriotic whole, as we were for much of the 20th-Century.

      Recall the cohesion of the American population during World War II, for example. In fact, at no time in modern American history would the American population or elements within it have even dreamed of assaulting and encroaching upon the Unites States Capital in such a manner. It would be unheard of--as it still is, thankfully, for most Americans.

      Disunity = Weakness

      The American people can be likened to the fingers on the human hand. With the palm open and all five fingers outstretched and splayed apart there is little strength to the hand, as each finger standing alone and apart does not permit or facilitate the collective strength latent in all the fingers when together in unison. The present egoistic disconnection between Americans embodied in the 2021 insurrection and events like it is akin to the hand in this open position, with individual outstretched fingers--there is no real power or strength.

      The American people united and unified, however, is an analogue to the hand as its fingers close tightly together, forming a fist:  a colossal, unstoppable force.

    2. Unfortunately, there has developed within the American population large-scale elements who evidently hold the law in complete contempt.

      This group in whole or part appears to have cohered around Donald Trump, a formation whose allegiance he appears to relish, not repudiate.

    Drumpf & the Backdoor Rise of Cultural Socialism

    Donald Trump's actual last name is Drumpf.

    America has always stood well apart from, and strongly opposed to, socialism in any form or variant. Yet the rise of Drumpfism has brought with it, and coaxed forth into bas relief, what may comprise the early seeds in America of that form of socialism called Anarchism, or simply Anarchy. Libertarian socialism, being, for example, yet another form.

    As a political philosopher, and member, previously, of the Socialist* movement for about 30 years, I'm familiar with these notions.

    Whereas the America of years past was marked by cohesion in almost every national sphere, from support for the war effort of World War II, to the collective effort to rid the country (and the world) of polio, the American people were one. Politically, the opposing party was not the implacable enemy seen as anathema to be vanquished--or worse ("HANG MIKE PENCE"), but "the loyal opposition," to be reasoned with, argued with, implored, even deplored--but always ultimately seen as the other legitimate half of the body politic.

    However, notions such as the loyal opposition comprise elements of American culture requiring institutional memory, little or non-existent among young, and even older, Americans who all-too often live their lives with their noses stuck in their smart phones, thus remaining essentially ignorant of the history of their own, or for that matter any, nation. Perhaps as President I'll declare illegal the so-called smart phone, actually serving to keep Americans stupid, and thus, in all too many cases, disloyal if not traitorous. This phenomenon was seen most recently by the actions of the motley and sordid collection of imbeciles who stormed the United States Capitol in January 2021, thereby, among other things, illustrating as a fait accompli American society actually becoming more anarchical, more like anarchy, and less like what it is, a centrally-governed republic.

    The strain of socialism implicitly encouraged by Drumpf is anarchy, toward which the United States appears to be lurching, a political form defined as a society without a central hierarchical governing structure, the population divided into individual self-governing units. So, he who declared AMERICA FIRST, his pronouncement as imperious as it was vacuous, is indeed the first to bring America to the brink of socialism. This current is unwitting on the part of Drumpf, as he appears generally ignorant, and certainly, especially upon first taking office, fully ignorant of politics, its process, and its universe, having referred instructively at that time, in fact, to "...this politics stuff."

    When Drumpf asserted AMERICA FIRST during his inaugural address, little did he or even we realize that what he actually meant was, ON MY WATCH, AND BECAUSE OF MY ACTIONS, AMERICA WILL BE THE FIRST CIVILIZED WESTERN NATION TO DISINTEGRATE AND DESCEND INTO POLITICAL CHAOS AND ACTUAL ANARCHY.

    There are two persons on this planet from whom political power must be kept:  Vladimir Putin and Donald J. Trump. Indeed, perhaps what they have in common, that seems to have comprised such a baffling relationship, is a disdain for Democracy, itself, and its processes, and by extension the West, itself. Drumpf's almost immediate persecution upon taking office of his own intelligence agencies, those guardians, in fact, of the West and its titular and functional head, the United States, is particularly troubling until one realizes and reconciles within oneself, psychologically and intellectually, the role of such behavior for Drumpf:   whether wittingly, reflecting his disdain for the West, or unwittingly, his low level of awareness impeding his understanding that his actions are injurious to the West, Drumpf still acts to hurt the West. He evidently can't help himself.

    Which is why it is imperative that we help ourselves by preventing this erratic, ignorant, and downright dangerous boob from ever holding political office, again.

    . . . . . . . . .

    Oh, and by the way, as some of you may know:  our former President also has a history of evidently terrible bone spurs, partly why he avoided serving in our U.S. military five times.

    *The Socialism to which I subscribed was not that of malign historical actors like Lenin, Mao, Castro, Guevara, or Trotsky, whose thought I explicitly reject, but schools of thought generated by such thinkers as psychiatrist and social thinker Erich Fromm, the Christian socialists, American Socialist Daniel DeLeon, and of course Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose Beloved Community is similar to my notion of the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN & WOMAN (site temp. down).



    Hello, Kids

    Kids, you may have heard about the recent gun violence in Uvalde, Texas or Buffalo, N.Y. In both cases a child of just 18 years old killed other children, and some adults, using a gun.

    These events are extremely traumatic. They leave us sad, if not in despair, confused, angry, and eventually, searching for solutions, perhaps with frustration as we begin to realize that such solutions are not always forthcoming (i.e. not available right away). But rest assured, your parents are here for you. As are your teachers, counselors--and me. I will always do my best to assist you in any way that I can. You may always contact me, at any time for any reason, at, or on my Presidential campaign telephone line, listed below. I seek to be your President in 2024, though my offer to assist is something I would have done, anyway. I offer my personal assistance because I want each of you to know that, yes, someone on this planet, someone in this country, cares about you. Yes--you.

    If you elect (i.e. decide) to call, try, if possible, to have an adult there with you as you speak with me. They can be on the other line with you; that would be great, if possible.

    The Crimes

    Now, regarding these recent crimes:  first of all, don't focus on the weapon, a gun. If people want to harm others, they will find a way to do it. If there is no powerful gun available, they'll use a less powerful gun. If there is no less powerful gun available, they'll use a knife. In Norway, recently, a man killed five persons using a bow-and-arrow.

    In other words, kids, weapons are a problem, yes, but not the main problem.

    As far as guns, America has a gun culture and this is very unlikely to change. Which ultimately doesn't matter because the root of the violence problem is not the weapon used, but the desire of a human being to kill or injure another human being. For that matter, why would someone want to harm another person in any way, at all? This is the basic problem:  the willingness of people to hurt other people, regardless of how they do it.

    And what about violence done by humans to animals? Do you know where your hamburger, chicken sandwich, or morning bacon or sausage comes from? They all come from animals that are raised and then killed, sometimes painfully, so you can enjoy your food. Shouldn't we be fighting this kind of violence, too? It's simply something to think about, to make you realize that violence is a much bigger phenomenon, in other words a much bigger thing, than you might be aware.

    Our Most Powerful Tool

    Luckily, we human beings have a tool in our toolkit, so to speak, that can solve the problem of human violence. It's a tool that many thinkers, philosophers, and religious believers have talked about for many years. It's the most powerful social force available to we human beings, and if we would just understand, embrace, and use it, we would probably lose the impulse to harm other human beings and all violence would likely (i.e. probably) cease.

    The tool to which I refer, and of which I speak, is, of course, LOVE. Once we understand that Love is not a passive and ineffective principal but a powerful and effective one, when properly understood and employed, we'll have begun our journey from a violent, aggressive, and selfish society to one of Love and Brotherhood. This is my declaration as well as that of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Is this possibility real? Is it realistic? Yes, it is both. Join me and many others in learning about this tool and using it, and we'll transform American, and for that matter every, society, on Earth, into a near-Heaven on Earth!

    Religion & God

    What of the role of religion and belief in God?

    Many feel that the rise in America of gun violence roots in a decline in religious belief, or perhaps no belief, at all. For purposes of this MESSAGE OF HOPE FOR KIDS REGARDING GUN VIOLENCE IN AMERICA I will assert what I've been asserting for years:  it continues to appear to me that religion remains a key locus (i.e. center of activity) of moral teaching and advocacy, and insofar as systems of religious belief decline there can be, and likely is, a concomitant (i.e. happening at the same time) reduction in public morality, resulting in increasing disconnection between Americans, a prerequisite for mass murder.

    In other words, when people, especially troubled or immature people, feel apart or separate from most other people, they find it easier to harm or even kill those other people.

    If you are part of a faith tradition there is nothing wrong with turning to that faith both for succor (i.e. relief or comfort), and possible solutions, provided, in my opinion, that such effort is paired with remedial action in the actual, external world.


    Do not despair over recent events; instead simply replace ANXIETY with ACTION. Begin by carefully reading and studying this website, this book, and the chapter on Brotherly Love in THE ART OF LOVING by Erich Fromm.

    (No commission earned through the above link; emplaced as a convenience to you. Jumps to Barnes & Noble, not Amazon, as the latter supports the legalization of drugs.)

    Also, you and your parents should be aware the #1 plank, or belief, in my Presidential platform, or program for the American Presidential election of 2024 is to establish Love, connection, and trust between Americans. Then, neither murders nor even lesser acts of injury to one another would likely occur.

    I also recommend, at the outset, that you begin reading or studying, again, perhaps listening to, free, Dr. Fromm's signature work The Art of Loving, especially his chapter on Brotherly Love (57:00 time index), as this orientation to our brothers and sisters in our human family, indeed, is foundational to the establishment of the Brotherhood of Man, the new organizational paradigm this site introduces, describes and recommends, or, similarly, as Dr. King has conceived it, the Beloved Community (Note:  linked audiobook reading of The Art of Loving is not fully complete. Consult text, also).

    Why do you have to read and study to solve this problem? Because it's a complicated problem and like any complicated problem the answer isn't necessarily simple to discover, and if you do discover it, it isn't necessarily easy to do. For example, you might think the problem of gun violence in America could be solved if the government forbids people from owning guns, but many gun owners in America will not accept this kind of rule. So we've got to find a solution that everyone, or at least most people, are comfortable with.

    I also strongly recommend that you work with your parents or teachers in reviewing my other analyses, above, of recent American mass-murder events such as have occurred in Buffalo, N,Y. at the Tops Friendly Market, and Uvalde, Texas at the Robb Elementary school.


    Why I am Not a Republican

    In reading my policy positions, which are generally conservative, one might wonder why I haven't simply declared myself a Republican. Aside from my respect for the progressive, small "P," work of the Democratic Party over its recent history, and general posture of actual and active care and concern for all peoples, I remain generally enthralled with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a figure who, while not perfect, himself remains a man both titular and practical for so much of the values of love and goodness that this country, and indeed this world simply must have, if it is to survive, no less, Actualize.

    Moreover, the Republican Party has shifted character dramatically, indeed radically, in its continuing embrace of Donald Trump, and especially his continuing, preposterous claim of victory in the 2020 Presidential election, a short-sighted and ignorant figure who appears, in regard to the January 06 Capital insurrection, to have inspired it, if not provided a de facto authorization.

    Regarding the absurd assertion that former President Trump actually won the 2020 election, I'm just one of a string of writers and commentators who note the broad spectrum of authorities who have soundly and thoroughly debunked that claim. In fact, the former President and his legal team were fined several times for initiation of frivolous lawsuits in this regard. Yet, inexplicably, the Republican Party, at least broadly in terms of on-the-ground electoral politics, have essentially made concurrence with this fantastic assertion a litmus test for election.

    And I wish to point out, in defense of a proper Conservatism, that it is agreement, or at least acceptance, of the verdict of the established electoral mechanisms and bodies of one's own society that constitute the clear Conservative posture, while Mr. Trump's view that so many Republicans now seem to accept as an article of faith, that he won the Presidential election, and his attempt to reject, and indeed violently or otherwise forcibly overthrow that result, thereby defying established governmental mechanisms, is not the Conservative response, at all--but the RADICAL one. Of this there is no question. Thus, much of what appears to be the Republican Party of today actually embraces the same theory and ethic of to-the-ramparts, violent revolutionary action that is the stock-in-trade, the coin-of-the-realm, of radical political groups and figures. In this, the Republican Party appears to have fueled its own devolution and retrogression into some kind of proto-party:  an earlier, amorphous assemblage with yet-forming ideals and principles, the civic and moral courage and clarity forged by years of Republican thought and action--gone.

    Were I a Republican, I'd be asking in this regard, not merely what Jesus would do (always ask this), but what Nixon, Reagan, Eisenhower, and indeed just about any Conservative (or moderate, or liberal) politician would do, were they in Mr. Trump's electoral position at the finish of the 2020 election. I don't see any of these vaunted figures humiliating themselves and America with infantile antics in conjunction with a very real quasi-violent attempt at overthrow of staid and traditional electoral principal, praxis, and institution of the Republic.

    There is a very important recent article by Francis Fukuyama proffering a cogent and highly pedagogical initial deconstruction of this event, the continuing Republican response and posture, and their pointedly deleterious effect on the role and status of the United States in the world, therefrom.

    Moreover, the committee charged with investigating the January 06, 2021 insurrection at the United States Capital and the role of former President Trump and Republican leaders, therein, finds an almost complete lack of cooperation from these leaders and others associated with the former President. From the New York Times of May 26, 2022:

    "The men's resistance came as 22 former Republican members of the House urged them to cooperate with the panel. "We understand you may have concerns about this exercise of the committee's subpoena power," the former members wrote in their letter, posted to Medium. "Indeed, under most circumstances, we would strongly counsel against compelling the testimony of sitting members of Congress. But the exceptional nature of this circumstance is clear: one in which sitting members may have firsthand knowledge regarding an assault on our government. The best way to ensure a full and fair accounting of what happened before and on Jan. 6 is for you to provide your understanding of the events and to explain it to the American people."

    In essence, then, I do not declare myself a Republican because that party has now devolved into something else:   a group now not merely of extremism--but violent extremism, and as such, no longer a sound, legitimate, and productive example, expression, and part of what America is.

    Witness, indeed, the gathering effort of groups like the Renew America Movement to restore practical and philosophical competence to the American system of governance.

    Ranting & Raving

    Secondarily, I don't declare myself a Republican, nor fully relate to that party, as so many of its most public de facto or purported representatives, typically media personages such as radio talk show hosts, like Mark Levin or Michael Savage, seem little more than small-minded, vindictive, purveyors of little more than invective. I've listed, particularly, to many hours of both of these hosts and in my view they represent the Republican Party, or at least Conservatism, poorly. Where is the focus, not on who's right, but what's right? Where is the assumption that the Democrats are the loyal opposition? Younger readers may be wholly unacquainted with the latter notion.

    During the Obama Presidency, I heard Michael Savage level Ad hominem invective at the President any number of times. It was clear that Mr. Savage despised him personally, and he made no attempt to hide it, but was actually profligate in his attacks. Whether I voted for Barack Obama or not is immaterial to this concern. Mark Levin, whom I've listened to any number of times, besides having a poor radio voice, is, to me, almost unlistenable as his monologue follows its predictable pattern:  he slowly works up to an enraged fever pitch that is always my cue to switch him off. He also appears to engage in personal attacks, or at least focus on persons and personalities, not just ideas, theory, and programs.

    Where is the reasoned, soft-spoken, magnanimous Conservative commentary and analysis? The fact that Christianity comprises a traditional part of American Conservatism calls unequivocally for a loving posture on the part of Conservatives, at least Christian Conservatives. I hear nothing like this in major radio media such as WABC-RADIO NYC. Commentator David Brooks strikes me as an able and emulatable representative of a general Conservatism.

    Thirdly, I don't declare myself a Republican, nor fully relate to that party, because, though my own present-day political programme calls for market-based solutions whenever possible, the Republican party in the main appears to hue to the blind dictates of capitalism too reflexively. I was surprised to learn recently that no less a guru and exponent of free enterprise than economist Milton Friedman asserted that markets cannot be permitted to operate with no supervision or governance:


    "The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions."

    . . . . .

    Leonardo da Vinci

    BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT/ORGANIZATION - Do not support BLM. Support Dr. King. Do black lives matter? Of course, this goes without saying.

    And Blue Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter.



    "To subdue an enemy without fighting is the greatest of skills."

    -- Sun Tzu

    And such is NATO and the Biden Administration rightly trying to subdue Russian President Vladimir Putin without firing a shot. Gross restriction of Mr. Putin, his associates, and Russia, itself to operate freely and to its own benefit, including in the area of economic activity, may prove an effective counter, and should be and is being attempted.

    For example, oil, in particular, is a mainstay of the mediocre Russian economy, and thankfully, longstanding U.S. ally and key NATO member Germany has finally gotten on board in threatening to cancel all further development and operations of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, a major project to convey oil from Russia directly to Germany and the larger European Union. For Russia, this has got to hurt--let's hope so.

    War, I have said, is almost categorically unacceptable and is to be eschewed and urgently avoided because, among many other deleterious consequences, it will make one child cry. The child can have no understanding of what is happening around them; can have no full, mature understanding of the violence, terror, and physical destruction at their feet. Bad enough we traumatize adults this way; we cannot do it to children.

    The DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will continue all military and other aid to Ukraine in the continuing face of the Russian offensive. Ultimately, however, the United States is not defending and assisting Ukraine, we're defending and assisting Democracy. We're defending Civility, and civilization, we're defending decency, we're defending nonviolence, we're defending cooperation, we're defending morality. In sum, we're defending all that America is, aspires to be, wishes for the world, and will actively assist in creating in the world.

    My Platform includes several key steps intended to strengthen U.S. military capabilities and project that newfound strength to the world, thus, itself, comprising an effective counter to untoward action by Russia or any other state actor.

    TRUMP, DONALD - Did not write The Art of the Deal; this book was ghost-written.

    It should come as no surprise that former President Trump lied about this:  persons with ghost-written books generally don't disclose it, and, Mr. Trump, even before becoming President had publicly stated that he sometimes considers it necessary to lie.

    This fact alone fatally indicts Donald Trump's character, and with it his qualifications to be President, for the originating and First Principle for the role and position of President of the United States is complete candor (i.e. frank honesty) with the American people--us.

    I cast one vote for Mr. Trump, but once his behavior in-office, as President, was demonstrated, his fatal deficits become clear, a second vote was obviously out of the question. Likely the worst President we've ever had.

    For this and other reasons to be discussed, it is critical to the fate of, not merely America, but the world, that this gentleman remain in the real estate and entertainment businesses, roles for which he has clearly shown great interest and occasionally excelled, and where he clearly belongs.

    As opposed to further deleterious involvement in, as he gracelessly put it, "This politics stuff."

    I support RENEW AMERICA, the organized Congressional movement to eradicate the Trump stain on America, and what has unfortunately and, indeed, inexplicably, become his long coat-tails. See link, below.


    Tyranny, Truth, & Trump

    In stark contrast to former President Trump's non-authorship of his famed book, I wrote every word of my approximately thirty web sites, providing voters and non-voters alike more-than-ample opportunity to fully acquaint themselves with just about every parameter necessary to judge and assess me, to determine whether I deserve their vote.

    But what of the so-called "little white lie"? Firstly, there's no evidence that in his Declaration of Deceit the former President was referring only to "little white lies." Secondly, in the context of an especially volatile political and social "kindling" such as arguably exists in the United States, today, even a little white lie can spark, then ignite, the volatile and highly flammable kindling to generate a social, political, or economic conflagration.

    Comparatively, a given assertion may be little, that is, limited in the scope of its ill effect, either because it concerns a subject of little perceived consequence or a subject of great perceived consequence, but an element of that subject perceived as of little importance or consequence.

    Comparatively, a given assertion may be little, that is, limited in the scope of its ill effect, and a given assertion may be a lie, that is, a deliberate misstatement of reality, but such an assertion will never be white, that is, fully devoid of any ill-effect since rooted in good intention. In fact, a small lie can be more pernicious and insidious than a larger lie, for, just as marijuana, the drug perceived as milder than other drugs and thus less damaging, may actually be more harmful than other kinds of drugs because its very mildness obscures its ill-effect, and the extent of the damage to the mind, thereto, so too, can a small lie generate worse effects than a big one for numerous reasons. For example, the small lie may require continual reinforcement with assertions supporting it, themselves lies, and thus initiate a pattern, perhaps even a cascade, of dishonesty, that, in the end, can prove extremely damaging.

    In fact, Brothers & Sisters, historically the greatest criminals of all time, including Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others, from the most pernicious ideological camps of all time, such as fascism and (faux-)communism, skillfully utilized the lie as a key weapon in their authoritarian armory.


    I'm afraid that this is another key area in which I must respectfully disagree with our former President.

    This was, and presumably again will be, Donald J. Trump's ubiquitous (i.e. widespread) political slogan. It recalls (i.e. remembers or refers to) a time in recent American history, probably the period from about 1940 to about 1980, especially the decade of the 1950s, when America was, and remains, perceived to be stable, strong, peaceful, and prosperous.

    However, congruent (i.e. consistent) with my Actualization principal, I do not intend to make America great again; in other words, I'm not going to restore the America that was, which, admittedly did speak to and reflect greatness, while suffering bigotry and other problems, I'm going to EXCEED that standard and make America the best that she's ever been, create America anew, the best that she's capable of becoming!

    Do What You're Good At

    The former President may have sincerely wanted, and may still sincerely want, to make America great again--HE'S SIMPLY CLUELESS ABOUT HOW TO GO ABOUT IT. HOW TO DO IT.


    I'm sure that many people, many Americans, in and out of politics, would love to make America great again. But they simply don't know how to go about it; what to do, specifically. I mean--it is a very tall order.

    Your doctor, automobile mechanic--and President of the United States--are all essentially detectives who must have superior analytical skill to do their job and manage that to which they are assigned and trusted. Moreover, just as your mechanic can't be versed only in older, more traditional or conventional vehicles, but must possess expertise in the new and very advanced automobiles of today, your President, similarly, must be versed in knowing, understanding, and negotiating the most advanced and up-to-the-second realities of America and the world today, in technology, medicine, defense and military affairs, terror, environment, quality-of-life, and every sphere and area relevant to life today.

    This was the problem with our former President:  hire him to construct you a hotel, or put you on a television show or in a beauty pageant. These are his longstanding, demonstrated strengths. Hire people to do that at which they excel, and for which they show a natural affinity. Therefore, based on this commonsense standard:  DON'T hire Don Trump to govern your nation--he just doesn't have the analytical skill (among other shortcomings).

    renew america movement


    renew america movement defusing disinfo disinformation



    In the continuing spirit of Love toward, faith in, and respect for, the American people, including both our entrepreneurs and established companies, of all kinds and sizes, I offer the following set of my original entrepreneurial ideas, free for the taking by anyone, to help generate new business and economic activity, and propel America to the very pinnacle and summit of the economic mountain.

    In my capacity as President, I will assist in securing and building business based on these, and other, ideas.



    Part I

    I am a 61+ year old native born American, holding a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University. My original writing on Terror has been quoted and cited by the New York Times. The gist of my piece:  that, for eight substantive reasons, the Twin Towers must be rebuilt to a minimum of their original 110 stories. This is why the web site where I published the piece was, and remains, called It's now a general anti-terror portal, though updated infrequently.

    I have a strong helping orientation. I adhere to, theorize about, teach, and indeed practice Love, properly understood. I help a lot of people, often in small, though meaningful ways, each day. I try to bring Love to many, if not every, exchange with other human beings. I routinely give a $1 tip to each gas station attendant who pumps my gas: I'll order $19 worth of gas but hand the attendant a $20 bill. Just this morning, in observing my local recycling crew dump our bottles into the recycling truck, I tried, and succeeded, in catching the eye of one of the young men, brown skinned, likely African-American, who dumped our baskets of bottles. Upon catching his eye I smiled and demonstratively waved Thank You, which he, of course, responded to in the affirmative, himself.

    A few years ago, in line at the local Stop-n-Shop supermarket a group of young orthodox Jewish boys were ahead of me attempting to purchase various snack items, as I recall. They were lacking money, so I said, Hang on, and reached into my pocket, where I was intending to give them $5 (my last $5). As it turned out they refused my help, but we did have a brief exchange about why I would so volunteer to help them, "strangers," in this way.

    Years ago, I attempted to secure funds for a young woman in front of Lee's Hawaiian Islander restaurant in Clifton, N.J. When I came back with the money, however, she had evidently gone. Ditto with another young woman seeking money to buy diapers for her baby, soliciting shoppers in the parking lot, again, at one of my local Stop-n-Shop supermarkets. Upon having secured the money while in the market and leaving, I couldn't find her, though as I recall I had advised her to wait as I'd be helping her.

    About a year ago a group of young Caucasian and Hispanic kids couldn't believe it when, not only did I buy them their "Biggie Bag," that is, a discount bag of food from Wendy's restaurant, but I handed them their $10 bill back, telling them, "It's on me." Their collective jaws dropped and one of them actually said, "God bless you, Sir."

    This is me. This is Vincent Frank De Benedetto. I do these sorts of things all day, every day--trying to establish positive contact between we human beings, and in doing so teach Love, confirm its power and utility, and, in the best of cases, seed the ground for the eventual establishment of a world based explicitly, in its every dimension, on Love.

    Am I the only human beings committing such acts? I'm sure not. If you are, or wish to be, such a person, I strongly encourage you to join me, and begin supporting me and my work, as a writer, philosopher, musician, and in my other roles, and now as aspiring Presidential candidate. Help needed is cash, of course (please see PayPal button, below), and/or assistance with tasks.

    I assure you that we will see the development of neither a United States informed by Love, nor a world, unless we of such mind work together.

    Real World Politics

    In terms of real-world politics I consider myself a conservative Democrat, though it's a virtual certainty that I'd never vote for any Democratic candidate, as they all seem to advocate abortion. Generationally, I'm a Baby Boomer, of which Wikipedia asserts:  "The generation is often defined as people born from 1946 to 1964, during the post-World War II baby boom..." My generational status and identification is likely one of the reasons that many of my beliefs and corresponding political postures are conservative.

    Though a huge Star Trek fan, I, by choice, have not seen even one episode of Star Trek: Discovery, nor will I, as, for one thing, I reject a Star Trek series with an explicit homosexual theme, or at least explicit homosexual behavior. Over my many years as a fan, I've always understood Star Trek to be a family program. I even objected strongly, and still do, when the Data character used an epithet (i.e. curse word; vulgar term) in the ST film Star Trek: Generations.

    So what am I--some kind of boy scout? Response:  what's wrong with the Boy Scouts?

    Other than the fact, ridiculously, that they've been forced to let girls in, a decision condemned in the first place by none other than the Girl Scouts organization, itself.

    Consistency! I eschew Star Trek series or episodes trading in unsavory or nontraditional themes such as homosexuality or displaying such behavior for the same reason that I elect not to restrict gun ownership:  because I respect, and thus elect to conserve what is, especially when what is is generally working, including that which represents a more elevated morality or moral position. Regarding guns, America is a gun culture, rooted in our very Constitution and it's not my place as President to try to use my governmental power to change this. Regarding Star Trek, similarly, this series, for much of its earlier history has always been known, gratifyingly so, as family entertainment, and this is the show character that I've retained in my intellectual and emotional memory. So I will and do reject any Star Trek content that departs from this desirable standard. This obviously does not mean that I fail to recognize the reality of homosexuality. Our homosexual brothers and sisters must be loved as we love everyone in our human family. I do ask, as President, for everyone's benefit, that they undergo certified therapy or a similar formal process for at least three years to confirm their professed gender-orientation and identification.

    I am a writer and philosopher working with unique and powerful social and political ideas; comprising a statement of principle, plan of action, and personal and social belief system. Were I to become President I would attempt to recast the nation based on this programme. I am working with this plan now, prior to becoming President, and I'll be working with this plan after my bid for the Presidency, whether I'd won, or not. The only difference is that were I to win, I'd have the opportunity to implement this unique and powerful plan and likely improve the country immeasurably, in a way that, frankly, no other candidate likely could.

    A substantial introduction to my intellect, value system, and general world-view is available through a careful examination of the free online draft of my upcoming book LOVE:  Properly Understood, the most Powerful Social Force Available to Humankind, an Internet resource for which I wrote every word.

    Please also see THE BEST OF WORLD CULTURE, a kind of companion site to this one, presenting and describing what I feel is important in society, and OUR BETTER SELVES, my Internet resource containing several of my politically-related essays.

    Last, search my name as presented for my 30+ web sites, each conceived, researched, written, and built by me, and incorporating my basic perspective.

    Reach the Vincent Frank De Benedetto 2024 Presidential Campaign at:   NINE SEVEN THREE - FOUR SEVEN ZERO - NINE ZERO ONE FOUR.

    The form of my telephone listing, above, represents my possession of a wide-ranging knowledge of the multifarious (i.e. of many kinds; diverse) computing technologies in use today, which a modern-day U.S. President must. Using alphabetic characters, above, instead of numeric in listing the telephone number for my campaign may cause this contact point to go unnoticed by the telephone number harvester software bots operating across the Internet.


    Part II


    My 2024 Presidential Platform, the book length document you are presently reading, is a new addition, or closely related, to my three volume AGAPE TRILOGY, under-development, listed below, though intends especially to work together with Volume I of that Trilogy, LOVE POWERFUL.





    My work prior to my present run for the United States Presidency was of a kind of political thinking called "utopian," in my case advocating for the creation of what I term a CMNL (pron. "communal") society, that is, a 1.) classless, 2.) moneyless, 3.) needs-based, and 4.) love-assisted socio-economic system, the long dreamt-of Brotherhood of Man, in fact, similar, if not identical to, the BELOVED COMMUNITY of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Though with different objectives, utopian thought and advocacy exists, as well, in fact, in the argument and objectives of thinkers such as Ayn Rand and the modern American Libertarian Party, of which Ron and Rand Paul are exponents. Utopian thought of one kind or another is somewhat irresistible to, and a common product among, political philosophers, of which group I count myself.

    My 2024 run for the Presidency of the United States is not generally based on my previous utopian thinking, but the reality and realpolitik of America as she stands historically and today. Thus the objective of a DE BENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION is not a radical shift toward the creation of a utopian CMNL/communal society, but the perfecting of our present American society, based squarely on our founding documents such as the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and related historical precedent.

    Insofar as there are values, principles, and characteristics common to both kinds of societies, such as Love, properly understood, you may see them mentioned in the content, here, in my Presidential Platform document and larger campaign. Love and connection, for example, are required for either kind of society to succeed, and as the long history, grossly intensified in recent years and even now, days, of mass shootings, and even now the recent January 06, 2022 Capital insurrection, themselves, clearly illustrate, as discussed above, love and connection between Americans is even required for our democracy, itself, to function.

    "A house divided against itself cannot stand," stated our 16th President, a gentleman you may heard something about--Abraham Lincoln.


    Have a Day

    Our liberal democracy embodies a political model and paradigm that, though a clear manifold advance against its predecessors such as Monarchy and Feudalism, must be seen as an inferior model relative to that which is desired and indeed demanded by the unyielding emerging moral principle of today, technically and socially possible: Love. I wish to announce as it must be said that in representing and seeking to optimize our present system of social organization as I'm doing in seeking the United States Presidency, rather than continue to militate for the clearly far-superior model, the Brotherhood of Man united in and as a Communal society, I represent neither my best self nor put my best foot forward. But if the America of today is to be improved, which we and the world desperately need, I've no choice but to work within the existing framework. It's flaws and their redress are virtually transparent.


    I am a 61 year old Italian-American. In background I am "full" Italian, meaning that both my Father and Mother are Italian.

    As many know, if you really want to get something done, especially that requiring energy, vigor, commitment, or creative, innovative thinking, or, using a different skill set, assertiveness, courage, or even aggression--you likely need and seek an ITALIAN. Well, stop needing and stop seeking--you've found him.

    Does the name Leonardo Da Vinci mean anything to you? An Italian polymath acclaimed as one of the greatest thinkers of all time.

    How about Galileo Galilei? Enrico Fermi? Guglielmo Marconi? Michaelangelo? Or in the sphere of music, Enrico Caruso? Tony Iommi?

    Fellow Americans, andiamo (on dee om' oh) is Italian for:  "LET'S GO!"

    Take Hold of the Flame

    A lifelong music fan, I enjoy almost all forms though favor selected metal and hard rock such as Queensryche, Black Sabbath, and Dokken, and love classical music, as well, and country. I lament the apparent recent loss of the one country radio station broadcasting in the New York City area, where I reside.

    The official song of the DeBenedetto Campaign is Get Together by the Youngbloods. See above.

    I remain an amateur metal guitarist, composer, and vocalist. I remind fellow Conservatives and others that "metal," though perhaps not to everyone's taste, remains a European musical form, and thus close to the classic American cultural project.

    ...children of the world
    Listen to what I say
    If you want a better place to live in
    Spread the word today
    Show the world that love is still alive
    You must be brave
    Or you children of today are
    children of the grave...

    -- Children of the Grave, Black Sabbath, 1971


    My Day to Day

    What is my life like, day-to-day?

    With neither hyperbole nor sentimentality, I state that my day-to-day existence is characterized by one word:


    Many, if not most of the moments of my life are painful, psychologically, physically, or both. Primarily the former. Illness has made my adult years difficult:  physical illness in my family, and the overwhelming social illness of my society. In social science the usual term is pathology. So substantial, injurious, and shocking has the latter been, that it has generated its own volume, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, publication pending.

    Yet, I endure. And in the realm of political theory, and the construction of a philosophical paradigm that can save this country (and this world)--I achieve. I live principally in the life of the mind though my ideas are battle-tested in real life, as much as they can be.

    And this works out rather well in terms of me representing you as President, because you know who else lives largely in pain?


    Or certainly many of you. The truth is, we all do in some measure. That is, to one degree or another.

    Working together, however, let's turn PAIN into PURPOSE, PRINCIPAL, POWER, and a PARADIGM of achievement and Actualization.

    For ourselves, America, and the human race.

    No, I'm not kidding. Agape, brotherly love in the language of Greek philosophy, is simply that powerful.


    "Somebody has to save our skins."

    Princess Leia, Star Wars:  A New Hope

    Why do I want to run for President?

    I don't want to run for President.

    But now in the year 2022, more than at any time in my life or the life of this nation, I find myself completely surrounded by dysfunction, often gross dysfunction. It's essentially everywhere, starting with my own sole sibling, a sister, A.W.O.L. (Absent Without Leave) from our family just about her entire adult life, no matter how desperately we need her help, and ending with, well--it simply doesn't end. That's the problem. The behavior of numerous other persons in my local sphere also illustrates a strong level of dysfunction, as well, chronicled in my volume under-development NEIGHBORS OF DEATH.

    Regarding America, I look around me and see a country that's lost its way, has lost its identity, is being grossly mismanaged, all at a time of global military, technological, epistemological (i.e. concerning knowledge), environmental, and personal crises. I readily see through the problems to their solutions, and so I run as a duty.

    Writing today, then, Tuesday, September 21, 2021, at 3:57 pm, I declare that, over the last two or so weeks I've decided to attempt a run for the Presidency of the United States. Such decision and its consequent action is not rooted in ego in any measure, I have little interest in ego, but in confidence that the confluence of 1.) my intellect, and 2.) knowledge of Agape (i.e. brotherly Love), these both filtered and burnished through my unique life experience, can, in good measure, right many of the very many wrongs afflicting this nation, and in the best of cases, the world.

    In fact, there is a mutual affliction between the United States and the world:  this country, and the larger geopolitical sphere in which it exists, the world, share many of the same problems.

    I did not begin my volume, LOVE:  THE MOST POWERFUL SOCIAL FORCE AVAILABLE TO HUMANKIND, nor its two sister volumes, my AGAPE TRILOGY, in support of a Presidential run, but study of that work will be vital to understanding my approach to governance.

    My governance of this nation, and the influence that such management will likely have on the world, will be based on Agape, as this principal is unquestionably powerful, dynamic, robust, and extensible (i.e. scalable) enough to comprise such a foundation. Of course, the principle is generally misunderstood even in regard to what is traditionally understood as its native area of relevance, personal and social relationships. Many will find its application to practical politics baffling. I'll explain all in due time, however, and the nation and world may just find itself surprised, amazed, and eminently cheered.

    There is one thing and one thing alone that can change the face of humanity, and that is Love, properly understood (my Plank #1).

    Especially in concert with a dramatic improvement in our competence and functional capacity (my Plank #2).



    1. I AM "OF AGE." Many in American culture speak of persons "of color." I am introducing the notion "of age," referring to persons such as myself who are over 60 years old.

      As one "of age," I remember America as she was. Old America. The America that our younger people simply cannot remember, as they were simply not alive in those years, so they are unacquainted with America when she was tough, competent, principled, and feared. The America that we must return to--then exceed. Or continue to atrophy and deteriorate economically, militarily, culturally, and morally.

    2. MY STOCK-IN-TRADE IS MORALITY, to far-reaching positive effect for the nation and her people. See below, and indeed all of this site.

    3. Unlike just about everyone else, from citizen, even to our current generation of political leader, I have NOT lost sight of the many dangers of drugs (i.e. dope, marijuana, etc):  from erosion of the human mind, that which we should hold most dear, as it is our most valuable tool, to an explicit threat to American National Security. In fact, drug use and America becoming a drug culture is an explicit threat to the very existence of this country.

      Accordingly, I will immediately terminate the sale and use of drugs upon taking office, and drugs will remain illegal and criminalized. Consider the "Cannabis" (read:  dope) industry Kaput (i.e. failed, dead) upon my elevation to Office.

    4. Where there's smoke there is quite likely fire, and, the June 2023 Canadian wildfire debacle notwithstanding, so-called "artificial intelligence" (no, I will not capitalize it) or "A.I." IS SMOKING LIKE A MOTHER.


      ALRIGHT THEN! OUR OWN HUMAN MIND HAS NOT YET BEEN FULLY-DEVELOPED. FAR FROM IT. Why then divert voluminous amounts of social resource to develop a purely and patently fake mind or brain?


    5. Many other reasons. Study this document.


    As another Presidential candidate (or simply a citizen), do you imagine yourself to be "an adult in the room"?

    Fair enough. But--reality check.

    Do you support abortion? This is a procedure by which an unwanted nascent human being, whose tiny "heart" tube is already beating 65 times a minute by the end of their fourth week of life, is either cut up in the womb, then their remains sucked out with a medical vacuum cleaner, or is salted to death, their remains then sucked out with a medical vacuum cleaner, or sometimes is simply vacuumed out, period. In all cases, their body and remains are literally thrown in the trash can.

    As of the fifth week of development, the fingers, toes and eyes of this emerging human in the womb (© VFD) are also forming. This is clearly a human being, separate from its mother:  a separate and distinct individual, whose existence is its own, and belongs to no one else--not even its biological mother.

    Yet, Mr. or Ms. opposing candidate, you support the right of another human being to kill this human being or have it killed? It might be the mother wishing to kill it, the father, the mother's parent or parents, a relative, or a close "trusted" friend. In civilized society we consider and call the deliberate killing of a human being murder. You support murder, yet consider yourself an adult in the room? You are clearly an unthinking child in the room, and in this appellation I'm being charitable, as some might call you a criminal in the room, as murder is a crime. Definition:

    Criminal, noun. One who commits a crime.

    Women need not worry; no rights will be abrogated. If you don't wish to keep your child, they will be shifted to the integrated NATIONWIDE ADOPTION NETWORK that the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will establish. See my ABORTION section elsewhere in this document, as well as my extended anti-abortion essay, "End the Silent Second Holocaust - Abortion" at another of my informational sites, Our Better Selves.

    I don't support any of the narcissistic brutality that is abortion, as described, above, and neither will my Administration. For this, and many other reasons, I am the adult in the room. Especially now, at this time of unprecedented complexity, challenge, and change in medicine, technology, military affairs, terror, environment and climate change, and social relationships of every kind, including the unique difficulties faced by our young people (due partially to the C19 Pandemic), it is absolutely imperative that America have, finally, an actual adult in the room, that is, governing the nation.

    America is desperate for this, and as she remains a leading nation in the world in every way (though not by much at this point), we're still both widely emulated and looked upon both to keep the peace and set the moral standard, the world, itself, plagued with every manner of difficulty, is also desperate for an adult in the room in America. That is, for a restoration and renewal of the unique, powerful, wise, and moral guardian that America has historically aspired to, and often been.

    I assure you, Fellow Americans, and Brothers and Sisters, for this, you need the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION.

    CAN DO.

    A.I. TEST

    Please see brief remarks, just above, and more-extended analysis in my 15 HOLOCI section, also, above, near top-of-page.

    In sum: any President who would permit development of technology that even its inventors, advocates, and exponents argue poses an existential threat (i.e. could wipe us out) to humanity is certainly no kind of "adult in the room" and indeed IS OBVIOUSLY NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    The role of the President is to preserve the Union--not destroy it.




    "The Senate president also told reporters that he will "probably" buy recreational marijuana "at some point."

    "Not today," he said. "I'm not gonna wait in line."

    Does young Mr. Scutari sound like THE ADULT IN THE ROOM to you?


    Some Republican leaders and members are evidently dragging their feet in cooperating with the official inquiry into the January 06, 2021 insurrection at the United States Capital.

    Do these politicians, in evident sympathy with those who attacked our nation, our own American citizens and even our former Vice-President, Mike Pence, seem like THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM, to you?

    They seem like the TRAITORS in the room, to me. Perhaps they should be HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD. Are you aware that the laws of our nation still permit capital punishment for treason?

    Our Conservative brothers and sisters, specifically, and Americans of any political orientation who assert their genuine concern and love for America, more generally, are, themselves, also supposed to be "the adults in the room." In all too many instances, however, the behavior of such persons is actually most pointed in its resemblance to that of children in the playpen (with apologies to those children of early moral precocity).

    For more on those who have abjectly failed the LOYALTY & PATRIOTISM test while claiming to uphold it, see Why I am not A Republican, above.


    How many of you have placed your parent in a nursing home, instead of caring for them yourself? For some there is no choice, while for others there is a choice--they simply elect not to exercise it.

    This, however, is simply not in my DNA. Which is why I caregave my Father for 14.5 years, and now my Mother for almost 8 years, at this point attempting to nurse her back to health, essentially alone.

    This is real, and somewhat unusual, fidelity, loyalty, and devotion to family. Surely a characteristic of personality and value system bespeaking an adult in the room.

    And as President, I'll be doing nothing less than what I've done and proven categorically that I can do and do well for my family for about 23 years now:  provide robust care in a highly complex care situation, with the tenacity of a bull, devotion and purity of heart of an angel, analytical skill and attention to detail of Sherlock Holmes, and, without question, the patience of Job. All in service of nursing this nation back to it's full measure of health, as I'm presently doing for my beloved Mother.

    Your Support is Critical

    I ask for your active support in this interesting and likely inordinately (i.e. extremely) challenging endeavor. Please begin by 1.) contacting me so I can add your name to my email list, 2.) talk to as many others as you can about me, my ideas, and my Presidential run. Persuade others of like mind to add their names to my email list, as well. And last, 3.) begin to study and think deeply about my nascent (i.e. just starting) platform statements, presented at this website.

    If you like the genuinely unique and powerful ideas that you've read here, please assist this campaign by providing financial support:  describing this nascent (i.e. just forming) campaign as operating on a shoestring would actually be glorifying it! PayPal DONATE button, below.

    Fellow-Americans, Brothers & Sisters, do you want a genuinely, dramatically, and permanently changed world?

    Now is our chance. Let's not miss this rare, emerging opportunity.

    Contact & Copyright

    Concepts, terminology, and language at this website Copyright (©) 2021 Vincent Frank De Benedetto. Use permitted with no changes and full name and website attribution.

    Contact Vincent Frank De Benedetto at v4p @ In addressing your mail, omit the space before and after the "@" sign.

    This site went live on September 07, 2017. It was substantively updated on September 22, 2021, reflecting my newfound serious intention to actually attempt to run for President. This site can also be accessed using, and The Opera browser, without warrant, fails to access this site.

    THEME:  October 03, 2021 saw it go live with it's changed theme, from beige/brown to black/white, a far cleaner and more modern look.

    Contemplative Music

    During this period of tumult and stress, Brothers & Sisters, I offer you a piece of ethereal, near-magical music to cheer, inspire, calm, uplift, & elevate you. I speak of the seminal 1987 release Glass Green by Tim Story.

    If desired, you can listen as you read and consider my thoughts on this page, and form and consider your own.

    I've found Tim's creation an utterly unique and compelling piece of contemplative music for years now, and still routinely listen to it. I believe and hope that it will transform, or at least lift, you, as it has, me.

    Official Song of the DeBenedetto Campaign

    Get Together by the Youngbloods. Not to say that I agree with every word and line, but in the main I do, and the song in lyric and tone speaks generally to what we must have in this country (and ultimately this world) if we're to Actualize, at most, and avoid annihilation, at least:  Love and Connection.

    And I've tried to make clear at this site that Love and Connection is a key part of what my Presidency will bring us, explicitly, and implicitly as the foundation for everything that the DeBENEDETTO ADMINISTRATION will do, although, as explained, above, Love, properly understood and applied, often brings us, logically and organically, down paths marked by political and social Conservatism that most would not initially associate with this notion.


    YouTube PENDING.





    Regarding some issues and concerns, yes, I'll do something "for you." In regard to others, I'm going to open heretofore closed or non-existent conduits (i.e. pathways) to permit you to do for yourself.

    Much of the answer to this question is contained in, or relatively easily inferred from, all above content.

    The first thing I'm going to do if elected, given that COVID19 remains prevalent, virulent, and ever-evolving, is SAVE YOUR LIFE, through the proper mechanism for eliminating this virus:  the time-limited implementation of masking. And the second thing I'll have done, since the virus will be eliminated, is given you your life, back, no further vaccines or masks generally required.

    "...this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against Covid than when I take a Covid vaccine."

    -- Dr. Robert R. Redfield, former Director, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    "If the American public all embraced masking along with social distancing and hand-washing...we could bring this outbreak to its knees within four to eight weeks."

    -- Dr. Robert R. Redfield, former Director, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

    Please see my response to "Beth," above, for further detail.


    Additionally, based on my knowledge of health and nutrition, partially shown, above, in my discussion of sugar, trans-fat, and vegetable oils, I will lead the effort to have removed from the American food supply its most common killers--again, explicitly and directly saving the life of yourself, your loved ones, and every other American.

    Moreover (i.e. additionally), as a unique and far-thinking NATIONAL SECURITY CANDIDATE, I'm going to restore to full vigor the image of the United States around the world and across the globe, in terms of the two M's that matter:  MILITARY and MORALITY. See information, above, in my NATIONAL SECURITY section.

    If you elect me President, I will continue saving your life, as well as leading the effort, indeed literally the only effort by any candidate, to Actualize yourself, everyone you know and love, and our entire nation, that is, the effort for each, and all, of us to be the absolute best that we are capable of being. To live fully up to our potential.

    I'm also going to meaningfully assist to SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY, as what is tearing it apart, by all accounts, is antagonism, division, and lack of trust between Americans--precisely what my expertise in, and singular focus on, LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD, will uniquely and effectively redress and repair, as already discussed in section MORAL INADEQUACY, above.

    By way of further amplification, however, I note that American society, as many, has been rife with conflict from its inception. Our society, however, with the confluence of its 1.) strong secular root, manifest in focus on profit and ego, not Love, community, or other people, 2.) somewhat anti-intellectual orientation, 3.) unyielding tradition of gun ownership and use, and now 4.) legalized drug use that will increasingly produce a citizenry even less competent, rational, productive, tough, resilient, patriotic, and TRUSTWORTHY than it presently is, has produced a society and culture that in modern times is increasingly tumultuous, divided, alienated from itself and its own best traditions, and indeed increasingly devoid of that without which no society can survive, much less flourish:  TRUST. Trust between whom? In sum, trust between everyone and everyone else.

    How else do you explain bellwether events in recent, and very recent, modern American history ranging from "29 shootings with four or more fatalities, according to a database compiled by the Violence Project," to the 2020 Capital insurrection on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC?

    So we see with crystal clarity, and indeed must our inescapable conclusion, be:  WITHOUT LOVE EVEN DEMOCRACY DOESN'T WORK.

    Our most effective response to the continuing political and technological propagandistic mis-and-disinformational insult of black baggers such as Vladimir Putin and his global crew of black baggers, assiduously working to wholly discredit and bring down democracies and more importantly the very idea of democracy, does not lie merely in positive public-relations promotion of this or that relatively glitch-free democratic election, or more progressively-designed civics courses or even curriculum, but in a wholesale embrace and adoption of that force and principal at once productively and effectively animating democracy, as well as, in fact, the successful continued existence of our very species and human family itself:   LOVE, PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD.

    How's all this for starters, once I'm elected?

    In general, if elected I'm going to give you a world of Sanity, Security, and Love. A world of that duality (i.e. something made of two parts) presently and fatally missing from this planet:  1.) beautiful social harmony as we encourage the connection between persons and groups of persons, all Brothers and Sisters in One Human Family, and 2.) social and economic functionality as people are encouraged toward competence, at least, and excellence, at best in what they do and how they do it, whether their job or anything else.

    In essence, if elected, I'm going to spend every waking moment working to provide you, provide us, a world of Sanity, Security, and Love--a world that we most decidedly don't have now, and in fact seem to be moving quickly away from.

    Join my campaign and stay tuned.

    "Genius sees the solution before anyone realizes there's a problem."

    . . . . .

    Vincent Frank De Benedetto

Vincent Frank De Benedetto